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[NSW, QLD, SA, VIC] Energy Australia Cashback for New Signup: Gas & Electricity $250, Electricity $150, Gas $100 @ Cashrewards

Cashback Rates

New Gas & Electricity Signups $250 (normally $112)
New Electricity Signups $150 (normally $70)
New Gas Signups $100 (normally $42)

Terms & Conditions:

EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex Network in QLD.
Cashback is eligible on new EnergyAustralia accounts only. This includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises. Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will be ineligible for cashback.
Cashback is ineligible for new connections (ie. no meter installed).
Cashback is ineligible for signups on behalf of other individuals.
Cashback is ineligible on commercial/business meters.
Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas & electricity plans via Cashrewards by clicking the 'Shop Now' button from this page.
If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.
Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia. It may take up to 21 days to track into your Cashrewards account, and may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Has anybody made the switch to Energy Aus from Alinta?

    • +1

      I did the reverse.
      Energy Australia suddenly pushed me on to a higher cost plan and didn't offer anything remotely like my old plan cost.
      Hard to deal with when they read meter incorrectly.
      Goodbye to them.

    • What's wrong with Alinta?

      • My bill has gone up a lot lately, and I haven't been using much more power. I know they changed the solar feed in rate recently, but it seems every company has done that, and it shouldn't have changed the bill as much as it has.

        • +3

          If you have solar and in nsw i believe the best feed in is with agl at the moment

  • I guess one must stay with them for a certain period? Or worse a contract?

    • Yeah weird didnt say that. Probably they will purposely give slow cashback approval? See that up to 180 days

  • +3

    Remember this mob is Chinese owned scum

    • Wow, some strong language. Have Energy Australia done something specific to warrant this? Or are you against every company that is Chinese owned?

      • +5

        They have ripped me off multiple times with dodgy rates and deals. They lie, their customer service is incredibly rude. They are also purposefully misleading with their name. Called energy Australia, yet 100% Chinese owned.

        Never support these companies. Always support Australian owned.

        • -2

          Interesting comment given you previously posted a deal for a Chinese made tablet purchased from Banggood, a Chinese company…

        • +1

          Thanks. Nice to know to avoid.

    • +2

      arent most companies (that arent iconic American) either indian or chinese owned ? Going to be hard to avoid them.

  • +1

    Can we keep changing retailers when they have these type offers? Do they do credit checks?

    • i keep changing between agl and energy australia for these offers (with the occasional red energy) they may do a credit check

  • +5

    Energy Australia is Chinese owned company 👎

    • stay away

    • +2

      Energy Australia is owned by CLP in Hong Kong, which is owned by a Jewish family. So I would like to say it is a Jewish owned company.

      • Is this revelation anti-Semetic or pro-Chinese?

        • Does everything have to be anti- or pro-? I mean, if you can't work out which it is maybe it's neither?

      • Given that the number of public or private statements I have heard from Jewish people that are critical of the politics of israel are like teeth on a hen…. that's a double negative to me

  • +8

    Make sure you do a spreadsheet folks. The cash back is quickly erased by higher rates than the competition. So if you sign up for this, make sure you churn away quickly as the Energy Aus rates generally suck and you’ll end up paying more over 12 months vs other cheaper providers.

    • +1

      Agree. And the big question is how fast we can get out. Then we can calculate the real saving

      • +2

        It may take up to 21 days to track into your Cashrewards account, and may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

        Hit the churn button as soon you get confirmed cashback. Rinse and repeat, and thus keep wasting EA's marketing budget.

        • I asked cashrewards if you can get the cashback if you had EA 3 months ago but currently with another provider. Their reply was below so it sounds like rinse and repeat doesnt work:

          From the information provided in the stores Special Terms, the offer is for new Energy Australia customers. However, if you have used Energy Australia before then you are not a new customer but an existing customer who no longer has an active account.

    • +1

      Done my spreadsheet and they seem to be cheapest after pay on time discount…

      What other company can you recommend?

      • +2

        I went with Alinta, cheapest in my area (Melb).

        EDIT: Looks like Energy Aus have dropped their rate since I last checked. After 12% discount 19.73 c/kWh is competitive. But their daily rate is still higher than many.

        Like I said, do a spreadsheet for yourself and work it out….. everyones usage and area can be very different.

        • I will never touch Alinta again, incompetent useless company, took me to threaten an email to their ceo (I read his email address to the manager I was speaking to) for them to stop chasing me for money I didn't owe, they had the audacity to admit I didn't owe it but put a collection company onto me

          • @Irishness: Make a complaint to the ombudsman, it does work; I know from experience as I got some compensation from one of the energy retailers following his judgement.

            • @alidli: trust me I would have thanks but they eventually cancelled the amount and gave me some compensation but it was all done on the pack of a cigarette packet which showed me how poor their back office systems were they had no idea how to calculate a 10% GST refund which worked to my benefit

    • +2

      Yeah like new cars that come with $5k cash. The price of the car includes it. These retailers are not stupid, take from one hand and give with the other.

  • +2

    I went from energy aus to Reamped energy and like them a lot (NSW)

  • FYI approval time is about 100 days from signup.
    Also beware they can transfer your electricity retrospectively using your previous meter read.

    • Can you please elaborate what you mean by that? Thank you.

  • I'm in Qld (energex & solar). Feed in tariff is being reduced by AGL. Had to do the exercise to try and work out the current best deal. Found that solarquotes had a pretty good comparison tool. It spat out AGL again but everyone would be different.

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