This was posted 4 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Individual Membership for 3 Years US$1.50/M (~A$2.10/M) - Billed Annually, ~$28 off Families A$55.85 1-Year @ 1Password


50% off 1Password Individual Membership for 3 years promo is back on for those who are new to using a 1Password account.

US$1.50/Month (~A$2.10/Month). Billed annually. Cancel anytime.

Link with embedded code OP83YR50

Expiry: Unknown.

US$20 (~A$28.03) off. ~A$55.85 for a 1 year 1Password families membership.

Cancel anytime.

New to 1Password? Use this link with embedded code 1LOVE22

Already using 1Password? Follow these steps:

Upgrade your account to 1Password Families:
Email [email protected] to let us know you’ve upgraded, and we’ll add USD $20 credit to your account.

Expiry: Feb 29.

Something, something Bitwarden is free.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2022.

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  • +12

    Use Bitwarden and save all your money. These subscription models for such simple apps are ridiculous.

    • Bitwarden has an optional paid tier too.

      • +1

        US$40 or ~A$56 is standard pricing for Bitwarden families - don't need discount gimmicks which expire in a year.

        • +2

          Export/import your account and change. No biggie. All that matters is you use a password manager.

    • Second this. Does the job well enough for me when I transitioned from lastpass

  • +5

    Bitwarden + 1

    • +2

      The latest update on Ios app sees a huge lift on UI
      Now Bitwarden is not only functional also enjoyable

  • Does anyone know if the 50% off individual deal is for existing users or only new?

    • +2

      New users.

      • +1

        Thanks but also sadness…

        • Create a new account and import into it ? My sub expired in April, so I'm thinking LOL

        • +1

          Ask support, they might give it too you.

  • +3

    I have been a longtime customer of 1P, since before the subscription model. "in those days" we had to link 1P to our own Dropbox to enable sync between devices. I wish 1P would give discounts to existing customers.

    • You can use this discount since you are coming from the old version of 1Password with Dropbox sync.

      • True, but there isn't anything ongoing. The subscription model is clearly an attempt to lock you into their ecosystem, but after evaluating alternatives, I ended up sticking with 1P.

        I wasn't keen for the Dropbox/self-hosted sync given how much it costs to lift the 3 device limit just to add more synchronisation, and so far have been enjoying the cloud service offering.

        • Yeah the other promo I found was the US$125 (~A$175.23) Gift Card on sale for US$99 (~A$138.78) which gives you access for 2 years and ~8 months.

        • +1

          That's not really about lock-in though. That's just about recurring revenue. I can press 1-2 buttons and get ta CSV of all of my passwords, including in iCloud Keychain format. Nothing about that says lock-in.

          • @kyerussell: I see your point, and agree that they have made it relatively easy to export passwords (but not attachments/etc) to migrate to another service, but getting you hooked for a year into their ecosystem is about locking you in, and getting the recurring revenue as a result.

            Either way we're arguing semantics here, and I'm a happy 1P Family customer even though I wasn't keen on moving to the subscription fee model initially after buying a few different standalone/upgrade versions over the years on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

  • +1

    still on keepass…. it's free & seems to work great for my use cases across multi devices etc. ?

    • Well…continue to use it then.

  • Is this only for new users?

  • I used to love these things. I was a huge Roboform fan for about 20 years. But none of them are as well integrated as Chrome password and form filler.

  • +1

    Bitwarden's auto save is a hit and miss and I hate having to manually create entries in it while I just entered them and logged in successfully. It also lacks the in-field button that you click and see all saved credentials for the site. You always have to click its browser extension button or setup a keyboard shortcut.
    I personally used Dashlane and Kaspersky password manager and they were both rock solid on Windows and Android but ever since Microsoft added the system-wide auto fill to their authenticator app, I started using that on my phone and Edge on my computer ( you can also use the extension for Chrome if you use Chrome) and it works perfectly fine.

    • It also lacks the in-field button that you click and see all saved credentials for the site. You always have to click its browser extension button or setup a keyboard shortcut.

      It's able to automatically enter the info or you can just right click > bitwarden and do it that way, unless you mean to actually look at the sensitive info. The former can be inconsistent at times though.

      ever since Microsoft added the system-wide auto fill to their authenticator app

      Now that sounds very handy. Did you migrate off Google Authenticator by chance? Just curious how clunky it's going to be to switch off.

      • The in-field button is useful when you have multiple credentials saved for the site, so a simple click would reveal them and you can click on the one you intend to use. Using the context menu is counterintuitive.

        Migrating from Google with to Microsoft should not be difficult it's just about scanning a new we code from your account,but that's not necessary. You can still keep using Google for MFA and MS for password management. Use them side by side. That's what I do.

  • I'd consider using 1password purely for the fastmail masked email feature (I realise you can still do it but the button makes it way easier), but for now I'll stay with Bitwarden (and until FM gets better extension support)

  • Hi…I use Kaspersky PWD Manager……is 1Pass any better?

    • No it is not. KPM is much better.

  • Would love to leave 1Password. It's expensive and the customer support has been non-existant when I've emailed them about billing.

    I have not been able to find anything however as easy to use, full featured and well integrated in the apple eco-system. Over the last few days I've tried Dashlane (Lifetime free through my workplace), BitWarden, Myki, iCloud Keychain and LastPass. All have been disappointingly complex, ugly or just plain unreliable.

    LastPass and Myki probably came the closest, but LastPass really isn't much cheaper for a family plan and Myki has lots of little bugs.

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