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[VIC] Midweek Melbourne Money, Victorian Dining & Entertainment Program, Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme @ Victorian Government


Just doing a PSA, you decide if this is a good deal or not.

The Victorian Government has announced a $200 million stimulus package to support businesses and entice Victorians back to enjoy their favourite food and hospitality experiences across Victoria. The package will be rolled out from March 2022.

What are the programs that will be launched?

For individuals

  • Midweek Melbourne Money - Open on 7 March, $10m funding, 25% of spend reimbursed ($125 cap per claimant) when dining within the CBD from Mon to Thu and spend between $40 and $500. closed
  • Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program opens on Tuesday 29 March. Each claimant can claim back 25% on eligible dining and entertainment purchases, up to $125 in combined rebates. Claims will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis until the $60 million funds run out ($30m dining, $30m entertainment).
  • Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme - Open on 23 March for travel between 8 Apr and 27 May. $30m funding for a $200 voucher when you spend at least $400 on eligible tourism and travel related services. Allocation exhausted

For businesses

  • Ventilation Voucher Program
  • Small Business Digital Adaptation Program
  • Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program

Update: Two previously announced vouchers have been combined into one voucher. The total sum of allocated funds has not changed. The cashback rate and cap for the Entertainment Voucher has been announced: 25% cashback, $125 shared cap with Dining Voucher.

  • State-wide Dining Vouchers - Expected to open on 29 March, $30m funding, 25% of spend reimbursed when dining in any regional and metro LGA outside Melbourne CBD from Mon to Thu and spend between $40 and $500
  • Entertainment Voucher Scheme - Expected to open on 29 March, $30m funding, to reimburse spend on tickets for cinema, theatres, live music, exhibitions, conferences etc

Tip by danielh - Don't forget to also use discounts such as Liven, Fork etc to help make your overall meal cost cheaper. Liven is particularly useful as your receipt is shown at the full price even though you may have gotten up to 50% off the meal. Good for maximising your claim back.

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  • Is this for locals only or interstate travellers as well?

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      The linked page says "Victorians" multiple times when referencing who benefits of the scheme are targeted toward.

      • Based on last time, the dining vouchers/refunds are probably open to anyone. The travel vouchers however requires a Victorian ID.

    • +4

      The forms they used to us for the previous few programs didn't require any proof that you lived in Victoria. Just a postcode, a mini survey and your bank acc details.

      • Easy. Cheers for that info.

  • +1

    this looks good and the minimum spend threshold isnt prohibitive

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  • I have partaken of some previous iterations of these, and will again if I can.
    For me, I have some events in the next week or so that would qualify, but the programmes will not be open yet.

  • +9

    Thanks for this fantastic post, Op. These are fabulous initiatives from the Vic government which will help both businesses and individuals. Previously, my family enjoyed participating in the Melbourne dining voucher program and the Vic regional travel voucher program. We are looking forward to the launching of these new programs!

  • "metro LAG outside Melbourne CBD"


    • local government area

    • Yes TQ, fixed.

  • +5

    As a CBD resident I used this a fair bit last time as it got me out to a bunch of places I wouldn't usually go to. Great initiative!

  • +6

    Great initiatives. The last few Melbourne Money schemes were huge success and CBD restaurants were buzzing during weekdays and definitely attracted a lot more traffic (I live in CBD). The rebate was very simple process and money was returned typically within 3 business days into my nominated account.

    • Out of curiosity, what were the last few Melbourne Money schemes, ie. what was the reason?

      I remember only one, Midweek Melbourne Money last spring - to revive the traffic in the restaurants after covid, like in the case of this one. There were also those travel vouchers a year ago.

      • +5

        There was one around June 2021 as well - from memory it was 20% off food and drinks and could be redeemed on weekends, not just midweek. Also to bring foot traffic into the city.

    • -4

      It's official. Idiocracy is here.

  • Still waiting for the mystery $50 mykis that nobody I know saw last year… Slightly different initiatives I guess… It's all Govt to me…

    • Are you saying that someone promised you a $50 myki?

      • The myki promo was nowhere to be found. Some of the other stuff was (FOMO promo of 2021)

    • +3

      Don't remember the $50 offer… But I got the bonus $10 on each family Myki. (And they even changed it from having to travel by a certain date, to just giving it to you.)

  • How many times are you allow to claim?

    • +4

      Last time you could claim as many times as you wanted until the pool of money ran out

      • +3

        As many times, up to the per person limit.

  • Last time biz hogged all the restaurant vouchers .
    Not so generous this time so it should be good if you have a 20% + off gift card .
    I really think insider abuse happened big time but the Vic Govt is too dumb a$$ to pick up irregularities .

    • +2

      Same can be said for all the traders claiming $750 positive test whilst still working.

  • -2

    the problem with these things is either the site doesn't work and u spend all day trying to get one or it does work and they all gone in 5mins

    • Everything I check was pretty much booked out for summer accommodation with the previous offer… Mission accomplished I guess.

    • No issues claiming for me, nor my friends.

  • Do the CBD vouchers include restaurants in Lygon St?

    • +1

      They did last time.

      • +2

        cool, looking forward to scoff some delicious veal scallopini smothered in a brandied pepper sauce….yummmmm

  • +3

    Too bad this still isn't going to get Sally Capp and Paul Guerra to shut up.

  • If only it didn't cost a fortune to fill my car to travel the state

    • Obviously doesn't have OzB Camry hybrid?

      Anyways fuel prices will come down. It practically costs nothing to get it out of the ground in the middle east.

      • Lucky I have state funded Camry Hybrid

  • +7

    We will never financially recover from this

  • +1

    Lets see if the prices are hiked up when the scheme is introduced.

  • +8

    I'll have to buy 30 pieces of KFC to meet the minimum spend.

  • -2

    It would be better if the city was woken up with workers during the day. That would work better and cheaper than $100 million band aid

    • +10

      Forcing people out of their comfortable homes and back into wage cages is not the right path for society

      • -4

        Neither was their foolishness the last two years - didn't stop 'em doing it anyway.

    • +8

      How many people have to die so that these Cafe owners can sell their $15 sandwiches?

      • That's an unfair question because it's ridiculous and can't be answered. There's no black and white scenario and asking this loaded question shows a lack of understanding that things exist outside of covid.

  • +5

    More handouts, how about we let some business fail? Capitalism ensures more will come take their place.

  • +2

    the dining voucher process is good… spend 40++ during the period and you get 25% back - until the funds are depleted

    meanwhile the voucher for regional travel is raffled off… how many of those who win the raffle will eventually travel? this should be done the same way the dining one is. go travel. claim refund if you meet expense criteria after your travel. repeat until fund is depleted. first in, best dressed.

    • +2

      Ballot only applies for Victorian Seniors: "An extra 10,000 vouchers will be set aside for Victorian Seniors that will be released through a ballot"

      The Balance of the vouchers are still first come, which usually get snapped up in the first few minutes.

      I agree that sometime you can have a voucher but for what ever reason can't use it in the allocated period.
      There is no way to give the voucher back for some else to use. Also it is not transferrable, so you can't give it to someone else to use.

      From previous Travel Voucher rounds, unused Vouchers go back in the pool for future Travel rounds.

    • How strict will the travel vouchers be? Can I use them to book a stay for my parents as a gift?

      And will it be just specific travel agents and websites? Or it can't be prepaid rates on like hotels.com and only pay-after-stay receipts directly from the hotel will be accepted?

  • Never got my money when I last applied to this.

  • Ugh any tips for me? Last time my claim was denied (don't recall why) but only was contacted AFTER it was over, so no chance of resubmissions.

    • It depends on which previous program you tried to participate in.
      I haven't had any issues with claiming at all, and received the payments quickly.

  • Poorly directed assistance in my opinion. I'd prefer CBD and regional hospo/tourism to be targetted, with direct assistance.

  • -2

    There go our taxes so people can go out and have dinner.. (rolleyes)

    • +11

      Nobody tell this guy what the military costs

    • +5

      That money goes back into the economy
      That's literally what our taxes should be paid for though….

  • +11

    Don't forget to also use discounts such as Liven, Fork etc to help make your overall meal cost cheaper. Liven is particularly useful as your receipt is shown at the full price even though you may have gotten up to 50% off the meal. Good for maximising your claim back.

    • +1

      Was doing this in the previous round too. Good tip, let me add to the main post.

  • +3

    When's the state election again? wink wink

    • +2

      I too get suspicious of government announcements in the year of an election, but this one will be done and dusted before the election arrives.
      Unlike some of the Federal LNP announcements that are being made and will almost certainly not be delivered by the time that election arrives.

  • Does anyone know what happens for places where you pre-pay at booking time?

    What counts - the date that you pay, or the date that you eat? Or do both have to be Mon-thu during the time period?

    Did anyone else have any experiences with this during the last two Melbourne Money periods?

    • My guess is they go by the date on the tax invoice.

      • That's what I would assume, but the restaurant I have in mind, they write the dining date onto the tax invoice (I.e. For booking at xpm on x date).

        • My previous experience, it was based on the tax invoice date (which was also the date of dining).
          I would be hesitant to pre-pay now (before the programmes have opened) and then hope you might get a payment. Or, if you have a specific date to book for, regardless of the programme, just go for it and if you do qualify for the programme that is just a bonus.

  • Anyone know whether I can use this, if I book an Airbnb place sometime this weekend to stay somewhere in regional VIC during the easter weekend dates?

    • +1

      "This program will open on 23 March 2022…" (unless you are eligible for Victorian Seniors travel vouchers, which will open on 15 March).

      • Thank you :) would I be able to claim it on March 15?

        • +2

          Well, no-one has seen the details yet, so we don't know.
          I assume that Victorian Seniors will be contacted to participate in the ballot.

  • Great tax reimbursement

    • not realy when petrol cost $200 just to get anywhere these days

  • -3

    meanwhile in the Kingdom of Westralia, his Royal Highness has given each household a 5 pack of RATs

    • Meanwhile on OzBargain, people from Eastern States still bashing on McGowan….Give it a rest, chief.

  • +1

    anyone remember how long the melbourne cbd dining voucher last until fund exhausted in 2021? 3 rd week or 4th week?

    • +2

      I didn't get to redeem on both occasions but heard the second round exhausted much quicker than the first round.

    • +2

      The first round saw the funds decrease in a straight-line, a 25% drop each week and it lasted for about 4 weeks.

      The second round lasted only 2 weeks. Word of mouth was that corporate diners quickly figured out that they could expense Mon-Thu lunches/dinners on the corporate credit card and get back free money - a 30% rebate paid directly to their own personal back account.

      • Would easily exhaust in a team lunch/dinner! Not sure if could use for personal meals though, my company's policy explicitly mentions corporate card is not to be used for non work related expense.

        • Directors and CEO beg to differ.

  • Are people who received regional travel vouchers from the 2020/2021 program eligible for this new program?

    • -3

      don't be greedy and let those who missed out last time get it. It will be gone within minutes anyway/

  • Reimbursement processed and back in my bank account in less than 36 hours!

  • can you claim melb money on separate bank accs?

    • As one person or two??

    • Did you ever find out if you could claim on seperate bank accounts once one has reached $125?

  • Anyone know how I can apply for the travel scheme?

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