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3M 9123 P2 Particulate Vertical Flat Fold Disposable Respirator 25-Pack $67.34 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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About this item
AS/NZS 1716: Meets Australian and New Zealand standards
Easy breathing with four-layer, 3D design
Disposable Respirator
3M P2 Particulate Respirator is 159mm high (curved height) and 200mm wide
3M Advanced Electrostatic Media filtration Technology; Highly charged microfibers enhance the capture of airborne particles while allowing for easy breathing
Item weight: 0.011 kilograms

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  • +1

    is this individually wrapped?

    • Yes, individually wrapped.

    • Images and reviews say they are

  • +25

    These will be great for the nuclear winter coming…

  • +7

    Ordered. I’m in WA and at high risk of contracting covid due to my work. My employer isn’t supplying masks (I know, right?) so I’ll claim these through tax.
    Thanks OP. WA is about to get hammered. Appreciate it.

    • How can you claim masks through tax?

      • +4

        He isn't "claiming" through tax. They're gonna add them as a deductable on their next tax return and get a few cents extra on their refund.

        • But mask is not deductible isn't it?

          • +4

            @SR9: Not tax advice, but the ATO allowed PPE as deductible following the pandemic.

            • @wavesgreen: I see. I should check ATO website for this. Spent quite a lot on masks this year. Will be nice if it is tax deductible. Thanks

          • +5

            @SR9: https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Income-and-deductions/Ded…

            Personal protective equipment during COVID-19
            During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be able to claim a deduction for the cost of buying a face mask to wear at work if:

            your employment duties require you and other employees to be at your place of work
            a face mask is not provided to you by your employer, and
            you need to wear a mask (this is likely to be the case where your duties bring you in close contact with other people, including clients, customers or work colleagues).

            • @mattkenny: Thanks for writing this, I had no idea.

      • +3

        Work required PPE

  • +1

    Thanks! in WA too, after a better mask than my current ones.

    • +6


      Not 3M, but P2 masks made here in WA. $70 for a pack of 50

      • +3

        These are good, but don't seal anywhere near as well as the 3M masks. The foam nose padding helps a lot.

        • If you use earsavers, it makes the respaguards tighter and seals better like these 3m but with an easier to mould nose piece

          • @8azinga: my head is big. 3M is too small, Respiguard fits better. Bought the ear savers. Too short in my case,

            • @eatwell365: Any real world pictures of the Respaguard? All I can find is the single product shot they have.

        • They sound like the 3M masks from Bunnings with the writing on the front? I like those - no glasses fogging at all which sort of proves they're sealing well.

      • Just ordered from there, thanks.

      • Price gone up? Any promo code

      • +4

        Beware of Respaguard!

        Ordered some a month ago with express shipping - no contact from them for weeks. No response to emails, chat, facebook or their listed phone number (goes to message). My friend ordered around the same time and was also ghosted by them and is still waiting for their order.

        I emailed them threatening to do a chargeback and make a complaint to consumer protection, I was not even sure they were still in business by that point. They replied to that email and told me they would look into my order… that was a week ago. No order shipped, no longer responding to emails again!

        Shame as I got plenty of masks from them last year and service was good. They are now dodgy as.

        • +1

          Exactly the same experience here.

          Ordered 17/01/2022, website says shipping timeframe of 7-11 business days. I give benefit of doubt due to the pandemic and they're probably flat out, so contact them on 08/02/2022, they respond the next day saying my order is scheduled to be dispatched in the coming day or two. On 14/02/2022 I get shipping notification from AusPost. That sits there as "Shipping information received by AusPost" until 24/02/2022 when I email them again, and I get an email saying "the order was located today and expected delivery date is tomorrow or Monday".

          I finally get an AusPost update and it is coming today.

          What terrible communication and service. Will not use again.

  • +2

    historical low $41 ?

    • Looks to be. I'm tempted at $67.34 but given Australia by and large is emerging from Omicron and mask mandates starting to be lifted, I feel a better deal should be on the cards.

      • -1

        Wait for BA2 to hit proper…

      • +3

        Australia by and large is emerging from Omicron

        We still have thousands of cases a day. Still a high chance of catching it.

        There’s also the very high chance of another winter wave soon. Plus all the new strains of the flu we’re going to be exposed to with the international boarders opening.

        I see masks as a standard part of life now. Just like many Asian countries have for years before the pandemic.

        • Yes but masks are just another product in a marketplace and demand is now dropping severely. Prices should be dropping likewise.

  • +2

    I have these. They're great.

  • +4

    The metal nose piece is very stiff and has been bent sharply at the top so it is a little more difficult to remove the sharp bend and get a good seal. The ear straps are thinner than RespaGuard which is a good thing and they provide a small clip to take some pressure off your ears and also give a tighter fit/seal.

  • -2

    I really like the 3M P2 valved masks. Noticeable difference in coolness and breathability (I'm a teacher, 30 kids in an non-airconditioned classroom in 30-degree heat).

    Yes, valved masks don't provide as much protection to others, but at this point, if you're not wearing you're own N95 mask then thats on you.

    • I'm hoping you're not a primary teacher… :(

      • -1

        I'm not.

    • Damn didn't realise they had classrooms with no A/C. Pretty terrible at the height of summer.

      • The entire school doesn't.

        Protip: just because you send your kids to a fee-paying school doesn't mean their facilities will be better - especially a Catholic school.

        • Guess I'm fortunate. Went to a public schools, in the 90s always had A/C. Now my kids are also in public primary school and the classrooms all have A/C.

      • Damn didn't realise they had classrooms with no A/C. Pretty terrible at the height of summer.

        I never had aircon my entire time at school. It's hardly like I'm ancient, I'm a 90/00s kid.

        It's funny that kids bang on about climate change, but then expect to sit in aircon all day.

        Aircon is disgusting in public places, it recycles germs and blows them every where. Give me an open windows in an office or bus any day.

        • I prefer the A/C and the germs. Nearly 40 years of AC has made me into a real pansy, open window on a 40 degree day in an office too uncomfortable for me.

        • +2

          Windows? Luxury!

    • +3

      You can attach a surgical mask to the front of the valved mask for added protection against transmission, but still breathe easily. And not look inconsiderate.

    • Maybe consider the LG Puricare that was posted some days ago. Expensive, but forced air so cooler and easier breathing (by all reports).

    • +1

      I read a study recently that found valved respirators still provided source protection (i.e. protection from you) on par with surgical masks.

    • Lol the downvotes for wearing a valved mask when everyone should have a mask anyway.

      Quick fact check - N95 valved masks are the same or better than surgical or cloth masks.

      "As source control, findings from NIOSH research suggest that, even without covering the valve, N95 respirators with exhalation valves provide the same or better source control than surgical masks, procedure masks, cloth masks, or fabric coverings."

  • +1

    I might of been unlucky but I’ve had ear strap tear of away from the stitching attached to the face mask.
    This was after less than half an hour of wear.
    Further examining the stitching, I thought it could have had double stitching instead of just the one.
    Haven’t tried other one since as I had given the other couple out.
    Interested to know if anyone else had an issue like this?
    I’ve had many other masks of good quality and had one similar incident but had a whole lot more wear out of it.
    If it was a one of incident, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this mask again.

  • +13

    Saw https://respaguard.com.au/ brought up.
    Just wanted to advise if you want to get your masks anytime soon, don't rely on these guys. Shockingly bad.
    Order masks 16th Jan, still nothing……….called them up a few times and same story each time "We'll mail them out tomorrow, you should get a tracking code….waiting, waiting…ring back a few days later….same story. This has gone on for weeks.
    Ordered masks for brother in law also. Express Post. A tracking code is provided after a month and then it just sits there for weeks….."its waiting to be picked up from the sender" Ring up Aust Post and they just say the vendor actually needs to drop it off to them….so I guess they dont give a crap once you pay. Either that or they don't have the masks and just stringing you along as long as possible. Hopefully both orders arrive…
    Have a mate in the same boat with the waiting once get the tracking code. Ordered mid Jan also.
    Another mate has gotten nothing as yet (ordered mid Jan also) and was thinking of just calling up his bank and listing as a fraudulent transaction and just getting his money back….
    I rekon the people mentioning it in here must be working for them or part of the scam…. Originally their site said 5 - 7 days to dispatch. Now it says 7 to 11 working days to dispatch. Dont believe them………..

    • +1

      Same re Respaguard. Ordered 9 Feb, had to call and email after email. An email response finally promised they were going to be sent. Still nothing received. Bordering on scam now.

    • +1

      Having the same issue with them!

      Ordered early Jan - still nothing sent. Called them daily and got the messagebank everytime - no response to emails, chat, facebook or even their rep on here….

      Threatened consumer protection and chargeback and they responded they would look into my order. That was a week ago - still nothing.

      I am not even convinced they are still in business at this point… feels like it is just 1 dude working out of his garage and is way out of his depth!

      Shame as I had previous good experiences with them - bit of a shock how much they have gone down the drain.

    • Same ordered 28th of January, mind you I live 1km away from where they produce them, but I did get an email 2 days ago saying it's out for delivery.

      PS: I ordered express delivery, still haven't received them though.

      • I was going to order from them but my friend told me not to as she's been waiting since early Jan and still nothing. Called them and been told to send them an email, sent them 7 emails and still nothing. My friend just called her credit card company to cancel the payment.

    • Exactly the same experience here.

      Ordered 17/01/2022, website says shipping timeframe of 7-11 business days. I give benefit of doubt due to the pandemic and they're probably flat out, so contact them on 08/02/2022, they respond the next day saying my order is scheduled to be dispatched in the coming day or two. On 14/02/2022 I get shipping notification from AusPost. That sits there as "Shipping information received by AusPost" until 24/02/2022 when I email them again, and I get an email saying "the order was located today and expected delivery date is tomorrow or Monday".

      I finally get an AusPost update and they've been delivered today!

      What terrible communication and service. Will not use again.

    • Damn, I only now see the negative feed back.

      Anyone know how hard it is to do a charge back with bank credit card

  • +2

    I am guessing the price of masks will drop when the mask mandates are removed in the coming fortnight?

  • +1

    Just happened to be reading something today about N95s, where Jeremy Howard who did a review on mask efficiency in 2020 was quoted as saying:

    "N95 and P2 masks are sold with instructions not to be cleaned and reused, and organisations like NSW Health recommend they be changed when they become moist.
    However, Mr Howard says research has shown respirators do not need to be fit checked and that they can be used more than once.
    "In fact, these respirators like N95s can be worn until basically the straps wear out," he says."

    • +1

      The inventor of the membrane used in n95 masks did a study on their reuse; leaving a mask for 4 days kills any germs on it, thus recommending getting 4 masks, numbering them, and putting them on a rotation. Faster disinfection includes heating to 70C or boiling, but they risk damaging the strap.

      • +1

        I do this at work. I used a sharpie to label one for every day of the week. Rotate weekly.

  • +2

    As mask mandate finishing today, don't buy now. Wait for the price drop, then buy a box ready for the next variant outbreak. 🤷‍♂️

  • +7

    On the weekend I purchased a box of Detmold Medical D95, P2 Respirator Masks for $39.99 from my local National Pharmacies (NP) in SA.
    I would provide a link but the NP search tool is a joke and I couldn't find the product when I tried :(
    I have to say these are way better than the level 3 surgical masks provided by my work for free.
    These P2 masks fit snuggly around the face with virtually no air gaps but still allow you to breathe easily and unlike the cheaper medical masks, my glasses don't fog up so I highly recommend them.
    That said, nothing is perfect. Case in point, my wife who teaches reception in SA was wearing an N95 supplied by her school and still got COVID :( She is fine btw, just a sore throat and tired so being triple vaccinated helped I guess. But now I need to vent … feel free to ignore what follows:

    I quote from the an article "Teachers express concern over COVID numbers in schools …" on the abc's website today:

    'But Department for Education chief executive Rick Persse said his team was "being really responsive when we have a situation".
    "We knew we were going to get cases but we're well within our tolerances," he said.'

    Last Wednesday (first week back at school) my wife had her first student who tested positive. On Thursday the total was 4 and didn't change on Friday. On Monday she felt unwell so stayed home but it was reported that 14 of 25 students in her class had tested positive as well as the 3 SSOs who attended her class. The class remained opened even though only 7 kids turned up on one day and then 4 the next. Yesterday her classroom was finally closed and a deep clean was being organised.

    If that is "really responsive when we have a situation" heaven help us!!

    • I think the pandemic has shown that the education system, broadly, is an economic function rather than educative.

      We've had lots of turnover for the past two years of teaching and non-teaching staff. Many jobs have been readvertised several times.

    • That’s so awful. Glad to hear your wife is okay. It really does feel like there is a huge push to ignore the problem until it goes away, one example being to hold out on acting when there is an active case.

      It’s amazing the abc even reported the ‘concern’ (which in itself sounds so blasé) of the teachers. The abc took over two weeks to report that nurses were striking last month.

      I am afraid for the reality that it will be the teachers who are in the high percentile of continually contracting covid, while the gov is behaving like it’s a one-and-done thing.

  • +1

    Paying big money $$ for RATS and masks. We are poor enough from covid…

  • I got this one. How does this compare?

    AMD Premium Nano-tech Flatfold P2 Disposable Mask 50 Pack × 1 for $104.50

  • I haven't heard of the P2.
    What is the difference between the KN95 & P2 ?

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