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Segway Ninebot F20A Electric Scooter $299 @ ALDI


Not sure if I have posted in right section or should go into forums, but this is still a active deal. Originaly posted here
[Segway Special Buys] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670056)

Segway Ninebot F20A electric scooter is now on clearance at aldi for $299 (Original special buys was $499) . Many stores have the stock. You cannot check it online but if you walk in and ask the manager they may give you the details (They can check stocks at all stores and they are updated every 15 minutes)

Checked at Adelaide yesterday and many stores have the stock (not on display at most stores). Store manager confirmed few people are buying in bulk like 10-12 of them (assuming they will be reselling on different platforms)

Store manager can also check the stock at other stores and give you information of where you can find one.

Statewide rules are here:

Edit: Since I got multiple requests to provide copy of receipt.. I'm attaching it here..


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    These deals always bring out the lurkers who don't ever contribute to the site, but solely have an account to ask "any stock at ____" when there's something they can leech.

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      Right?? How hard is it for these chancers to make a damn phone call? Answer: too hard, apparently

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        You tried making a phone call to Aldi?
        its actually impossible - so yeh too hard is right.

        • It just doesn't even ring, how strange.

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            @matictac: They have one generic number, it goes to a voice recording with no options but to use the website.
            Which no longer shows stock as the item is older than 4 weeks old.

      • Have you ever tried to actually call Aldi?

    • Most lurkers dont even have an account. They just leech

    • -1

      …so? What a weird way to feel superior.

  • Just like whenever people bought the rorwers from Aldi, and tried to resell them on Facebook market and they were a POS

    • Except these scooters are the bomb

  • you cannot call Aldi. But the manager I had at Greenacres was kind enough to call the other store directly and get them to keep a box aside for me.

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    No luck in QLD even with a reciept, still showing as $499. I have a feeling they are only this price in states where scooters are illegal :(

    • Strange. so what did the store say? Why would another state sell at different price?

      • looked at the location of the reciept and said no go different state / different price.

        • +1

          :( - I could pick up one here but have plans of visiting QLD :(

          Maybe try another store…unless they are all far off from your place

        • this is sad :C I wonder if it's discretionary and depends from store/staff to store

      • Why would another state sell at different price?

        He literally suggested a reason in the comment you're responding to.

        "I have a feeling they are only this price in states where scooters are illegal"

      • Bethania said they only had 3 when they came in stock and sold out quickly lol

    • Makes logical sense!

      • you called?

  • -2

    ok this is gonna sound dumb can u get training wheels for this?

    • It has a max speed of 25 km/h. Do you really think someone who requires training wheels should be riding on one?

  • Been to 2 ALDIs in Sydney - no stock. Anyone seen it in stock this price any Sydney ALDI stores?

    • Best is to get manager to check the stocks across all stores. (only if he is helpful) mine took 3-4 minutes and came with list of all stores across SA and what stock they hold. But 2 other stores I visited previously stated they cannot check stocks at other stores and they also use same online stock checker which was not true

      • Mate said nothing on the south/west side of Sydney.

      • Seems like some are franchises not connected to the Aldi universe

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    None in WA

    • -1

      how do you know

      • They probably followed the instructions in the post…

      • I went in and asked the manager to check the stores

    • did you ask them to check all the shops in WA?

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        Yep, it said banksia grove and joondalup had one but she called them and they are returns and can't be sold.
        Also WA price is still $499

        • Great - thanks for letting us know.

        • I wonder why?

          Very very temped by his deal, but with a chance of any VIC stores still having 1 in stock is most likely about 1%.
          Anyone checked Vic stock in he last few days?, will read the rest of this post, but would be handy if someone has all ready checked.

          • @OrbDaggerZ: My only concern is that I'm about 105kg or so, but it's been a while since I last checked.
            And sometimes carry food shopping, so not sure.
            Also getting a fine, how much is it in Vic?

            Thanks OP,

    • Thanks for doing the leg work to check and passing on the information.

    • Also not legal in WA due to bring able to exceed 10 KMH and the motor is probably over 200 W as well.

  • Anyone wanna buy one for me and ship it to Tassie?

    • I can give it a try in the evening, but not sure how the whole process will work of payment and shipping. Obviously I do not want to pay from my pocket.

      • hey chirag, please pm me, I might be interested in this with no risk to you :)

        • Sent you a msg

          • @Chirag T: Hey mate, if there is more stock around you Iā€™d be interested in getting one shipped to QLD with no risk to you as well

          • @Chirag T: No luck yet in Sydney. Its a long shot but if its possible for you to post i would be interested too.

            Much appreciated.

      • Hi Mate,

        Another one for me to QLD if you can help with no risk to you at all.


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    has anyone found this price in Melbourne yet? I've tried a couple of stores and no luck

    • +1

      Which stores you tried? None in melb cbd for me :(

      • tried at southland and sandringham - did you get store manager to check stock - i couldnt at this stores

        • +1

          They said you cant check other stores….

      • +2

        Did you go to the St kilda and south melbourne store yet or only city store? Going to send the kids on their way from school to check them and altona tomorrow lol good luck to us in Melbourne. Seems we aren't yet to find one

    • +1

      None in Camberwell or Carnegie

    • None at Altona Meadows, Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Werribee or Hoppers Crossing from memory (went to all stores over the weekend).

      • +1

        OP said that many stores had them out the back and not on display. So might be worth double checking

        • +2

          I think we might do that! Will post back if we have success.

    • None in Northland (but I didn't ask staff since it was close to closing time)

  • 20km range

  • This guy got 22km


    There are also other modes with ECO adding another 15kms making it around 35kms range.

  • anyone had any luck at hurstville NSW? will go later this afternoon to see. Wouldnt mind a smaller scooter to take on train instead of my Kaabo mantis 10 duo šŸ˜‚

    • None in Hurstville :(

  • Got 1x from Newton. Stored out the back, $299, a whole pallet load to shift.

    • Great, thats where I bought.

    • How many are there?

      • +1

        'A whole pallet load'
        -quote from store

    • newtown NSW?

      • +2

        newton like Isaac newton, Adelaide

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    How is it that the Xiao Mi Pro 2 weighs about the same, but has twice the range?

    • +1

      higher quality battery cells used in the more expensive scooters

      • ha - just posted the same … hadn't seen your update :)

        • šŸ˜†

      • Ah gotcha thanks. As tempting as this is, might invest in something with a bit more power/range.

    • The main thing to look at in my opinion on the scooters is battery packs and quality and Ah of the cells. The cheap knock-offs promise the works, but the battery packs are typically very poor.

      • Is it as simple as replacing with new batteries the same size with more amp hour?

        • +2

          You probably need a new battery management system as well (that handles the smart charging process)… it just depends.

          Segway is a good brand and what they promise should be delivered. The knock-off brands though that are half the price and state they can achieve the same distance is typically BS. Cheaper motors, inferior cells and electronics.

      • Thanks good to know!

  • +1

    I got one from Aldi Canterbury in Sydney but it scanned as $399. Paid $399 :(

    • +1

      Even at 399 its good price, however you can share the receipt of $299 and see if they refund.

  • How?

    here is my receipt: https://ibb.co/7KPZh6s

  • Chirag bro could u share / pm ur receipt? Thank you :)

  • +5

    So I have received many messages for copy of receipt… Here is the link where I have kept basic details, store name and final amt I paid.


    • Can you please keep the part number / product code on the receipt instead of wiping it out?

      • Yea please. Can't price protect

  • You are awesome!

    • Let us know if they do refund… :)

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