expired 6 Feet 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable - $0.89 - Free Shipping !


Thought I'd post this before they sell out again, got em the last time, handy since I don't have an fm transmitter and helps with extensions, etc…

Note these do not have gold plated tips, but 89c with free P/H more handy than not… ;)


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    Bought, Thanks!

    Anyway what's the point of gold plated tips?

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      To my understanding one of the following (or both)
      - the malleability of the gold allows it form form better connections
      - its corrosion resistant so I guess better connections for longer?

      I've been told its not electrical conductivity


      shows that it loses out to even copper.

      I believe this stuff is only relevant to analogue connections. For digital cables a signal is a signal. If the cable aint broke, and theres a signal, doesnt matter what its made of

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        Gold is mainly used for its corrosion resistance, but other factors come into play.

        Electrical contacts, whether in a switch, a relay or a connector have to conduct an electrical signal without changing that signal. A layer of oxide on the contacts will cause resistance, which is a particular problem with low-voltage signals, as contact resistance is non-linear and can cause noticeable distortion of low-voltage signals like audio signals.

        Gold doesn't oxidize, so it it a pretty good contact material for low-power (e.g. audio) contacts. Unfortunately it melts easily, so if you use it for high power, you run a high risk of contact arcing causing the contacts to weld together. Silver-nickel contacts are commonly used in relays for this reason, that material has a low chance of contact welding.

        Mercury-wetted contacts are even better than gold, but as mercury vapour is toxic, you will only find mercury-wetted contacts in sealed devices, e.g relays. Even so, mercury-wetted contacts are rare, and only used for very demanding applications.

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          Wow, thanks Professor, nice answer!

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          Nope, sorry to say you're both wrong…the real reason for the gold?

          Check my bling bling, yo'!


          wow.. that'll teach me a lesson on venturing out of my depth.

          Some serious knowledge bombs being dropped here.

          Thanks for that, I know i learnt something.

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          Every time I jump on Ozbargain I think to myself that the community is getting dumber and dumber. Thank god we have people like you, Russ - to balance things out :)

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      The point is to get you to part with 150% more cash than the next cheapest offering from another competitor.

      Here's an illustration: http://i40.tinypic.com/8x2b7r.jpg

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    Thanks OP, these are always handy to have around

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    $1.99 now ?

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    Nice one. Just what I needed. Thanks OP

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    Fantastic, another useful cable to have lying around. GF won't be happy but I am! Thanks OP

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    Just out of interest, what is it that people are using that much cable for?

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    Cheers OP. Tried to buy the two pack one and applied the code to save even more, won't accept it. Haha, it's so slow it's been ozbargain-ed again. Lol..

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    Basically only useful for AUX input but still… it's 99c.

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    is the coupon expired?

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    Coupon has expired

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    checked out as 0.89 but my netbank shows 2 seperate transactions from paypal. One for 0.89 and one for 0.97


    At current price its still cheap at $2, already have a 2metre spare one so didn't get one but these are always handy for HTPCs, plugging ipods into amps etc. Even have a small one at work I use to input music into my notebook from my ipod as my ipod internal speaker isn't that good.


    Wish the stock didn't go so quickly!

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