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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB + Galaxy Tab S8 128GB + Galaxy Watch 4 40mm + Galaxy Buds 2 $2282.24 @ Samsung Gov/Edu Store


Works for EDU Store as well!

Proof of it in my cart.
I just bought it but im not showing my order number haha

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  • Think you could save even more with a trade in?

    • I don't think they're offering any kind of trade in bonus right now on the government store.

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        I get $2,247.04 in the Edu store (as the Galaxy watch appears to be a slightly different model number and cheaper price).

        Edit: now getting the same price as OP. It had added the watch without a strap for some reason!

        It says you can still do a trade in with a $250 bonus on Edu, but I don't have a trade in to test it.

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          Make sure you have your strap on!

        • +1

          I tried to do a trade-in and the price actually went up to 2,382.80, lol.. go figure

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            @ozprg: Yeah - the $250 trade in bonus remove the 20% bundle discount …

      • There's still $100/$150/$200 trade credit on the S8/S8+/S8 ultra. Ends 30/03

        • Do you need to contact Samsung for this ?

          • @brotos: No this is when you put a phone for trade in, it adds $200 on top of the value

  • How did u get additional $295.84 off?

    • I added what's listed to the cart and that is the price that shows i did not add any codes or do anything special but add the listed items to the cart.

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        Yep, thanks got it.. its additional 20% when u bundle.

        • You're right but it seems to only be 20% when you add the above items or at least one from each category of the above items so it still works with the 44mm watch instead of 40mm and galaxy buds pro instead of buds 2.

          It doesn't work with the S22+ instead of the S22 Ultra, so it's definitely messed up whatever the deal is.

          • @Axelstrife: To clarify, do you still get 20% off if you sub the S22 Ultra 256GN with the 512GB? Or the Tab S8 with the S8+?

            • @p33r:

              The more you buy, the more you save! Purchase our best-selling Galaxy products in the same transaction and save up to 20%1, 2, 3
              Purchase any Galaxy S22 and any Galaxy Tab S8 in the same transaction and receive 10% off1
              Purchase any Galaxy S22, any Galaxy Tab S8 and any Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Buds range in the same transaction and receive 15% off2
              Purchase any Galaxy S22, any Galaxy Tab S8 and any two Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Buds range in the same transaction and receive 20% off3

              This is the deal it seems but right now only the S22 Ultra works. with any tablet/watch/buds.

              • @Axelstrife: Also, only seems to apply 15% discount if ordering two Galaxy Watch4 or two Galaxy Buds. Seems you actually have to order one of each (as per OPs order) to get 20% discount.

      • +2

        Just curious if someone is willing to let me use their account for ordering!!

        • me as well please! thanks!

          • @thewittyJ: me too please, or at least let me know which emails or government organization would qualify to sus around. Cheers.

            • @itsmoe: Any that end in .gov.au for the govt store or .edu.au for the education store.

            • @itsmoe: Just use your CFS/SES volunteer email address or similar… That’s ending with gov.

        • +2

          Me too. I'm sure there are lot of us. Just a heads up to be safe though as Samsung allows the account holder to change the address for delivery after the order is placed. I.e you could place order with your delivery address and then the rightful account holder could change the address to theirs and take your phone

  • +6

    Jeez.. Aggressive pricing man..

  • Gov got money yo

  • It looks like you forgot to add the bonus buds case.

    • +2

      Price went up when added to cart, i tried a case for the phone as well but despite still advertising a discount no discount was added.

    • +1

      Yeah the bonus buds case doesn't seem to work in conjunction with other discounts. I have been trying to chat about this on the website, but it just auto-closes my chats when I get to the start of the queue.

  • +7

    Just confirmed it works on the education site
    Had a
    S22 ultra 256
    Tab s8 ultra 128 wifi
    Galaxy watch4 cellular

    All for 2800. It just adding more discount every item added

    • Wow that's a crazy deal

  • +1

    Looks like 20% on S22 ultra??

    I can see these prices on S22 Ultra:

    1TB: $1959.20
    512GB: $1719.20
    128/256GB: $1479.20

  • Interesting combination

  • what are the list of government emails that work for the Samsung Gov store?

    • I'd be interested to know too.

    • +1

      Just need the .gov.au at the end

    • Tried my email address at a government-owned entity which does not end in .gov.au. It was not accepted. Probably need to work for a government department.

      • +5

        Take a peek in your own outlook contact card properties. You may find you have a hidden alias of [email protected] (this address will route emails to your regular inbox)

  • Thanks I got the same as you.

  • +3

    Going balls deep with samsung over here

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    Crazy price. Thanks OP. This is a legit offer. Not a price error.

    Galaxy Ecosystem Bundles

    The more you buy, the more you save! Purchase our best-selling Galaxy products in the same transaction and save up to 20%1, 2, 3

    Purchase any Galaxy S22 and any Galaxy Tab S8 in the same transaction and receive 10% off1

    Purchase any Galaxy S22, any Galaxy Tab S8 and any Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Buds range in the same transaction and receive 15% off2

    Purchase any Galaxy S22, any Galaxy Tab S8 and any two Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Buds range in the same transaction and receive 20% off3

    • +1

      Where did you see that?
      NVM found it.

      Edit: This doesn't seem to be fully active yet, it doesn't work for S22+ or S22 yet only S22 Ultra.

      • Can you see an expiry date anywhere?

  • can someone help me get this deal. I want it so bad but I dont have a .gov.au email.

    • +3

      Hi. Can you send me a private message?

  • It's working for all the Samsung corporate sites as well like Westpac and Commonwealth tie ups.

    If anyone in Canberra wants the deals, I can order and you can pickup for the sale price.

    S22 Ultra drops to 1331.28 for 256GB when tab is added

  • +3

    Thanks OP. I bought 5!

    • Five what?

      • he/she prob meant phone, tablet, headphones, watch and case

        • +6

          Or a sarcastic “i spent 10 grand on 25 items”, hard to tell.

  • +1

    Had anyone tried this on the regular Samsung store to see if the $450 trade-in bonus works? Does it work out cheaper?

    • +1

      It does!
      But the discount is on the full price so $1849 for the S22 Ultra and no 256gb for 128gb price.
      I added everything in the title of this deal except 128gb S22 ultra and the price is $2,852.80 on the normal samsung store.

  • +3

    Any idea what would happen if I end up returning one of the items in the bundle? Do I lose the discount on the other items that I keep?

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly

      Buy up all these then return the buds and watch and keep tablet and phone is my plan eh eh eh

  • +3

    $50 newsletter voucher works too.

  • +3

    Anyone from Melbourne who wants to purchase the S22 Ultra? Need to buy just the tablet.

    • Damn I just want the phone but in Sydney :(

      • +8

        I'm closer than Putin to pressing the button but I only want the S8 ultra, not Ukraine. What phone were you after?

    • Nit in Melbourne, but I could be. What about the other 2 products?

      I only want the phone as well

    • I just need s22 ultra
      Happy to but other items for u

      • Which capacity/color? Pm me if you want

    • +24

      I just want the discount, but don't wanna buy anything.

    • i want a s22 ultra and from melb

      SE suburbs?
      pm me and lets work something out!?

    • I'm in northern suburbs in Melbourne and looking to get s22 ultra. I could buy for you as well?

      • I bought the bundle but only want the tab. Does anyone want to buy the rest off me?
        S22U 256gb
        Galaxy Watch 4 LTE 44mm
        Galaxy buds2
        Preferably all 3 items together!

        Inner city Melb.

        • I could do the avg of the 4 for the phone :D

        • pm'ed

    • I’m after phone and buds. If you wanted to take the tab and watch.

      Located south east melb.

      • I am happy to take the Tab from you. I am in Melbourne South East as well, very close to Chadstone. I am happy to pick up soon too.

    • Hey, I'm buying the S22 Ultra on the Edu store. I can help you get the tablet.

  • Can’t get it down to your price OP. Using an Edu login. Website is quoting me $2826
    Any help pls?

    • Share a screen shot of the cart?

    • Think youre using the Tab S8 Ultra, OP was using the basic

      • +1

        100% True. Thanks Axelstrife and Thunder-Wombat!
        Solved now.

  • Email signup coupon stacks but using trade in doesn't as it seems to remove the multibuy discount

    • Unfortunately Asurion changed that early February with S22 pre-orders commencing. Can't be used in conjunction with other offers :(
      Ruined some amazing future deals, but there's no way they were making a profit with 3 promo codes being stacked with a large trade-in bonus and people faking trade-ins. I got an S21 FE for $250.

      • I got a s21 ultra for $320

        • That was an incredible deal. Mine will come down to $200 when I sell the included buds ;)
          That's budget phone territory!!
          We'll have to reminisce about those kind of discounts now.

      • What is faking trade-in? Just not sending in the phones?

        • I think sending in an empty envelope or sending in a much cheaper phone than what you picked for your trade in value.

          • +1

            @Agret: I did see in the Trade Up app this morning that my card would be charged $60 more than the value they offered me for my phone if it wasn't received. So $500 - $60 is still a $440 discount. I'm guessing that is what @techie4066 is referring to.

  • Just want the phone in Sydney. Dm me if you want to talk.

    • Also willing to buy the watch.

  • +2

    If you just want the phone, I think the previous deal with accessories + trade-in was better? Paid $1170 for S22 Ultra 256gb + clear case + free SS Care.

    • You are right but so many missed the previous deal including me ☹

      • Can you please tell me which was that?

    • They still allow trade-ins, but the accessories deal is now changed to "Upgrade your memory! Purchase any Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra 256GB for the price of the 128GB"

      • I tried the trade-in, it removed the bundle discount.

        • I thought you were referring to purchasing "just the phone"

    • Which deal is that? Can you give me the link please

  • I'm keen for some s21 mega deals

    • I think those are gone. Peaked at $500 bonus trade in credit plus $300 off back in sept.

  • Fk me i paid 1900 for a 1tb

  • +6

    Iphone 13 Pro Max 256gb for $2,020
    All this for $2,280

    farout Apple

    • +11

      iPhone 13 pro max 256gb - $2019
      iPad pro 11" 128gb - $1199
      Apple watch Series 7 - $599
      Airpods 3rd gen - $279
      Apple Pencil $199

      Total = $4295
      Total = $2282 ($2800 for non goverment store)

      S22 Ultra 256gb
      Galaxy Tab S8 128gb
      Galaxy Watch 4 40mm
      Galaxy Buds 2

      Remember the Galaxy tab S8 comes with the pen unlike apple haha

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