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Gigabyte AERO 16 with UHD AMOLED HDR500 100% DCI-P3/i9-12900HK/RTX 3080 Ti/32GB DDR5 RAM/1TB SSD $6999 + Delivery @ Umart


Every other seller have it for $7499/$7599 so yes you are looking at the cheapest it is here in Australia. Apparantly only going to run till midnight (but how many people are going to buy it honestly?).

Edit: Sale seemed to have been extended for another 7 days. Posted updated accordlngly.

Let's get this clear, you arent going to get this for gaming, go with the top end GE76 if you have this much $$$. This laptop is designed and marketed as a professional grade machine for colour accurate work. With the panel specs as follows, which is about as good a screen you can get:

16.0" Thin Bezel UHD+ 3840x2400 Samsung AMOLED Display
(VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black, 100% DCI-P3)
*X-Rite™ Certified, individually factory calibrated & Pantone® Validated Color Accuracy

The GPU is lackluster however, with only 105w 3080ti (16gb vram) and no mux switch. But considering the target audiences of this lappy will likely use adobe suite or other similiar software, which CPU matters more, its aint half bad, since there's no max-q designation anymore, the cores arent cut down from a 'regular' laptop 3080ti, only the power is reduced (full powered 3080ti comes in at 175w, for comparison's sake).

Port wise, it's a bit strange, it have a ton of connectivity, but since there is no USB-A port you will need a dock to use with most devices out there

  • 1 x Thunderbolt™ 4 Support DP

  • 1 x Thunderbolt™ 4 Support DP with PD-in 100W

  • 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 (Type-C) Support DP

  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Combo

  • 1x DC-in Jack

For the lack of a USB-A port, you would think that its a design choice to make the device as thin as possible-yet it still measures 35.6(W) x 24.85(D) x 2.24 (H) cm, coupled with the 2.3kg of weight, its just as heavy and similiar dimensions to any 15.6' gaming laptops out there. So definitely not a 'portable' machine unlike the razer blade stealth or the zephyrus line ups.

Lastly, a few more specs that people maybe interested in:

  • 99 Wh battery, but early reviews seem to indicate the 12th gen did not solve the power consumption issue of 11th gen so dont except to get much battery life out of it

  • HD webcam with windows hello face authentication

  • white backlit keyboard

  • 2 m.2 2280 slots both supporting pcie4.0 drives.

  • intel ax210 wifi 6e

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  • +37

    Nice description , thanks for the time and effort

    • +10

      :) my pleasure

      • +6

        Love seeing people commenting negatively getting negged to heck cuz they don't understand the value/cost the parts in this laptop actually contain or the use case for these beast laptops.

        Anything higher than the money in their bank account they neg.

        • +4

          Or the Apple fan boy who's happy to shed out 3-5000$ for an Apple laptop but complain about everything that's not Apple.

        • Awwww

        • Is this a throttle box no?

    • +4

      Makes me happy to see polite people here instead of the arguing.

    • +28

      People who make a living with their equipment.

      My last two computer purchases exceeded the price of this, and both earned their keep very quickly.

      As a business, once you factor in getting the GST back and the tax deduction, the purchase price doesn’t end up being the “real” price anyway.

  • +9

    Will this run Minecraft?

    • +5

      Should be okay. Not sure though.

    • +3

      yes but you'll need to plug it in after the windows loading splash screen comes up otherwise you'll run out of juice before windows is fully loaded

  • +6

    WOW! This is an absolute STEAL!

  • +21

    Thanks mate, been looking for a laptop for my kid. This should be perfect.

    • +16

      pls adopt me

      • +3

        His kid is a 25 year old print graphic designer.

      • +2

        Ah sorry mate, your too late to the party. Should have asked me 10 years ago.

    • +5

      Hi dad

    • +1

      Daddy ?

  • +4

    i'll take 7

    • +2

      How about a bakers dozen?

      • +3

        a dozen bakers would be cheaper

  • +9

    A Valentine's Day present to thyself? We deserve it don't we?

    • +5

      Forever alone

      • I miss rage comics. I still have some saved from 10 years ago that made me laugh.

        • Yeah it's hard to believe that was 10 years ago already and they're all lost to time now. You don't happen to have one saved that was a funny comparison between reacting to spotting a hot girl in law school vs med school vs engineering school?

  • +6

    That's like the cost of a second hand Subaru 🤑

  • I would have considered it if it had ten years warranty. With the quality of the laptops coming out now and looking at the reviews to prove my point, an average user is likely to pay that money anyways.

    • +3

      For this price you'll get at least 5 years under ACL statutory guarantee. After that you'll probably want a new one anyways.

      • By the time I am done reading ACL website, my computer will get old enough and I'll hopefully have enough money to spread around :)

        Thank you for the perspective though.

        I might have exaggerated little bit in my claim :)

  • -3

    windows hello athentication? lol

    there goes another 2000tb of global internet storage spent on troubleshooting that.

    but wait, we'll call it knowledge base ,
    ha ha

    • +4

      What are you talking about

  • With laptops being not LHR, I wonder what this 3080ti would hash at?

  • +2

    Re : OP "..there is no USB-A port…" Apparently a small size 4-in-1 dongle is included inside the new Aero 16 package ?


    • That's nice to see, would you happen to know if this bundle applies for all regions? I know asus have a thing where their laptop bundled items are different depending on the region.

  • +1

    I'm not convinced about OLED screens on laptops. Burn in is still a thing, and I like to play games with HUD. I'm also concerned about the longevity. While I have other, more modern windows gaming PCS and windows laptops, my primary computer is a 2014 Macbook Pro 15 inch. It's still going strong, and does everything I need. Will this OLED screen still look great in 6 years?

    • I reckon the OLED is more of an extra addition and I would believe that the main buyers for this laptop are here for its calibrated high colour coverage panel more than anything else.

      With regard to burn in, I havent yet had experience with OLED screens yet so can't really speak for it. But I think it should last a good two years at least without any sort problems-that's the warranty it came with.

      • If I spent $6k on a laptop, I'd want more than 2 years out of it.

        • +1

          Look mate I dont make the call here :) As I said before, a similiarly specced desktop monitor cost 4k, and those came with oled as well. It's hard for me, or for anyone except the manufacturers to know how long the OLED panel will hold up over the years.

          An IPS or any other panel type would last longer at much cheaper price, that is true, however, they also certainly dont come with the specs that belongs to this screen. And a screen with this kind of specs is crucial for the people that do colour accurate work, and it is worth the pricepoint, even if given the shorter-than-average life of OLED panels.

        • Unless you need the specific features today, it is wiser to spend $2500 on a laptop every two years than $6000 every six years, because technology marches on.

          • -4

            @mathew42: Yet my 6 year old Mac book pro, which cost me $4400, gets more use than my 2021 Lenovo laptop or Ryzen 3600x/2080 gaming PC. And it's probably worth more than both second hand.

  • +1

    Thanks for description OP. Always wondered how the cost of these laptops could be justified and what the newest technology is at the moment.

  • +2

    I wonder how many people will buy this over a $4.6k 16" MBP with M1 Max, 32-Core GPU, 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, 1000nit (HDR) sustained brightness 120Hz miniLED display.

    Probably a reason why that MBP has a 6-8 week lead time, but Umart is happy to slap a $600 discount on a ready to ship product

    • I had the same thought. This is probably slightly faster, but realistically they're similar. The OLED is also a plus in some ways, less brightness though.

      I guess it comes down to application use-case and preferred OS as well.

      Even so, it makes the MBP look like great value…

    • +1

      Lol. are you comparing the M1 Max Graphics capability to a mobile 3080Ti?

    • +2

      Well for how great the m1's have been, there's still a lot of people that prefer or need x86 machines for a variety of reasons. The 12900hk also performs better than the m1max in most benchmarks and the mobile 3080ti is miles better than the iGPU (it's great but it is a iGPU after all) on the m1max. There's also the upgradability aspect-both ram slots and ssd slots are not soldered on the aero 16, allowing easy user upgrades down the line, which is not possible with the MBP.

      Btw, just wondering where did you get the 4.6k MBP from? That seems like a hella good deal compared to apple store.

      • The config I mentioned is $4606.80 shipped from the Apple Store with a tier 2 discount (e.g. AOC Edu store as linked)

        It's sort of a hack given that it's meant for uni students but as Apple doesn't check eligibility before purchase it's very common on Ozbargain to purchase using the AOC store anyways.

        They enforce eligibility through audits here and there, but in 8 years of purchasing through various Apple Store Edu discounts I have never had an Edu purchase audited once (and I am still a legit student, purchasing using a personal gmail email).

        • Ah damn nice never knew haha. That's definitely a top bargain for those that only need to work with the softwares optimised within the m1 ecosystem.

    • +1

      If for video editing, then MBP without a doubt. But for other types of professional work, ARM Mac just still have a long way to catch up. Many softwares such as AE still have performance issues on Mac. Optimization and compatibility are something to consider for Mac.

  • waiting for all the cringe ass comments like "thanks I got (insert number)"

    • +5

      Waiting for the cringe "waiting for X" comments after the comments have already been written

  • Wohhooo bday presents sorted for this year thanks op

  • DDR5~~

    • Well I certainly dont want to call it a 'gimmick' but as far as current performance goes, DDR5 offers little to no increase in either gaming or productivity tasks vs higher end DDR4 sticks assuming everything else stays the same. Of course given laptop rams are basically 'bundled' with cpu & gpu upgrades it will be hard for us to benchmark the difference.

  • Will this run Crysis on full settings?

    • Probably not at 60FPS in 4K.

  • -2

    Cheap as chips. Save a whole $600 lol.
    Saw a bunch of 3080 laptops on sale for less than 2k around new year sales. Overpriced at best.

    • Desktop monitors with similiar specs as the panel within this one sits at around 4k. Which means you really pay 3k for the actual laptop. A top end, unlocked i9 isnt cheap. For comparison, the cheapest 12700h+3060 laptop being sold (or should I say on preorder) here in australia cost 2.7 grand.

      Curious where you got 3080 laptops for under 2k though, I surely dont see any here on ozbargain?

        • well mate that's 2.7k and not under 2k, and you are getting an 10th gen cpu with the good old 14nm++++++++ process node with a panel that is far behind the one on here. Again, a similiarly specced desktop monitor will set you back 4k, hard to compare with the one linked in the other deal :p

  • +7

    What advantages does this laptop have over, say… a train? Which I could also afford.

    • +4
      • smaller

      • flat

      • (probably) will not run anyone, or any animal over

      • cheaper to maintain
  • The ROI on this thing would be quiet quick

  • -1

    oh god, who needs a 7k laptop??

  • +1

    Thanks.OP bought 10

    • Damn ok you made me buy 3 more just to have more than you now 😏

  • Cheers OP bought 8

    • bought 9 just to +1 you, get rekt.

      • Well if you scroll through the comments, you'll see I now have 11, get rekt.

  • Unless this thing does something that you need it to do that an apple machine cant, I recommend an apple. Just for the build quality and hardware/software stability. I swear PCs feel like they can crash at any moment (based on my experience).

  • I'll get this laptop, who needs a car anyway.

  • OMG, need to take extra blood pressure pills, my blood pressure is skyrocketing?

    • I think you need a doctor, not a bargain.

  • +1

    Wish i could afford it. I'm broke af… Lost everything on crypto 😂😂

  • 7k for a gigabyte laptop? No thanks. Poor build quality and warranty. Better to buy from a brand with a good warranty network like HP or Apple

    • -1

      That's hilarious.

    • Agreed 100%

      Tech ages too fast to spend that much aye :)

  • +1

    my missus got one for her new job (engineering). it's a bloody beast, more importantly i've snuck on my steam and epic games launcher :)

  • +2

    Seeing so many people comparing MBP M1 chips with NV 3080Ti mobile and saying that is a ripoff is like ——

    Seeing street racer driving the 300hp car saying there is no point for people driving a 1000hp Supercar.

    MBP is practical for many but NV 3080+ are for the extremes. You will know what I mean if you need to encode large amount of video / play performance gaming / create massive amount content, day in day out, for serious habit or a living.

    To me, spending 3.5K for a casual habit is a rip off as you will never make money out of it.
    Spending 6K for these kind of machine actually save me time = money and it will pay for itself.

    Will stick to x86 until M3 or M4 which has juice to compete with serious dedicate graphic cards.

  • Deal is still live. Not expired.
    It no longer says $699 off and this seems to be the normal price now.

    • +1

      Strange, its showing $7599 for me?

    • Update: sale seemed to have been extended for another week. Post updated.

  • 7k for a laptop..that's crazy. Indeed just ordered a newly released Alienware X14 with 12th gen I7 Rtx3060 for about 2.6k (Edu 20% off). Think it's a decent deal if you want that portability and are also capable of light gaming. Let's hope the order won't get delayed for 6 months.

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