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Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder Black €295.45 + €40 Delivery (~A$526) @ Espresso Coffee Shop


Another deal from Espresso Coffee Shop for the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder.

The double black variant (cheapest colour option) works out to be €335.45 (€295.45 + €40 shipping) . Previous posts suggest shipping is quite efficient from Italy.

I bought a double black one and was charged A$525.96.
The link might show the price as €339.34 but if you add to cart it comes down to €328.28 (before discount and before shipping is added). €339.34 is for the black and chrome variant (discount works on all colours).

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I hope some people find this post useful :)

Copy and paste from other post.

  • It's an EU model, it comes with an EU plug (ECS provide an AU adapter), specs (220V and 50-60Hz) are suitable in Australia. Ask for an Australian plug in the notes.
  • No Australian Warranty, but comes with a 1 year global manufacturer warranty. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get repairs done.
  • Customs Duty is not payable for imported goods under $1000
  • Your bank may charge international transaction fee

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    • Is the Silenzio better than this? What's the difference, more silent? Hahah. Got a baby incoming so silent might be the way to go.

      • +2

        I believe Specialita is the better buy, they are both silence technology, but this has 55mm burr vs 50mm and has touch screen with 2 timer dose settings + on demand, and its timer is adjustable to 0.1 sec increment.

      • +1

        Specialita used to be the top of Mignon range unit Eureka released ORO models (Mignon XL).

  • +2

    Mignon Manuale is also a good alternative if you don’t mind 50mm burr/no screen/no timer. I actually prefer as there’s less things to go wrong. Using Manuale with Robot and it’s been very good!

  • +1

    Got this from an earlier deal, and sometimes I thought to use the build in grinder to compare but couldn't be bothered to clean it again.

  • Thanks op. Been planning this for a while a just bit the bullet. Used ING which apparently refund international transaction fees.

  • +1

    Bought from the last black Friday deal and couldn't be happier.

  • +3

    Bought from last year's deal and it's a good machine, shipping takes 4 days despite being in lockdown. There was an issue with the foam around the screen which sticks out and seller never responded, but I took it apart and moved the foam inwards a little.

    I use a dosing funnel so no issues with grinds falling to the sides.

    Also it is worth getting an extra set of burrs with your order since it is much cheaper to do so, and with my usage (1 coffee a day) should last till the electronics give out

    • good advice here.

    • 1 coffee a day… Let's say you drink triple dose… 21g
      Specialita's manual says burr should last 250kg… which is about 11900 cups in this cace… If you drink 1 cup a day you are good for 32 years. :)

  • Anyone upgraded from Breville SGP from this. How do you find it?

    • +3

      The most obvious difference will be grind speed (although this grinder isn't very fast) and minimal clumping. Retention is a lot better also but still not that great so I ended up getting a single dosing bellow and hopper kit.

      • did you find it quieter and more consistent?

        • +1

          Oh yes. It's much much quieter. Less clumping means more consistency. I think at this price point nothing else really comes close.

      • Can you share where you got the single dose and bellow mod kit? I read somewhere one person with the same mod had grounds all through the internals. Did you notice this when cleaning?

        • +1

          There are few sellers on Etsy or if you have access to a printer, you can get them printed yourself. I think I recall seeing free templates online.
          I didn't see any more grounds through the internals compared to when I used the stock hopper.

          Stock hopper is the weakest link in this grinder. The plastic used feels cheap and nasty (mine arrived with the flimsy lid cracked, which the Espresso Coffee Shop replaced promptly no questions asked) and the annoying plastic tab results in beans getting stuck constantly.

          • @dji1111111: Thanks for that. Yes in reviews the plastic quality of the hopper looks on par with a Ferrero Rocher container. Has the same blueish hue at the edges, too. Hope the edges aren't as sharp.

    • +1

      Yes. I had Sunbeam EM0480 and Breville SGP before the Specialita. It leaves both of those grinders for dead in just about every respect.

      Speed, noise levels, retention, consistency, cleanliness, adjustability, looks, ease of maintenance/cleaning and more. A worthwhile upgrade, even at Australian retail prices.

  • Is it better to request AU power plug or use travel adapter ? Is 220V the correct voltage for Aus ?

  • +1

    220V, they include AU adaptor, as it is shipped to OZ, not an option to get special wire AU power plug.

  • +1

    Thanks bought it with a IMS basket for my gaggia!

  • I have a Breville Oracle, the built in grinder drives me crazy how inconsistent it is, one shot too fast then next shot too slow, with the same settings. I guess it get's a lot of channeling. Will this fix my issues?

    • It will help simply due to reduced clumping and less grind retention, but for your own sanity make sure you're weighing your dose and tamping at consistent pressures as well.

      • With the oracle it auto-doses and auto tamps. It seems to be consistent with the dosing, but the auto-tamping is no doubt part of the problem.

    • I would say the main issue with the Oracle is the auto tamping, I don't think there is away to tamp manual? The manual levelling and tamping you would find noticeable improvement.

      • Yeah I have a feeling this is a big part of the problem, as far as I know there's on way to turn off the tamping. Could try to time it and cancel the grinding right at the time it's about to tamp, but that's going to mess with dosage if you don't get it spot on. Could try taking out the tamping "fan" but I have a feel that is also used to measure the dosage. Probably better to just get a separate grinder, but feels like such a waste when the machine has a built in one!

        • When did you buy the Oracle? If within the warranty, worth a shot to talk to Breville, may be ask for a refund, repair, or discounted price for the Breville double boiler. I think it is a better option to get the BDB and separate grinder, cheaper, better control and consistent shots. Or sell the Oracle privately.

          • @huntabargain: I would have liked the duel boiler but actually got the Oracle cheaper lol (thanks Oz Bargain). The only thing is I do actually like the auto milk frothing, so wouldn't really switch if I had the chance.

  • Could this grind for drip coffee also, could I get rid of my Baratza Encore?

    • Yes, the Specialita has quite a wide range of adjustment and can grind coarse enough for your purposes.

  • Anyone ordered recently got any updates on their order? I ordered on 25th and still stuck on "payment received". Selected UPS/FEDEX but no tracking order

    • Did you get message saying (Your order with the reference xxxxx has been shipped)?

      • No
        Still in the payment accepted stage

        • They don't operate on the weekend also consider time difference, I got tracking # after 2 business days, so hopefully should get one Aus tonight time.

        • Is your payment transaction on internet banking shows as pending or been processed? and is the grinder you ordered still shows in Stock? If Jebus say he ordered on 26 Feb and already shipped, it might indicate your grinder is no longer in stock! I recall it happened to someone on previous deal and they did not authorize / finalize the payment. But its only a guess, better wait for another day..

          • @huntabargain: Yeh money went through on my credit card and I ordered before Jebus in 25th.

            I was going to message them but it's past midnight so I'll do it tonight

    • I ordered on the 26th (Saturday) and received shipping info on the 28th (Monday).

      • +4

        Received mine today (3rd). Crazy fast shipping.

        Mini review - Incredibly consistent and fluffy grind. The grinder itself weighs a ton, but is actually more compact than the breville smart grinder. Screen is super clear and bright, it's twice as fast as the breville but really quiet, and makes very little mess. Still finding the right grind setting but coffee is tasting good already. Very happy with it.

        • lucky you. Mine is still stuck on Payment Accepted. I've tried contacting them via their online chat (no one mans it), WhatsApp, emails and heard nothing. Money definitely went through. Hope there's nothing wrong with the machines because it'll be impossible to get a hold of them

          Enjoy yours

          • @DisabledUser155818: How you going with your order, did you find out what is going on?

            • @huntabargain: They got back to me and provided a tracking number. Somehow it was never updated on their system. It was delivered a week after I ordered it. UPS tracking number was useless and somehow star track sent me an email asking how was my experience with their delivery service before I was even told it was delivered

  • I have an 8yr old chrome Mignon which came with the tall hopper. Still going strong with the original burrs and looks beautiful with a deep chrome plating.

  • +1

    Couldn't believe this thing arrived from Italy in 4 days! Unfortunately I still have to wait for my tamper to arrive which is going to take an extra week (shipped from within Australia lol).

  • This or D64?

    • +2

      One is single dose grinder (Made in China) other is espresso grinder (Made in Italy).
      If you after single dose, this store sells EUREKA MIGNON SINGLE DOSE ESPRESSO GRINDER for Euro 520 before the 10% discount & delivery. Niche v D64 v Eureka Single dose D64 review

  • Just ordered. Price was a little higher (white one). €345.41 including the €40 delivery.

  • +2

    After ordering mine on the night of Monday 14th, it arrived today on Monday 21st. 7 day from order to delivery is pretty exceptional IMO.

    I've been using a Breville SGP for many years, and over the last 6 months the consistency of my coffee just got worse and worse. I thoroughly cleaned it, and adjusted the burr setting, but nothing really helped.

    Although i'll have to dial it in properly, the Eureka has given me the best shots i've had in a long time in the last hour of testing. Fluffy, no clumping and produces a great extraction. Absolutely worth taking a punt on this.

    The EU power plug sits inside of an Australian adaptor and screws closed very neatly. It's a really elegant solution that I haven't seen before.

    No taxes or duty at customs too. $520 AUD delivered. Result!

    • what coffee machine are you using?

      i just ordered a manual hand grinder and will probably side-grade to one of these or similar at some point, if i find myself making several espressos a day

      • I've got a BES920. I've put 200gr through it so far getting it dialled in, and I'm really happy. Wife on the other hand…..

  • Seller also has Eureka Zenith 65 E is down to euro470.

  • It anyone is interested in the matching tamping station for the Eureka, it’s on sale for $99 at the moment. You should be able to get $5 off this using a code too.

    Feel free to post as a new deal. I can’t be arsed copping flack for posting a $99 rubber mat.

  • I bought this grinder from the last deal. Very impressed and well worth the money!

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