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Wilson Australian Open Official Ball $6.60 a Can (3 Balls a Can), or $150 for 24 Cans +Shipping


The Official Tennis Ball of the first grand slam of the year "down under" in Australia. Increased Durability and consistency. Features Optivis felt from Milliken for better visibility on all court surfaces.

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    ponders if he needs 72 tennis balls

    • Split and share with others? You don't have to use them all at once ;)

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        It depends on what he is into, but 72 at once could hurt…

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    yeah sad i opened calc.exe and went 150/24/3=$2.08 that's without ship cost

    • hm, you would think 24 cans would get a larger discount

  • Not that great a deal. Wilson AO is my ball of choice.

    Big W has them for $8.96 with free shipping. $2.24/ball (free shipping) vs. $2.20/ball (shipping additional). I can't find the shipping listed. It's listing pickup only.

    • Big W selling the Wilson AO is different with what we selling now.

      What you can found in the market for Wilson AO is transparence can, right?

      We are selling the Wilson AO official ball, it's what you can see on TV in use of the AO game. This Can is fully aluminium and no transparence. Carefully look at the picture we provide in our website and compare with picture you found in Big W, you will find the different. We are selling the real competition use balls.

      For shipping cost, you need to provide your post code and state details, and the cost and shipping methods will come up.


      • I understand it's different packaging. The Big W plastic ones are pressure sealed as well (if thats the name). I don't have a pack in front of me but I believe it says something along the lines of Official tennis ball of the Australian Open. So what's the difference between the 3 pack you are selling and the 4 pack Big W is, other than packaging?

        EDIT: Description on Rebel Sports are the same. So seems like just different packaging.
        3 pack can?
        vs. 4 pack transparent

        EDIT2: I can't find anywhere else on the web that sells metal cans.

        • If you play tennis, you should know what's different between a plastic can and metal can. Not only the packing, it's talking about the keeping pressure and quality of the ball inside the can.

          If just play for fun, the plastic can one is fine. If you want to play like a pro, and you might consider the differnet between these two.

          It's not easy to find the full metal can AO balls in the market, as they are make for the real AO game only. No one will challenge the retail ball, but Pro Tour player will. So that you still thinking the different only the material of the can?

        • Buy one and try. See what different you can find.

          If can't find the different, just keep buying from Big W is fine. :)

          Even in normal tennis club, I never seen some one using plastic can tennis ball for competition.

        • I'm certainly no pro. I don't see what the difference between pressurised balls in a pressured can or pressurised plastic can is. They are both sealed with a metal lid like a soda can. They certainly can both keep the pressures just like a Diet Coke in a plastic bottle vs. Diet Coke in an aluminium can.

          I've tried balls in the can in particular Slazengers. For me, because I play on en tout cas courts, I look for balls that not only keep their pressure for multiple uses but also the retain felt. The Wilson AOs seem to do the trick.

          If you could tell me what the difference is then I'd be happy to try them. Pressurisation in unopened cans/plastic cans is the same IMO. Once it is open, neither aluminium nor plastic cans retain any ball pressure. So the Wilson AOs retained their pressure slightly better than Slazenger in a can. Also, the Slazengers are bit more expensive.

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          Mod 1, Rep 0

        • once you feel megasourcings balls you will know what it means.

  • In unopen can, metal can can keep the pressure more better than a plastic can, because of deformation. However, this is the one of the issue.

    Metal can is made for Grand Slam high level competition game, and plastic can is made for retail market, so inside the balls are in different quality.

    For similar price, why not try the high quality one? For 24 can, even not much different in term of price including shipping. Why not buy something is few level up in quality?

    If some one said Big W do free shipping or something, please consider we are selling something different to Big W. Can you buy a BMW 335i, and compare a M3? They are same on BMW brand, and not everyone can drive and found the difference between them as you need to pro skill to grive the M3 fast.

  • Wilson will not provide two same products using same name but one using plastic packing and another using metal can. It is different in Cola. I post this deal as the metal can AO ball is rare to find in market and we selling the cheaper price then the plastic can one. We welcome any customer to come to our shop and pick up at same price.

    Metal can and plastic can are different model and different barcode. So it's not fair to compare each other. Right?

    • Can you provide some links? I'm not having a go at you but I've looked through the Internet and can't find anything regarding metal packaging versus plastic. In fact, it seems the both the US and Australian open currently use pressurised plastic cans.

      AO Video 2:15 in and a video from US Open showing plastic cans 20 secs in

      Players are always debating on equipment and certainly on quality of balls but never heard much debate of plastic vs. metal as they are usually the same price.

    • I believe that, after I open the can, it will last longer in metal can than in plastic can.. In this case, I will go with megasourcing!!

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    I've never seen a difference between the same type of ball re plastic vs metal cans.
    I'd think the big w ones would be of comparable quality initially, and if in fact there is a difference in the pressure retaining qualities of the 2 different types of cans, then there might be something to look at here. But, I have never noticed a difference. A neg from me.

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    Wow, you guys have balls.

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