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BRITA MAXTRA+ Limescale Water Filter Refill 10 Pieces $83.30 ($73.30 Afterpay) Delivered @ Brita eBay


BRITA MAXTRA+ 10 Pack Limescale Expert Filter Cartridges
Brand new · Filter · Water Filter · Carbon/Charcoal

50% off apparently. Decent deal, even better if you want to use Afterpay. Limited quantity available

Original coupon post — expires 28/2/2022

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      Good for Melburnians, very very soft water down here.

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      Pretty much the same price per filter as Bunnings 6 pack (regular price).

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    weird how people filter lime and then add lemon to water

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      Uhhhh, they don’t.

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    • Some people prefer lemon to lime

    • I prefer sandstone in mine.

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    BRITA Marella White 3.5 L Water Filter Jug with 4 MAXTRA+ Filter Cartridges, $47.2 delivered.


    Quite surprised that Brita runs it’s official store on eBay with plenty of discounts! Thumbs up!

    • That's the one I ordered earlier, this version with the top covered is so much better. Really is strange that it's so much cheaper than everyone else not that I'm complaining.

      • Exactly, 4 cartridges would cost almost that price normally, plus you get a free jug.
        My jug is 5 yo and still going strong…need an excuse to replace it

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          That's the point of the jug. They build it like a brick shit house so it never breaks, and you keep buying their filters. They're not meant to be replaced. One of the few times capitalism and environmentalism go hand in hand haha.

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    Do I need limescale or non-limescale one?
    I live in Sydney

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      The limescale one is more catered towards espresso machine users. In Sydney, I would just buy the regular one.

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      I regretted getting limescale, not only taste weird they are made in China.

  • hey guys,
    the code - AFTERPAY10 did not work for ebay, does it mean Afterpay will take off $10 from their bill?

    • Yeah it didn’t work, said code was applied. It’s a bit odd wonder why?

    • Worked for me.
      Make sure you select afterpay payment first.
      Then enter the code.

      • Might be that you can only use it once

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        Thanks for the suggestion, still does not work for me. Select the payment to Afterpay, enter the code, the price is still $83.3 with a message saying "You already applied this code to an order."

        • I had same issue despite never used the code. You have to contact ebay and they log a job. Few days and they issue a replacement code for you

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    Is this made in China or EU?

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    Just a heads up that Philips actually make compatible filters $45 for 6. I’ve been using these for a while and do not notice any difference.

    Edit: Actually, regular price is $53 but currently on special with 15% off (which often is the case)

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      FYI - bit cheaper from UK (6 for $37.85) if you can wait for delivery

      • Thanks for this, ordered one. Can wait 3 months to deliver.

      • Brilliant, even cheaper. Thanks for that info.

      • A couple of reviews says they don't fit Brita jugs?

    • Weird that Philips makes a filter, but no water jug. Unless I’m missing something here.

      • No money in the jug, just the consumables.

      • Philips 100% makes jugs, there are some on Amazon recommended even for the Filters

    • Do you know where these ones are made?

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      Note Philips state 100L replacement time while Brita ones say 150L, so if you follow guides then you would use 2 Britas (300L) but 3 Philips in the same time so they cost 50% more.

      Phillips 6 pack: $45/600L = $0.075/L
      Brita 10 pack: $73.30/1500L = $0.05/L

      or $83.3/1500 = $0.056/L if no afterpay

      So better sticking with this deal over the Phillips if following guidelines, even at the UK $37.85 is $0.63/L so still more.

      • You da real MVP

  • How long does it need to be replaced, say 2L a day?

    • Technically yes, but I think you can easily go double that time. After 3 months you'll start tasting that tap water aftertaste, so it's probably ineffective at that point.

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      The details say that

      The filter lasts for a generous 150L

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    EBay coupon code PLUSFEB5 discounted another 5% off.

    I used it for the normal filter, can't confirm for the lime one

  • first time using AfterPay, any hidden fees with payments made on time?
    Any tips from regular users?

    • None. Fees apply only if you miss your payment.

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    Fyi I’ve been buying these from Bunnings Brita Maxtra+ Pure Performance Filter - 6 Pack $45.40


  • We been drinking rain water no filters from last few years, never got sick why would you want to buy this one?

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      Filter your cheap Vodka ;)

    • Camping, having to fill up the on-board water tank from supplies that are not always reliable and even then it sits in the tank a while before being used.
      It's something like this or using chemicals.

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      Some people do it for taste, others do it to protect expensive espresso machines from scale. There are good reasons to use filters outside of the feeling of safety.

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        protect expensive espresso machines from scale.

        The high cost of these filters versus the insignificant cost of descaler kills that augment.
        Especially when scale build up is normal and doesn't damage the machine and cleaning the machine is part of regular maintenance.

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      Just think of your privilege where half the planet doesn't have access to safe and clean water… and here we literally poo in ours :\

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    Seems that Harris Scarf has the cheapest jugs and filters: https://www.harrisscarfe.com.au/search?text=brita
    Except they have no stock (near me) and so could well be another of their 'fake' sales.

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    Previously i was using brita filters than i tried these
    https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3-pack-water-filter-cartrid... from kmart water taste same to me.

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    australia tap water is fine right? i would understand this for a 3rd world country, but our water is drinkable from the tap, right?

  • If you want clean water drink straight from the tap, not from one of these filters.

    These filters do remove chlorine, which then means there is nothing in the filtered water to stop bacterial growth. Unlike tap water which contains chlorine.
    That's even more important when you fill the jug and leave it on your sunny kitchen bench which provides warmth and light for the bacteria to grow.

    Save you money and but a decent filter for the same sort of price .

    The microbiological quality of filtered water in a commercial water filter system (Brita) was tested in households and in two laboratories. In 24 of 34 filters used in households, bacterial counts increased in the filtered water up to 6,000 cfu/ml. In 4 of 6 filters tested in the laboratory, bacterial counts in the fresh filtrate were higher than in tap water after approximately one week of use both at room temperature and at 4 degrees C, suggesting growth or biofilm formation in the filter material.
    In some cases colony counts in the filtered water were 10,000 times those in tap water. The filter material of 5 of 13 new commercial filters was contaminated with bacteria or moulds.

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      I can confirm this from my experience. My 11-year old Brita jug started to grow greenish mould after I switched to limescale filter.

      It was fine with the normal filters for 11 years !

      • I was talking about all Brita filters not just these limescale ones.

    • I was wanting to buy a filter jug to reduce limescale in things like the kettle which later end up in the coffee machine, but then yes I saw how you needed to keep it in the fridge, watch for mold growth over time (which is worse than something simply being ineffective over time).

      Is there anything which just filters limescale only? Or I just keep relying on the Sunbeam calc catridges and kettle scrubbing every now and again?

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        You can buy replacement media for the Sunbeam Calc cartridges - they come apart if you are careful. (Don’t damage the mesh)

        It’s about $25-$30 for a kilo of the resin beads and that would last me 3 or 4 years, changing the cartridge every month or two.

        I buy my media from Clarence Water Filters, but a lot of water filter places sell it.

        • Thanks I'll take a look some time. I replaced the filter after however many years it's been! With a generic one from eBay/Amazon too. Changing the actual stuff inside at that cost definitely would be far more economical then.

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      Heres some food for thought. This study is abstract only and from 1996. We have no idea of the condition of the filters, how they were used, the storage condition of the brita jug or even the integrity of the authors and their data collection methods. Was the high bacteria due to an old filter design or did they leave the wtaer in the jug out for too long close to the oven??

      I'm sure if this was a major concern in everyday use there would be a mass outbreak of bacterial infection reports or what not. But honestly I wouldn't be pointing fingers after reading one barely detailed abstract and it's up to everyone's personal opinion as to what they're comfortable with. For all we know could be some tap water company sponsored lazy slander study to reduce brita's credibility. Definitely worth investigating or clarifying in a follow up study. Personally I don't leave the filtered water out for long or store it anyway so think im good long as I remember to change the filter

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      Here's a better link for the same publication (abstract), but with viewable tables and charts.

      P.S. This is a journal publication, so it is by no means an indepth investigation and the validity of the data cannot be confirmed by any third-party.

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      Um… maybe read reviews before posting product recommendations… buy this product if you want a flooded kitchen.

  • I have a limescale filter set up for my coffee machine.

    Do these cartridges come apart or are they welded together?

    If they come apart, I could replace the media. You can buy the resin beads by the kilo.

  • I like to think of myself as an expert, so this must be the right product for me.

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      As a self appointed Doctor of Neurology and Professor of Psychological Behaviour I stand behind your self appointed expertise.

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    For those without Afterpay, there's another $10 code that's applicable to this deal also, I just placed an order :)

    • Mine arrived today, they were loose packs in a brown box. Made in China.

  • So many models. Some claim to produce water with zero TDS.
    Any real water experts here?

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