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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $335.35 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay / gg.tech365 eBay


AMD CPU price starts to drop. Comparable to 12400f with cheaper motherboard.

GG Tech365 also has it at the same price:


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    damn, already received my 5600x from yesterday ShoppingExpress deal :(

    • same! :/

    • -4

      Return if you still have it sealed.

    • Ordered but not shipped for me yet
      Doubt they will let me cancel for $10 haha

  • +7

    is going down but still need to be cheaper imo, 12400f is 289 everywhere w/o discounts and cheap b610 mobo can be had for 160-170. not to mention for just a bit more than 100$ one can grab the 5800x on a sale or the 12600kf

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      Just to help clarify for other readers, that should read B660 and not be read as H610. B610 doesn't exist, and H610 is so crippled that it's really only relevant for a fleet of cheap office machines.

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    I got a Ryzen 1600 atm probably gonna buy this or a 5800X while I wait for prices to drop more on 3070/3080 cards but will need a new mobo got any cheap recommendations? Also do I need to update my RAM or is it still good?

    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model F4-3000C15D-16GVKB

    • What motherboard do you have?

      • Asrock AB350M Pro4

        • I have exactly the same setup, I'm pretty sure that mobo supports 5600X so I was thinking of keeping it.

        • Asrock were active in trying to get Zen 3 support on their 300-series motherboards back in 2020, but AMD (likely under pressure from the other motherboard manufacturers wanting to sell new boards) put a stop to that, though some viable alpha BIOSes did come out before then. So fast forward now where that policy has been relaxed, you would think that Asrock would be the keenest to push out updates for each board as soon as they can.

          The uncertainty is annoying when the deals for the CPU are available right now though, I understand that. And all you gain from a new motherboard is PCI-E 4.0 support, which is far from essential for now.

    • +3

      For gaming, 5600x is enough.

      B550M-K should be enough if you are not overclocking:

      Use your existing RAM first as the difference is not that much. There should be many second hand RAM to choose from Facebook Market etc.


      • Is this one better?
        My soundcard wont fit in these mobos with a 30 series card hey? I got a GTX 1080 atm.

        • Yep. I grabbed one from eBay before so that is why I am looking for Ryzen to build.


        • +1

          On the Gigabyte there's a PCI-E 1x slot above the main 16x slot so your card might be able to fit there, though traditionally the advice has been for sound cards to be fitted in the lowest possible slot to minimise any interference from other electronics in the box.

          Otherwise it depends on which 30 series card you get. There should be quite a few 3060 Ti (and below) that have dual-slot coolers so they'll be fine. Some dual-slot 3070s exist but they're pretty rare.

          There are also some motherboards where there's a slot 3 spaces below the main one. If you look at something like the MSI B550M Pro-VDH for example, it has the 16x slot, then a blank space, then two 1x slots, so you can populate one of them even if you have a triple-slot GPU.

          The downside of that kind of design is less space for some of the truly monstrous CPU air-coolers, but with a 5600X that runs nice and cool with a modest cooler, that's not a concern.

    • +1

      i recently upgraded from a 1600 to a 5600x and went with an msi b550-a pro, your ram is fine unless youre having any issues with it

    • I have the 1600AF (2600) and I'm waiting on a 5800X for $350.

    • 5600x may work on your board, check the support page.

      5600x for gaming, 5800x isn't really required, the extra threads dont get a lot of use, save the extra coin for some faster RAM or better cooler

  • -3

    Ooooh AMD feeling the pressure. Been upping their prices past 5 years and abandoning existing tiers at lower prices, hopefully Intel puts on more pressure.

    • +4

      More like Intel were playing catchup with AMD on efficiency and are now competing on price..

    • +1

      Also more like retailers realising no one is buying CPUs whenever they jack up prices.

      Edit: Downvote me all you want, JW refused to price match a 5600X last month claiming that it was below their cost price, you can clearly see on PCPartPicker that over the last 120 days, that JW had gone from:
      $434 early Nov 21
      $450 mid Nov 21
      $480 mid Dec 21
      $400 end Jan 22
      $400 2 days ago
      $345 yesterday for a few hours
      $375 a few hours after yesterday's $345 price
      $369 as of writing this

  • 5600x seems to go down in price but no the B550 motherboards. Been eyeing out the MSI Gaming Plus / Carbon range and they have not moved in 6 months.

    • A B450 MB will run this fine

      • +1

        You should probably clarify that you will need to confirm whether the MOBO will accept a 5XXX CPU with a BIOS update, and that the BIOS can be flashed via USB.

        Otherwise, you're gonna need an earlier gen CPU in order to do the BIOS flash.

        • +1

          I'm pretty sure all B450 mobos are capable of running the CPU. It's just a matter of a BIOS upgrade. I checked the compatability list of most big motherboard brands and can't find one that can't support it.

          • +1

            @Cyphar: Yes, they all can support Zen 3 once updated, but the problem is performing that update in the first place. Not all boards, even those made today, have BIOS Flashback* functionality, meaning DIY builders will be snookered unless they have a random older CPU lying around in order to perform the update. While Flashback is relatively common in B550 boards except those made by Asrock, it's significantly less common in B450 boards. Indeed zero Gigabyte and Asrock B450 boards have it, and only a few Asus ones do - so only MSI consistently have that functionality.

            *Gigabyte call the function "Q-Flash Plus" while MSI call it, um, "Flash BIOS button".

            EDIT: That said, you can probably pay a PC store $10-20 to update it, but that sort of defeats the value proposition of going for a previous-gen motherboard in the first place. Might have better luck with A520 boards though which are functionally very similar to B450 boards (most significantly in that both lack PCI-E 4.0 support), but will be generally easier to update and indeed more likely to have the correct BIOS already installed out of the box.

            • @mystarey: At this stage it would be very unlikely that a B450 board would be on stock that wasn't already updated to support 3000 series.

              It isn't really that much of a worry now. The manufacturers have replaced the stock on the shelves

      • Yeah I've been running a Ryzen 5 3600 on a B450M Mortar Max and hadn't had any real plans on upgrading, but this price has tempted me considering all I need is a MB BIOS update. Should squeeze out a couple more frames.

        • IMO that's only a one generation jump. I don't think it's entirely worth it unless you're experiencing issues with your CPU currently, especially if you're only gaming in 1080p

          • @Cyphar: Mm maybe, I'll be able to get around $200 resale for the 3600. So $140 expenditure on the upgrade for 10~fps on same games at 1440p (more at 1080p, albeit I don't game at 1080p very often).
            I'd be struggling to find a better upgrade for my system for sub $150 right now.

            • @solidsnek: sold my 3600 for 200, snapped up in minutes on Reddit. Think 250 is the going rate, but could sit there for a while.

              Fast RAM is worth while, I moved from 3200 CL18 that wouldn't overclock to 3866 CL16 with fairly tight timings

    • +7

      Don't be fooled by the MSI Gaming Plus naming, it's a tarted-up budget board, not in the same class as the Gaming Edge or the Gaming Carbon at all. And the Gaming Carbon itself is a slightly dressed up Gaming Edge. The most relevant upper-midrange boards in the MSI range are the Tomahawk and the Gaming Edge (which is just the Tomahawk WiFi in reality).

      The Tomahawk was as low as $150 recently (the metrocom eBay promo) but right now I'm only seeing $179 at Centrecom which is merely decent.

      • Thanks that helps

    • +1

      The B550s were so cheap because they were bundled with graphics cards in order for AIBs to be able to purchase them. You should not expect any more price drops, if anything they'll go up (until Zen 4 is released and the clearance sales start).

  • +5

    Great CPU. I have it paired with a 3060TI and it plays all my games on high or ultra smoothly.

  • Any noticeable difference upgrading from 3700X?

    • +4

      On average you'll get higher frames for 1080p gaming but the overall experience is much the same as both are very good CPU's.

      • +3

        Thanks for your response, I'll hang onto it as I do 1440p and enjoy it a lot currently.

    • I went from 3700x to 5900x, pretty noticeable across the board zen2 to zen3, even just in windows. I game at 1440 and if you play cpu bound games then it's a bit of a jump.

      You're pretty late in the cycle and the 5800x3d is allegedly leaving the factory boxed up. Wait to see the cost and performance improvement on that. I'll probably be upgrading my misses 3600 to one when there is a deal.

  • worth upgrading from R5 3600? or pointless?

    • +2

      Not worth it if you are doing 1440p gaming. 1080p you will have more obvious difference.

      • I game at 1440p, doesn't seem worthwhile. shall wait for a big breakthrough in cpu gaming performance in the 300-400 range : )
        thank you! I appreciate the response.

      • Is it worth it going from 1600 to 5600X? I run 1440p/165hz and have a GTX 1080 atm but plan to upgrade to RTX 3070 or 3080 eventually.

        I may need a new MOBO too if the Asrock AB350M Pro 4 cant be updated to support latest Ryzens.

        • I think it's a noticeable difference and worth the upgrade as long as you have the right motherboard.

          But otherwise may be worth checking out Intel to see if they have better deals including motherboard, compare and see which has more value.

        • +1

          Conveniently Techspot have written this article which provides a pretty comprehensive answer accounting for selection of game and video card. Yeah they're using a 1600X instead of a regular 1600, but close enough.

    • I did for 3440x1440 and added better RAM.
      its more about supporting the GPU, improving 1% lows, peak frames didn't change or changed little on most titles.

  • +1

    Will the 5800X3D ever be released?

    • Gigabyte have just released BIOS updates to support it, so probably not too much further off.

    • before the end of this month.

    • ETA 14 March to 21 March in the US

      • Cool then hopefully this month.

  • +1

    Amazing price, I paid $465 back in December 2020 and it's still going strong. I've got it paired with a RX6800 reference card and it handles 1440p no issue at all

    • +1

      Thats a nice combo!

  • +1

    cool, beats the deal I posted yesterday

  • Worth the upgrade from Ryzen 3 3500X? I use a 1080ti for my WQHD. waiting for the 3080 to hit the RRP!! probably by the end of WW3=

    • +2

      Probably not worth it since you already got a six core CPU.

    • +3

      If you are planning to upgrade to a 3080, it would be worth it, however I would go for a 5800x when there is a similar sale.

      You will need to compare 3000 and 5000 series specifically with gaming benchmarks to see the advantages,

      the processing power per chiplet is very similar across the 2 generations, in the 5000 series the main improvements have been in the larger chiplet grouping (8 chiplets share a CCX, vs up to only 4 chiplets per CCX in the 3000 series)

      For a synthetic workload / benchmark, there will be little difference, each chiplet will process it's task independently.

      For gaming, a workload where you need the chiplets to complete one workload together, anytime a workload needs to use chiplets from 2 different CCX, it will slow down the performance a little.

      The 3500x/3600x have 3 chiplets per CCX, the 5600x has all 6 chiplets on the one CCX, and the 5800x - all 8 on the one CCX.

      • Wouldn't 5800X be overkill for gaming? I just game basic campaign stuff but always felt stock 3500X was slowing down the framerates. 5600x seems the next best one since I got a B550.

        • +1

          Yes it probably would if you are strictly gaming. It wouldn't be much better than a 5600x (maybe 5% more optimistically).

  • Annoyingly got this a while ago when it was $400, still very happy with it though since it suits my needs.

    Works well with my b450-f and 6700xt.

  • I'm am occasional player and will use somephotoshop and mostly YouTube video editing.

    Was looking at Msib550 Pro-A or msl tomahawk.

    Any recommendations? Thx

    • +1

      Both motherboards are decent for 5600x. You can probably consider 5800x or 5900x for video editing.

      • Ok thx. Will look more into it.

        I did see on pcg

        Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro V2 Motherboard for $30 more

        Any comments?

        • +1

          Just check the B550 VRM tier list:

          All three motherboards can easily power 5900x so just pick the cheapest among the three.

          • @BennyHe2018: Thank you. I had a look at the list and both the B550 Aorus Pro V2 and Aorus Pro AX are the same tier, (same specs?!) same price on pcg ($219) but I can't figure out why AX having the extra feature wifi is the same price?


            • +1

              @limucat: Pick the AX one mate. The two Aorus boards can handle the overclocked 5600x without power throttling.

    • +2

      The Tomahawk sits one higher on the MSI product stack than the A-PRO, depends on how much you value $20ish for the added features like better onboard audio, 2.5Gbit LAN vs 1Gbit, optical out, and a nice I/O shield instead of relying on the old nasty pop-out I/O shield.

      That said, the Gigabyte Aorus Pro V2 (the V2 adds a USB-C header from the V1) is similar to the Tomahawk and I do slightly prefer it, because it guarantees you get the top Realtek audio chip instead of MSI's lottery where you might get the ALC1200 instead of the ALC1220. (I'm assuming this is due to supply issues). The Aorus Pro is also more generous with the number of USB-A ports it provides, though in exchange the MSI has dual Ethernet ports. However, that's assuming price parity, so the Tomahawk's current price at Amazon (or Centrecom) is an appealing $20+ cheaper than the going price of the Aorus Pro (seeing $199 excl shipping at mWave and Umart).

      A wildcard might be the Asrock Riptide. It's a fairly recently released board which is at the ~$160 price point of the A-PRO but has features slightly better than it, and crucially it negates Asrock's biggest weakness of not being able to update the BIOS without a compatible CPU installed. The new-ness of the Riptide means the default BIOS is guaranteed to support the 5000 series CPUs.

      Finally, if you think in-built WiFi and Bluetooth are of value to you, the $195 Aorus Elite ax is also a good pick.

      • Thank you. Lots of consideration to do!

      • Hi thanks again for your advice. I decided on the aorus pro but on pccasegear both the b550 gigabyte mobos:
        aorus pro V2
        aorus pro ax are the same price.

        I've look at the specs respectively and cannot find any difference between them but are the same price!?

        I am very curious why the AX ( obviously the better option due to extra feature: wifi) is the same??

        Thank you

        • Prices go up and down for individual products, so oddities like that happen sometimes. Yes they're the same other than the WiFi and Bluetooth addition so may as well go for the ax. :)

          Very good price for the ax in general, that's about as cheap as I've seen it.

  • What about upgrading from Ryzen 5 3600?

    • +1

      Nope. Not worth it. Better to wait for AM5.

    • +2

      I have 5600x… Awesome CPU. If your gaming and are competitive fps shooter player then maybe, otherwise no best to wait for new platform or switch to Intel at a later date when their chips are more mature (if your that way inclined).

  • For those people considering the bios update for mobo, why not require the retailer update the bios before they ship to you. Few years ago, i bought a 2600x CPUand an older version mobo from eBay, until I paid off my order i realized the bios may be not up to date, then I sent a message to the retailerr(Futo on Ebay), finally they procesed the update for me before they shipped out my order.

    • You mean if they didn't already have the mobo?
      Anything shipping now should be good, the firmware updates for support was a year ago. It will say on the box if it supports the new chipset.

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