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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres: Buy 3 Get 4th Free @ Bridgestone


A well reviewed tyre and a decent deal expiring 28 Feb.

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    You can shop around for a cheaper price on top of this as this deal is usually available at other installers. I got this deal last month and paid $207 a tyre (225/40/18) at Bob Jane instead of around $230 at the others.

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      I bought these tyres at Bridgestone itself about a year ago during this deal. Very good service, and they include(d) a free follow-up check and tyre rotation after 5,000km. They seemed willing to price-match any other dealers selling Bridgestone tyres.

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        They'll price match and beat it by an extra 10% off the difference.


        • Would this work with the buy 3, get 1 free deal?

          Never mind, I see that stores are passing on the deal, you don't need to buy direct from Bridgestone. Costco have for $260 each

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          "10% of the difference" is usually a lot more disappointing than it sounds..

          eg Bridgestone has it for $200, Tyrepower has it for $190… Bridgestone beats it by $1 for $189.

          I'd pay the extra $1 because Tyrepower is closer to me.

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            @Carrera1963: Yeah 10% of difference is tricky. Last time I walked in Bob Jane and was told they would price beat by 10% verbally. When I went back to do price beat they changed their words as 10% of difference. I was fooled by sales guy..

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        I once walked into Bridgestone at Belco ACT and was pleasantly surprised by their service. They send you emails to remind you of free check ups and rotation too. Have used ACT Tyrepower for their lower prices but they cant probably match Bridgestone in terms of free servicing.

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      I've got Michelin PS4 from TempeTyres for $209 for the exact same size - 225/40/18.

      I have previously used RE003, and must say Michelins are much better - grip, comfort, noise.

      • Tread wear?

      • +8

        I do track fun days, motorkhana, enthusiastic mountain driving. I found that at the limits, the RE003 is by far the grippier tyre. It wears much quicker, and there's less feel in the wet, but the progression and grip in dry is outstanding. At no point though would I say the PS4 are much better, except maybe a tiny bit wet weather feel/performance. PS4 at the limit feels a little less confident.

        • +4

          The RE003 has a much stiffer sidewall which gives better communication and grip in the dry, however this causes them to be more skittish and reduces progression in the wet in my experience.

          • @Aids: I'm next debating whether to get another set or RE003 or try the hancook rs4….

      • +2

        Michelin got a cash back sale right now, for those who are interested. https://www.michelin.com.au/auto/promotions/michelin-feb-pro...
        PS4 for those love the control and Primacy 4 for comfort.

      • +1

        Agree, I had RE003, MC6 and Primacy 4, and my preference is: RE003<MC6<Primacy 4.

      • Shame Tempe is not in VIC

    • Spot on - I got some 235/40/18s at Bob Jane six months ago via the same deal, and paid just over 600 including a wheel alignment.

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    Looks like prices have gone up (as expected) and are no longer in the bargain category. 245/35r19 are $819 for 4, I paid $669 a few months ago with the same buy 3 get 1 free deal.

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      you can shuffle around the criteria a little bit depending on your model to get a more common tyre, which can bring the price down.

      for example 245/40r17 was significantly more pricey than 235/40r17 when i was buying this size years ago. the latter is the OEM size for commodores and fords, the former is not. its 10mm difference in width, but it was about $200 more for a set.

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        Use a tyre size calculator when doing this - aspect ratios matter

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        Just note insurance can be picky about these things if you get into an accident.

        • +1

          Really? They check what brand/size your tyre is?

          • @onlinepred: Unlikely, unless they feel they really need to dig something up (like if you destroyed powerlines or a house, they’d be looking for technicalities haha).

            • @WhyAmICommenting: Yeah hence I put “can”, if you’re at fault and they check your car they will find any reason not to pay out.

              There is usually a sticker with the tire spec for the car, anything which is different could be argued as a modification and should have been “declared” in the policy etc.

          • @onlinepred: The tyre load index, if not the sizes.

      • Changes like that, can and will affect the speedometer in your car.
        Because the tyre “height” changes with the width of the tyre (i.e. aspect ratio), the rolling diameter of your tyres change, which means the speed you think you’re going will be incorrect.

        • -1

          your speedo is already under reporting your speed.

          • +1

            @Laserface: You mean over reporting - all speedos run slightly high, so if your car is showing 100Km/h you're travelling slightly less than that.

            But once you change the size of your tyres, you can push your speedo into the realm of under-reporting … if a reading of 100Km/h is really 105Km/h you're going to start getting tickets 😁

            • @Nom: you are correct, sorry.

              mine actually changes the scaling as speed increases. its about a 10% pad under 90, as you get closer to 110-120 its reporting 2-3kmh faster than GPS speed and from 130 onwards (on a track) its accurate.

    • +1

      $540 in mid 2020, $576 today.
      RE003 225/45/17

  • +3

    Where the hell is the RE004 Bridgestone?

    • +5

      was 'coming' next season 2 years ago haha

      • Lol Bridgestone Australia will still be selling RE003 when the RE009 is released elsewhere.

    • +1

      I seen someone ask on their Facebook about a month ago, and the CSA replied "there are currently no plans to sell the RE004 in the Australian market". Can't find it so take it for what it's worth but since it's been two years already; I tend to believe it.

      • +2

        Near 3 years overseas! Crazy that we don't get the updated model.

        Surely the RE004 and the RE003 will cost the very similar to manufacture.

        Either the RE003 is still selling very well or they wish to lose market share.. haha

        • May even be worth importing a set yourself (although the usd rate probably isn't good enough at the moment)

          • +1

            @SJDR: Not really worth to import the Re004.

            It’s not good enough to be worthwhile. Better off buying the Michelin PS4 locally.

            If you’re going to import, may as well spend extra to get the PS4 S.

    • Perhaps Bridgestone have brought in the Potenza Sport as the RE003's successor, instead of the RE004. Currently 10% off I think.

      But that can't be right, as the Sport seems to wear out way faster than its direct competitors in the one torture test I have watched so far…

      I guess time will tell…?

      • The Potenza Sport is the new flagship of the Potenza range with a price tag to match.

        I believes it replaces the S001 and S007A. It’s competitor is say the Michelin PS4 S.

        RE003 and RE004 is an everyday performance tyre and not an ultra high performance tyre. Competitor is the Michelin PS4.

  • +1

    If anyone knows where to get some Pirelli PZeros on special give us a shout…

  • what type of mileage can you get from these tires?

    • -1

      Depends on your driving style and vehicle really. I had a set wear out in 23k on a Toyota corolla, perfect alignment/pressures. They sucked in the wet as well (no TC). You want to toodle around town then they should do 40

      • +1

        23k in a Corolla?

        50k so far in my turbocharged FWD car.. I expect another 25% based on the current wear.

        • +6

          And what car is that? These days, turbo charged fwd does not say much.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser141524: Mk5 GTI.

            Chipped with a crazy 142kw at the wheels.. lol

            I like to give it the beans regularly but don't drive/brake aggressively all the time.

            • @JimB: +50,000kms is insane! You must seriously drive it crazy soft. If I got 15k in my MX5 I would be happy as

              • @onlinepred: Maybe I got lucky with these set. I'm sort of keen for them to wear out to replace them as they are about 5 years old now.

                I certainly don't drive it soft but don't drive it crazy hard either. It's my daily. No track days but I do like fast corners. Suspension is just a set of H&R Cup Kit.

                Being an ex-manual car driver, I do try to use use the brakes as little as possible but do like to red line the engine regularly once warmed up.

                I check the tyre pressure now and then (ideally 34psi) and make sure the wheels are aligned properly.

                • +1

                  @JimB: Same here. 50k km now and still have 40% thread. I have lighter Fiesta st and only do fast street driving.

            • +1

              @JimB: I got about 30k in my tuned MK6 GTI

            • -1

              @JimB: so 142kw atw is considered crazy these days?

        • Yeah its pretty gutless so if you wanna go fast you carry the speed through corners/roundabouts etc. I've done drive days with Bridgestone when the re001 came out in Perth. I'm not an average tyre consumer. I wouldn't buy again. I have the i30 on Firestone Firehawk which is the RE001 pattern but new compound. Much better IMO, but PS4 sheets on both.

          • @slimdealin: To follow on to this, I have 2 brothers that own tyre shops so cost vs km is not really a consideration. I would replace 5 year mark regardless of the tread so why not use what o can right?

    • +1

      Not as much as the PS4 for instance.

    • +3

      Maybe 35k?
      These are a softer compound for great dry road grip, at the cost of longevity

    • +1

      I get about 40,000kms on turbo AWD sports car, 255/35r18 at 35PSI.

      car is about 1600KG

      • which type/brand of tyres are you running?

    • 2010 Holden SV6 auto ute, 63000 on one pair, 68000 on the other pair. 245/45r18.

  • +1

    Pretty overrated tyres. Poor grip in the wet.

    • +4

      I have 225/45/r16 and they offer brilliant wet weather performance. Compared to PS3 and PS4. Not as good, but still extremely close. The issue I have, is that it's dry feedback in incredible, but it's wet feedback isn't as good.

      • +1

        Yeah I found these were great in the wet.

      • S001 is a closer comparison to ps4.

        Edit. Nevermind s001 is closer to ps4s. Ignore earlier comment.

    • +1

      Pretty good balance for daily + a bit of sideway driving - Owner of 86

    • AWD Forester and I swear by these in the wet. Have never slipped or lost traction and I power through moderate-tight corners in the wet without slowing down.

    • If you go too fast or don’t know how to handle a car in the wet then no tyre will help.

    • +1

      I had these on my car. Great grip in the wet for me.

  • +6

    I find these are more in the performance (soft) end of the consumer range, so lower mileage but great grip. I used to get 40,000km on a family sedan.

    TBH is there really anyway to beat the reality that if a tyre is a harder compound it last longer but grips less and the other way round.

  • shame they dont do 225/55/18

    • +7

      225/55/18 isn't a sports orientated tyre size.

      Higher profile tyres are more touring tyre.

      Bridgestone make good touring tyres in this size.

  • +4

    I got a set December 30th iirc because the deal was going to expire at the end of December, then saw the deal was going till the end of Jan and now till the end of Feb.
    Not saying it will extend again, but I know I rushed because of it… and well two months later it is still there.

    The RE003 are good for sure. Wondering why Australia never seemed to get the RE004s though…

    • +1

      Wondering why Australia never seemed to get the RE004s though…

      Not really an answer, but this is all I've got so far…

      • Thanks

        Strange way Australia get things sometimes, isn't it.

  • are these tyres good for suv? with a driver who loves slamming accelerator and then breaking hard?

    • +2

      What do you break hard?

  • +2

    Got some PS4 during JaxTyres EOFY 15% off sale last year.
    Stacked with Michelin $100 cashback + $50 workshop voucher (put towards wheel alignment)
    ~$140 each.

    235 always seem to be cheaper than 225 for some reason.


    • +1

      yeah, I have the same case here too, Michelin Primacy 4, 225/45/R17, 235 is about 20 buck cheaper on each!

  • -1

    Very overrated tyres

    • How so?

  • +2

    Bob Jane are also doing the same promo.
    It was $18 overall cheaper.

  • Would these be good for my Prius C?

  • -2

    Didn't see the appeal for these tyres. Quite noisy at later life and short milage.

    • +1

      They're sports tyres. thats the compromise. go and buy some bob jane all rounders.



    • +1

      For your 3-wheeler?

      • Asking for a friend..? 😅

  • RE004 was released in Asia 2 years ago. What's going on? Even the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is being released soon.

    • Not really an answer, but this is all I've got so far…

  • I replaced my old RE003's on a Golf R and they seem a bit flimsier this time, not sure how to explain it, but a lot more body roll in this set and when you give a good turn on the wheel, it feels like the front turns in and then the back comes in a tad late, weird as its the same tyre

    • That sounds like your pressures are low - have you checked them against the sticker on the car body ?

      • Yeah running them at 40psi as always, does sound weird

  • +1

    When driving gravel roads in these tyres I smell a strong rubber smell (rubber too soft?). I've never had that before. I'm not spinning the wheels or doing anything weird. Also the tread seems to be the perfect size to embed 10 mm aggregate in the thread pattern. I doubt I'll get them again.

  • Good deal. Bridgestone has free rotation and are very easy to deal with, in my experience. Tempe Tyres, on the other hand…

    • Hi, are you able to elaborate on your experience with Tempe tyres? They seem to have good deals from time to time so I might use them one day.

      • Rotation isn't free. The entire business is focused on sales, not customer service. They do have good deals, but rely on getting people in the door to use hard sales tactic once they're in. They simply lied to me that 2 of my wheels were buckled in order to try and seem me new rims. How stupid they think people are?

        • Yikes, that’s pretty poor form, and I guess it’s inevitable that in a race to undercut each other, some businesses will try to make it back via any means.. guess I’ll stay clear of them too…

          Good to know and thanks so much for sharing your experience

        • Tempe Tyres rotate my tyres for free.

          I've always had a great experience with them at their Tempe store. Last time, I called them and price matched with St George Tyres, but they ended up beating their price even more.

          But I've only made 2 purchases from their store, so maybe I need more experiences to make a better decision. For now tho, they're great, cheapest in Sydney, and tyres aren't old. All you gotta do is survive the wait, so get in there early!

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