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Hungry Jack's $2 Whopper - NSW Central Coast Stores Lunchtime Special


Not as good as the Scoopon deal. I don't know alot of details besides what's in the photo I took.

Limited time.
Conditions apply.
Central Coast stores only.

EDIT: Thanks to kwaker, the lunchtime special is between 12pm and 2pm.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's

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  • +3 votes

    I'll take ten.

  • +1 vote

    yes this has been on for awhile now. 12-2pm and limit of 4 per person. no chips included like the scoopon. i mentioned this on one of the scoopon posts

  • +11 votes

    Even though I can't remember the last time I had Hungry Jacks, I'll +1 for effort. It takes a true OzBargainer to take a picture of the side of a bus to capture a deal :)

    • +6 votes

      We'll go above and beyond for a bargain up here on the coast, I remember a year or two back getting my camera out in a store and a employee told me I couldn't photograph the deals in the store. So I got my gf to distract him whilst I took the photos I wanted :)

      But you're right, his efforts really deserve a +2!

      • +1 vote

        I always lol at anyone who tries to stop photographs being taken of special items, 'trade secrets' in stores etc… With camera phones and the rest these days, if u want a sneaky photo, you're gonna get it..

      • +4 votes

        Click_It will get an extra +1 if he details how his girlfriend distracted the store employee


          I'll let you use your imagination…
          It totally worked though, poor guy got schooled that day :)

      • -2 votes

        They have no right to tell you no photographs. If you can see it in open public view with your own eyes then it is permissible. Same thing with women that wear skimpy clothing.


        I'm a mystery shopper and encouraged to take a photo of both the store and product, particuarly for HUNGRY JACKS

    • +1 vote

      It didn't cost me anything to take the photo too.

      Everyone loves a freebie. :)


    This is better than Scoopon. For me anyway.

    I actually got the Scoopon codes but CBF finding them and printing them and carrying them around and not losing them all in advance of the next time I'm out and randomly decide to get Hungry Jacks.


    Also available in Coffs Harbour. 12-2pm

  • -1 vote

    Wait, people live between GoldCoast and Sydney!?


    That's bus goes past my house..

  • +1 vote

    i wonder if i could get this as a veg option? they do good veggie burgers and its surprisingly good!

    • +2 votes

      Unless you actually prefer the Veggie burgers, you might as well have a Whopper! The nutritional numbers are almost the same! In fact, I would say a Whopper is perhaps a tiny bit more 'healthy' than a Veggie burger! :O

      Nutritional value per Veggie burger:
      Energy (kJ) 2979
      Protein (g) 21.5
      Fat, Total (g) 39.3
      - Saturated (g) 10.6
      Carbohydrate (g) 66
      - Sugars (g) 12.4
      Sodium (mg) 1529


      Nutritional value per Whopper burger:
      Energy (kJ) 2882
      Protein (g) 29.8
      Fat, Total (g) 40.7
      - Saturated (g) 11.4
      Carbohydrate (g) 49
      - Sugars (g) 9.6
      Sodium (mg) 941



      All the unhealthy stuff is primarily in the beef or veggie patty (and a minor second in the mayonnaise).

      They actually have a menu button for "Whopper no beef" and it's quite cheap and tastes awesome. I get it with cheese and it's $3.20 I think.

      Note however if they press whopper and then minus the beef as a variation it works out more expensive.

      Sad at no more egg or beetroot options.

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