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SINGAPORE AIRLINES: Return flights to Singapore from $475 PER, $483 ADL, $559 SYD, $560 MEL, $561 BNE @ Flightfinderau


Destination: Singapore
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: February to September 2022 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Perth to Singapore Flights from $475 Return.

14/Aug - 21/Aug $475
11/Sep - 18/Sep $475
07/Aug - 14/Aug $475
06/Aug - 14/Aug $475
07/Aug - 15/Aug $475
05/Aug - 14/Aug $475
07/Aug - 16/Aug $475
21/Aug - 28/Aug $475
28/Aug - 04/Sep $475
04/Sep - 11/Sep $475

Adelaide to Singapore Flights from $483 Return.

10/Mar - 28/Mar $483
10/Mar - 29/Mar $483
08/Mar - 28/Mar $483
10/Mar - 30/Mar $483
23/May - 30/May $483
09/May - 16/May $483
02/May - 09/May $483
02/May - 10/May $483
11/Apr - 18/Apr $483
25/Apr - 02/May $483

Sydney to Singapore Flights from $559 Return.

10/Mar - 28/Mar $559
01/Mar - 21/Mar $559
01/Mar - 08/Mar $564
25/Mar - 31/Mar $564
19/Jul - 12/Aug $564
07/Aug - 14/Aug $564
23/Mar - 06/Apr $564
22/May - 29/May $564
05/Jun - 12/Jun $564
08/May - 15/May $564

Melbourne to Singapore Flights from $560 Return.

11/Mar - 21/Mar $560
10/Mar - 28/Mar $560
01/Mar - 08/Mar $560
25/Mar - 31/Mar $560
22/May - 29/May $566
08/May - 15/May $566
05/Jun - 12/Jun $566
07/Aug - 14/Aug $566
02/May - 09/May $566
23/Mar - 06/Apr $566

Brisbane to Singapore Flights from $561 Return.

10/Mar - 28/Mar $561
01/Mar - 21/Mar $561
15/May - 22/May $567
05/Jun - 12/Jun $567
01/Mar - 08/Mar $567
19/Jun - 26/Jun $567
23/Mar - 06/Apr $567
22/May - 29/May $567
08/May - 15/May $567
29/May - 05/Jun $567

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.


  • checked in bags, meals and entertainment included
  • please take into account any vaccine/covid test requirements when travelling to/from Singapore/Australia

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    Can I use my own dates?

    What about prunes ?

  • Are we allowed to enter Singapore?

    • +1

      Yes you can.
      For arrivals after 23:59 (SGT) 21 February, VTL travellers will no longer be required to take an arrival test at Changi Airport or follow a 7 day testing regime. You must instead take a supervised Rapid Antigen Test within 24 hours of your arrival. In addition, the pre-departure testing requirement will be removed for all passengers transiting through Singapore.

      • +1

        You would still need:
        pre-depature PCR test
        24-hr isolation pending -ve RAT result
        mandatory covid insurance

        • +2

          Not any more it seems!

          "Visitors to the city-state no longer need to undergo a PCR test and isolate upon their arrival at Changi Airport, the S$125 cost of which has been seen as a major impediment to both business travel and tourism.

          Instead, visitors arriving from countries which fall under the the vaccinated travel lane scheme will need to only take one supervised self-swab at a recognised testing centre within 24 hours of arrival. The recently-introduced regime of daily rapid-testing across the first week has also been scrapped"


          • -2

            @flightfinderau: A pre-depature PCR test is still required, as is self-isolation before a negative result from supervised self-swab test upon arrival.

  • Thanks for this. I was looking at some travel dates for a one way trip and it seems like a return trip is cheaper by $100+ for some days. Are there any consequences if one doesnt use the return portion of the ticket? I guess 2 trips to Singapore (using the return leg later) isnt so bad either 😉

    • +1

      If you are not intending to return, it guess it would be ok to skip the leg back to Australia.

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    @OP: Why is your site site using iwantthatflight’s logo image as image_src in the HTML header ? What is your affiliation with iwantthatflight? Something smells phishy ;)
    Negging because of the misleading logo.

    • +1

      I am actually not sure why that happens. Separate entities but I piggy back of IWTF search engine because simply I don't have the smarts to build my own :)

      • Ok, thanks for clarifying, at first glance something felt off with the misleading branding. But perhaps thats how IWTF have set up their affiliate program. Removing my neg.

        • Thanks! Happy to clear that up :)

  • Nice prices. Wish the Perth ones were available next month

  • Thanks OP! Can you share the T&C’s re a cancellation/refund/change of date?

  • It really depends on which OTA you book with. But usually cancellation charges apply, so read the fine print before booking.

  • Not a bad price OP. I will consider it. Thanks OP

    • No problems. Happy to help. Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list so you you don't miss out on any other specials!

  • MEL-SG return from $840 few days ago to $588. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    • No problems! Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list so you get the latest deals!

  • My brother is planning to come to Australia from India. Will it be okay if he takes a different flight from Hyderabad to Singapore and takes Singapore airlines from Singapore to Melbourne. If he leaves airport he may need COVID test. What if he just stay inside airport and take the second flight?

    • I don't think this is possible even if you book a separate Singapore airlines ticket from HYD to SIN.
      Generally, you will be considered as entering the country once you land in Singapore on the separate ticket. I think the exemptions to testing, etc. apply to tickets booked in a single PNR.

      Besides, the flight from HYD to SIN needs to a VTL flight if you are entering the country. At this stage, Singapore airlines only has VTL flights from Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. I am not sure what happens if someone goes to Chennai from Hyderabad and gets on a VTL flight. But, anyway, this will still not exempt you from getting a test at Singapore, unless the whole flight to Australia is under one PNR.

      • Yup well said. The fact it's two separate bookings will then require a separate check in process and therefore additional PCR/RAT requirements to comply with.

  • Missed the $22 jetstar flight sale DUDE So UPSET !!!

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