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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RTX3070Ti 8GB Gaming OC Graphics Card GV-N307TGAMING-OC-8GD $1214.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


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NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors 2nd Generation RT Cores 3rd Generation Tensor Cores Powered by GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Integrated with 8GB GDDR6X 256-bit memory interface WINDFORCE 3X Cooling System with alternate spinning fans RGB Fusion 2.0 Protection metal back plate 4 Years Warranty (Online registration required)

Warranty: 3 Year Australian Warranty & Support

Cheapest price since launch

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402989772085?epid=13047971494&ha... $1214.10 at gg.tech Same Code

Shopping express has jumped on the same pricing - $1214.10 with 10% off code found here

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  • This or eVGA FTW3 Ultra?

    • +10

      Definitely EVGA.

      • +1

        I do notice that this one has 2x HDMI, 2x DP compared to eVGA 1xHDMI 3xDP.

        Do people use more DP compared to HDMI nowadays?

        • +12

          DP is the better port. More bandwidth, less susceptible to corruption and carries more metadata about connected devices.

          • +5

            @JSONBourne: completely agree with it being a better port and better cable…..i've replaced so many hdmi cables due to damage caused from connecting & disconnecting aswell as movement of the device whilst it's connected…..display port on the other hand, especially the lockable ones, i've never needed to replace a cable with the exception of 1 being too short

        • +3

          DP for Gsync/Freesync 144mhz refresh rate.

      • EVGA better for mining, for gaming they all similar, save $100ish for something else.

      • +2

        EVGA have historically been the better brand and for $120 extra its in that territory of not an easy decision on which to choose.
        Gigabyte has 2 vs 1 HDMI port
        EVGA has 3 vs 2 Display ports.
        Graphically EVGA is approximately 1% faster in boost mode

      • I had a GTX 970 and 1070 EVGA both blow mossfets and fry the circuit, probs bad luck but never again.

    • def evga ftw3 ultra

      i have colourful, asus, gigabyte, msi and evga

      evga and asus usually the best

      gigabyte is ok if u change the pads

      msi and colourful is average but better than gigabyte at stock

      • -1

        You rate MSI same as Colorful?!?? MSI tier one mate… I’d take MSI out of all those brands you mentioned.

        • +4

          not according to the thermals. msi build quality is better though, it just looks expensive but thats it.

          MSI is definitely not tier one, not in the 3xxx series anyway. I would take a vulcan over a suprim x anyday.

        • +5

          MSI is definitely not a teir 1 brand.

          • @buckethat: I've had ASUS and Gigabyte break down on me many times over the years, and EVGA not much better. Horrible build quality in my opinion.

            The only systems I've built that have stood the best of time are MSI based. I onsell those parts and I consistently get higher prices for those parts.

            Resale value is higher for a reason. I'd definitely take MSI over any of those listed above… maybe EVGA if priced well.

            But Colorful, ASUS and Giga? Not even if they were free. Not in my pc's. no way.

            • @UFO:

              Not even if they were free

              Yeah.. ok

    • I'd take the evga for sure.

      And as already said DP > HDMI.

    • +1

      Evga every time

      Would never recommend Gigabyte after all the thermal/fan revving issues they have had.
      Not to mention they have the worst control software

  • +1

    Looking for a 3070 deal. But all 3070 ti seems to be cheaper than 3070 now.

  • +6

    honest question here

    does anyone feel 8GB is pretty small for such an expensive card, and also for current/future 4k demanding games?

        • +4

          Guy still promoting mining even as the system crashes down around him.

    • +1

      The 3070 Ti 16GB is coming any day now, probably waiting for Intel to drop their first Alchemist cards.

      • Last news was Nov 2021. Where was the announcement since. The general assumption is that the GDDR6X modules are held back for the 4000 series.

        • Latest news is this: https://videocardz.com/newz/asus-and-gigabyte-confirm-geforc.... Seems like they're definitely still on the table.

          • @joshau: Interesting. More power and reduced base clock as a trade-off.

            They probably will be still around the crazy $1800+ prices.

          • @joshau: I mean it's not impossible but you'd think that the new generation is out soon, there is really no need bothering with creating a new model and risking no sale.

          • @joshau: Latest news.
            Over a month old.

    • +1

      It seems a pretty bad time to buy an 8GB card if you're worried about 4K gaming. 3070ti was always a weird card to begin with, the 3070 kills it at 1440p, the 3080 is great at 4K (especially the 12GB card), the 3070 ti seemed to hover in a space that no one asked for. Probably why it's so cheap right now (or the predicted 16GB 3070 ti is about to release)

      • +1

        That is why I got the 6700XT Red Devil OC with 12GB of RAM a month ago

    • +1

      Not really, it is enough and by time it is not GPU cores will be bottleneck.

    • Nope, because I would've gotten a 3080ti if I was going to play 4k and the VRAM limit is barely reached in modern popular games and won't be for a while.

    • Gotta do the planned obsolescence somehow. It's the same reason Apple is selling those brand new M1 Macbook Air with only 8gb of ram instead of 16gb, they know it's already borderline and in a couple years it will not be enough so people will want to upgrade.

  • +3

    Yes it’s pathetic should have been 10gb minimum

    • Agree would had bought if more VRAM

    • VRAM is based on the module size , bandwidth and a multiplier.

      10GB is likely worse performance than a 8GB that on GDDR6X is approx 50% faster.

    • +1

      GA104 has a 256-bit memory interface, so you're looking at either 8GB or 16GB of VRAM without cutting down the interface and reducing bandwidth.

      I would have preferred more VRAM on my 3070 but it is what it is. The 3080 gets 10GB by way of a 384-bit bus that is cut down to 320-bits.

      • +1

        Full disclosure have this one (replaced an old 1060). It under-volts nicely for not much effort, save power, heat, fan speed , and a fps boost over out of the box.

        Price protection is your ally as these prices drop. And they clear out inventory for a likely replacement.

        Based on the games I'm using for this at 1440p, 8GB is absolutely fine. Sure, more is better.

        Gigabyte also has a 4 year warranty.

        • Any strategies for price protection?

  • +1

    Do all gigabytes in 3000 series suffer from bad thermal pads?

    • +1

      yes and most OEM coolers use cheapass thermal paste, so its worth a homebrew intervention if temps and speeds dont look right

  • +1

    So many GPU sales recently, looks like they are cleaning their stock before the 40 series drop?

    • +1

      Also the price of Crypto has already dropped. Some mining isn’t cost effective anymore.

    • +1

      There are rumours GPU prices will go down even more, so merchants don't want to sit on too much stock.

    • +1

      Crypto dropped, new red/green GPUs soonish, and ark (woo!) even sooner-ish.

      Prices are down down and staying down! (….i hope haha)

      • +1

        Feels surreal that in the near future it wont be a matter of AMD or Nvidea GPUs only since nearly 2 decades now, but now there's a real 3rd Choice Intel.

        I haven't felt like this with GPUa since messing around in the 90s When all of a sudden before the millennium, new bois VooDoo dropped a banger.

        • Get Nvidia into the CPU space and have genuine 3 companies for competition in the market.

        • Intel isn't a real choice yet, their biggest dedicated GPUs are still weaker than AMDs APUs. They will also be starting from scratch driver-wise trying to support all games. Intel GPUs are good though since the 1650 is discontinued and was the last budget gaming card to work without a PSU connector it's good to have new cards to use in SFF builds or for emulation machines. The GT710 is getting a bit old in the tooth with no x265 decoding.

    • More like cleaning your wallets.

  • +1

    NV just released lots of GA104 chips to manufacturers and they tend to keen to build more expensive cards, that's why you see a lot of supply for 3070 ti than 3070.

  • Haha, waiting to see how low the prices go on used cards on ebay eventually.

  • Some others have slightly beat CA.
    gg.tech linked with $1225 pricing

    • more discount on ebay with 3% off GC from shopback etc.

  • +1

    Should we still hodl?

    • At least 2 more weeks is what I'm hearing.

      • What will happen in 2 weeks?

        • We'll be told to hold on just another two weeks cause something BIG is coming.

          Just wait; there's always something bigger around the corner - or maybe the next one.

  • +1

    Bit the bullet and got one

  • This price is almost someone paid for their 3060Ti a while ago, GPU prices really coming down fast now!

  • Updated OP to link to Shopping express for 3070 Ti deal from their website as they have also changed their prices (Both ebay and own website)

  • +3

    Nice to see the 3070Ti selling at the 3080 RRP, hopefully prices will continue to fall.

  • +1

    I am still HODL.

    • Will be another $50-$100 cheaper next week.

      • I'm hearing 2 weeks. HODL.

  • Wow, these prices are dropping hard !!!

  • Nice. Only another $200 to go and we're pretty much at RRP.

    • +1

      Thats my hope…I got a thousand bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

    • According to this YouTuber, prices could drop significantly next month:

      TLDW: increased production from AMD and NVIDIA and / or crypto prices falling further

  • Approaching what I paid for 3060 ti now! Haven't seen that many price drops for a while!

    Still prefer the EVGA one though!

  • -1

    Serious question, what are most people buying these 1-2k video cards for? Seemed to be too expensive for gaming.

    • +2

      isnt that exactly what these cards are for?

      • Err. One must be a hardcore gamer to be willing to spend that much I suppose. Considering how frugal the OZB community is, probably even more so. I was always under impression the cards are more for earning more money. :)

        • Compare the XBSX or PS5 against the GPU prices recently and the GPUs at the prices we've had for 15 months really don't make them look that tempting for me, yet people still bought them.

          • @FabMan: PC gaming is a totally different platform to XBS/PS5 though, not every game has crossplay.

            • @Agret: I know, but there are awesome games on all major platforms. Might not have the particular game you want, but there still is great stuff on all of them to enjoy. Value for money, the consoles are excellent.

              • +1

                @FabMan: Yes , with Games Pass the Series S & Series X are both great choices in value for money.

                Series S less good value long term since you can't buy discs you are forced to pay inflated pricing from a walled garden storefront, once you buy a couple AAA titles you would've been better off with the SX to begin with.

                PS5 doesn't have an offering as strong as Games Pass. PSNow isn't available in Australia and doesn't offer as many downloadable titles.

  • From that worst GPU maker Gigabyte?

    • Gigabyte don't make GPUs?

  • Wonder how nvidias share price will be when the mining demand dries up

    • With so many people holding to avoid the 200% pricing on these cards if they can return to RRP I'm sure the next 2 quarters would still show strong sales, then coming into Christmas they can launch the 4000 series and make money off the enthusiast market.

  • -1

    How well does this card mine?

    I agree with what someone said earlier, 3070 ti in a strange place for gaming. Too much for 1440p, not great for 4k.

    • I've read around 61mh/s @ 190w so not super efficient

    • +1

      Biggest issues with it are 1) not enough of a performance jump from the 3070 & 2) not enough vram for future titles

      Idk about "too much for 1440p" I'm using a gtx 1080 on 1440p and holding for 3080 pricing to come back to RRP, I feel 3070 isn't enough for 160fps on 1440p and I'm looking to upgrade to the new Alienware OLED monitor which is 3440x1400 at 175hz so will really need that 3080.

  • Down to $1,214.10 with AFPY10 and paying with afterpay

  • intel cards new amd rdna3 and 4000 series and Eth POS lol will be half price in a few months

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