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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $149 (VIC C&C/ in-Store Only) @ Centre Com / Delivered @ Amazon AU (Expired)


Logitech 920-009418 MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

About this item
Perfect Stroke Keys : Spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback with every tap. Each keystroke is fluid, natural, quite, fast and accurate with a distinct tactile response

Comfort and Stability : Type with confidence on a slim flat keyboard crafted for comfort, stability and precision, as well as durability

Smart Illumination : The keys light up the moment your hands approach. And the backlighting automatically adjusts to suit changing lighting conditions

Flow Cross Computer Control : MX Keys works across multiple computers in one fluid workflow. Seamlessly type, copy and paste across two computers.* *Requires Logitech Flow enabled mouse and Logitech Options software

Multi Device and Multi OS : Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy or the small Unifying USB with up to three desktop or portable devices and switch between them at the push of a button. MX Keys is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android systems.USB C Rechargeable : Full charge lasts up to ten days or up to five months with backlighting off.** **Battery life may vary based on your use.

Price match at Officeworks for $141.55 as well.

Amazon AU Expired.

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  • Can you put the unify receiver in a Samsung tv and use it to browse Web/enter in long email addresses for app logins etc?

    Swapping between desk laptop & pc, straight to the tv in the same room when needed would be cool. Or can only be done by casting?

    • +6

      I use a smaller Logitech one in my Panasonic TV. The TV is happy with it but some apps work and others don't.

    • +1

      If your TV already has Bluetooth, which includes most recent smart TVs, you shouldn't need the receiver.

      Works well for me paired with my earphones simultaneously.

      • -1

        Do. It's not straight Bluetooth.

        • Hmm? I presume you're saying Logitech's proprietary receiver extends the functionality? I have a BT5.1 receiver with my MX Mini (which is different in that it's instead compatible with the Logitech Bolt) and it does the job just fine.

          • -2

            @Techie4066: The MX Keys uses the Unifying Receiver, and is not compatible with other cheaper Logitech receivers.
            I assumed it would therefore not be compatible with a straight Bluetooth connection either.

            • @bmerigan: Well that'd be a bit useless for use with smartphones, iPads and Macbooks wouldn't it? The top of the product page clearly lists "Bluetooth" so I don't know what this is all about.

              • @Techie4066: Ahh, had a read. It's the USB Unifying Receiver OR Bluetooth. There's my mistake.

                • -1

                  @bmerigan: It'd be nice if you did some reading of the product summary next time before contradicting someone who knows what they're talking about, and misleading other readers.

                  • -1

                    @Techie4066: Spoke about my experience with the product. I apologise to you and your family for the grief I have caused.

                    • @bmerigan: Experience ≠ accurate knowledge. No disrespect or condescension intended, if it came across that way.
                      You haven't caused me any grief. I took issue with you persisting with your misconception; amount them all together and it just wastes people's time and misleads.
                      I didn't neg you if that makes you feel any better, since you responded badly enough to being asked to simply read the first sentence on a product page before making a contradicting assertion? It's just common sense, and it tires people. /rant

  • +1

    Can I type on this if I have medium-long length nails?

    • Isn't it up to you, how comfortable you are? What keyboards can't you type on with your nails?

    • I've had no trouble, the key contouring helps but the keys are wider than those square ones found on your typical chunky mechanical keyboards. It'll feel different with your hands angled flatter on this low profile keyboard, so shouldn't be an issue.

  • +11

    Can I type on this with my toes?

    • +64


    • +21

      That would be some feat

    • +3

      Daniel Day Lewis?

    • +7

      Only if you plantar upload a video of you doing it

      • +3

        Wart the hell that is gross lol

    • Yes as multi device

    • +19

      Seems like you're the only one being laughed at around here buddy! Ha-h-ha-ha!

      • I don't care

    • +1

      Is your mechanical keyboard backlit and capable of connecting to three different devices with one press of a button?

      • +5

        Keychron K1 v4 is low profile, mechanical, backlit(RGB too) and can connect to 3 devices. Though it's being replaced by the K5 which isn't out yet so not sure about the stock situation.

        • Speaking of the K5… I contacted Keychron for a release date in October (I think) last year and was told late December. That came and went, and then they said early Jan - nope. Someone on the facebook group said recently that they were told March!

        • Bluetooth Reliability is Crap on the K1 i got rid of mine and got a Logitech Keyboard for work

      • +2

        keychron k2v2 can.

        I'm waiting for mx keys mini to go onsale again.

        • +2

          Let us know if it does? I wouldn't mind grabbing a Mini for if I ever go back to the office to go with my Anywhere 3

        • I snagged one new for $119 on eBay earlier this week and used $10 Shopback cashback + cashback gift cards. Arrived this morning and replaced my G610 mechanical, highly recommend.

          • @Techie4066: Do you recall which seller?

            • @xhanatos: They aren't an official retailer and just had a couple, one of pink & graphite. Sold this week. I had been waiting for months since release, after I wasn't aware of the product and its early sales.
              Stay on the lookout.

        • I've only ever seen the pink version in brick and mortar stores. Is the black online only or something?

      • Why would I ever need it to be?

    • +1

      I used to be like this.
      As of this morning I'm a total convert. Ditch those loud chunky things!

  • +1

    Free delivery to Sydney as well.

    • I'm in Sydney and just went to pull the trigger, only to be greeted with;

      "Available in-store only
      This product is not available to purchase online at this moment. You can purchase the item at one or more of our physical stores."

      Hopefully ow will still match it in Syd

  • +3

    I bought one of these the other day - absolutely love it. Glad I didn't look into mechanical keyboards any more

  • +4

    Great keyboard.

    Just realised the keycaps can be easily popped off and out back on.

    Spilt coffee on mine, and was handy for cleaning.

    Highly recommend

    • What did you use to pop them off?

      • +3

        A plastic pry tool that comes with phone repair kits.

        • +4

          You can also make one by just cutting a strip off an old credit card, about 7mm wide. Works well to pop them out

    • It's liquid resistant??

      • +1

        Dunno, but my half cup of coffee didn't cause any issues. Been a few weeks since it happened, going strong still

        • ok sibling spilt a slurpee on lappy kb and i been oparanoid since

  • +2

    After spending a lot on other keyboards, including mechanicals, I'm now settled on this MX Keys keyboard.

    • How come keys

      • Slient, touch feels better than any other keyboards, works well with Mac OS too, etc etc

  • +2

    Yep, love this keyboard. Got fed up with my previous a few months into lockdown and have been on this ever since.

  • Officeworks would price match/beat this?

    • +2


    • +1

      Call them and report back pls.

      • Calling the hotline would be matched for sure

        It's winging it in person that's uncertain

    • Just did it…..took about 10 minutes to get through

  • Would the version for mac get priced matched for this you think?

  • This or the k780?

    • +1

      Def this

    • i have both..sorta..i have the Logitech Craft for work and K780 at home. Both are good in their own right

  • +1

    Did I miss the memo on today being keyboard day on ozb?

  • hurry up amazon price match this lol

    • You reckon they will lol?

      • They have indeed lol

        • Bingo! Haha sweet

    • +1

      FYI - Amazon has price matched MX Keys

  • +3

    Was able to successfully price match at OW over the phone for a C&C order for $141.55

  • +1

    Price matched at OW no issues. thanks OP

  • This vs Razer pro type?

  • +1

    Is $149 the lowest ever for MX keys?

    • +2

      There was a deal on here for $125 but via a latitude promotion.

  • Should I upgrade from k375s to this for coding and casual gaming?

  • This have any Marco keys I can map for Teams?
    Mute on/off etc.
    Especially when not the active window?

    • +2

      you can change the fn/media keys using logi options software

  • +2

    Just got a MX Keys Mini delivered this morning. Switched from Logitech G610 mechanical.

    It's blissful! The tactile feedback, the sound, the contoured keys, compact and portable size. Highly recommend.

  • I have this keyboard. It's great. Nice to type on, good backlighting and media controls, well made but the battery life sucks - I get under 2 weeks of use befire needing to recharge.

    • backlight on or off?

      • On.

        I've now set it to battery saver mode so will see how I go.

        • +2

          ive heard u can get 3x or 4x the battery with backlight off. With it on, its about 2-3 weeks..

        • My backlight has been off since I got it, started work again on 10/1 and it's still not close to asking to charge

  • +2

    It needs to be mentioned that this keyboard is wireless ONLY. It will not connect via USB as it only uses USB for charging the internal battery.

    • -2

      This is incorrect. I have it and use it with USB cable at night as 5 second backlight timeout in bluetooth mode drives me crazy.

      • +3

        All documentation says it's wireless only. Plugging it in just means it's not running on battery power.

  • Anyone know how to turn off auto illumination . Middle of night it keeps lighting up!

    • +4

      Is this when it's sitting idle? You'll want to have the keyboard switched off as to not drain the battery. Or in the Logitech Options software that you are prompted to install on initial connection, you can disable the backlight under "More".

  • Dont like the little shift key in this version

    • +2

      Looks like there is two versions of this keyboard. My keyboard has both shift keys in large. But there are other differences in keys as well such as Enter key. I have this model.

    • +3

      Do a 'pricebeat' at Officeworks and get one from there - both shift keys are the full size ones, unlike the one for this deal at Centrecom and Amazon

      The enter key on the Officeworks version is also smaller though, but I prefer that.

      • Solved my problem. Will do tomorrow

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