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SCA Petrol & Diesel Jerry Cans 20 Litre - 2 for $40 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Did you wish you had stocked up more on that 7/11 fuel lock deal while you merely topped up your 50L tank, wasting 100 of $ worth of savings unlike that guy

Do you think it's time you lift up your doomsday prepping game?

Well, fear not, here is your chance to be ready.

You can even choose between 2 colours, oh boy.

2 * 20L Jerry can for $40, usually $23.99 each, which is an incredible additional savings of $7.98. the gift that keeps giving!

Note: I'm not a fuel specialist, hence have no idea how long you can keep the fuel in the tank, but I'm sure that question will be debated in the comments.

Note2: can stack up with the free $10 which expires on 9/03

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    Handy when going to Costco to fill up on cheap fuel.

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    I can't carry that much fuel. But Jerry can.

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    Great for taking yogurt on camping trips…

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        Good for when you want someone to curdle

  • I've never done anything like this before. Would love to hear those with experience. Are there any safety concerns, issues with long term storage, or anything like that to keep in mind? Or it's pretty straightforward?

    Plus do you just rock up to the petrol station and fill it up as you would normally a car?

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      If youโ€™re going to keep it for more than 3 months Iโ€™d recommend using fuel preserver

    • As its plastic, I doubt static is an issue, but if you use metal, always put the container on the concrete as fuel pumping generates static.
      Can buy additives to stabilise fuel, its called fuel stabiliser… funnily enough… debate will rage about if its needed or not and then how long. Fuel can stratify, shake it up (slosh it about).

      And 6 months minimum has always been the paranoia setting for additives. It will be weeks soon.

      • +1

        I believe servos will stop you from filling them (assuming they notice or the operator GAF) if they're not placed on the ground. Plastic, generally speaking, can build and store a static charge so it's probably one of those "almost certainly won't be a problem but there's a tiny chance it could" things.

        • Good news is it only weighs 15kg compared to 20kg for same volume of water!

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      As I mentioned previously, be mindful of your fire insurance conditions on storing quantities of flammables round the house.

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      They can smell like petrol not surprisingly… so if you have to put them inside a car… it's smelly.. They weigh 20KG+ or so when full… so holding that up to poor it into a car can be challenging

      • FYI, fuel weighs 3/4 of water per volume

      • +2

        20 liters of petrol weighs 14.7 kilograms, if you struggle to lift that go hit the gym brother

        • +2

          Or in the spirit of ozb, get this deal, put a pole through them n start lifting

          • @squidz: Just need a deal on a cheap pole now… Maybe those $5 SCA umbrellas?

      • Use a jiggle siphon, much easier and less mess than using the spout that comes with the can. Have been doing this for years.https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-jiggle-siphon---plastic-1.5m-x-12.5mm-3lpm/557063.html

    • I did this years ago. When it comes to filling up the car with the Jerry can, I cursed myself for being cheap while trying to hoist up the 15kg to transfer the fuel to my car. There was spillage so lost some saving I'm sure. I eventually gave up in the end bcos it's just to hard basket

      Someone linked a pump below tho… So u may want to consider that.

      • %100, Did it once, never agin

    • +1

      What sort of sheltered life have you lived if you've never used a Jerry can? Never been on a dirt bike, never mowed, never ran out of fuel?

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    for those interested in the design and history of the "jerry can" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwUkbGHFAhs

    Just something i stumbled across a few days back

    • +1

      Didnt watch but assume its the added handles for full, two at a time etc the shapes in the sides adding strength, the breather in the spout. In WW2 the wests can was a joke by comparison, even the old metal mower can was better than ours.

    • Woah weird, this video came up as recommended to me at like 3am this morning..

  • do these come pre-filled?
    (asking for broden)

    • +17

      Yes filled with nitrogen and oxygen mix

      • Hmmm, maybe I can filter out the o2 and fill my tires with nitrogen! /s

  • How much fuel we can legally store at home?

    • +2

      I've heard 5000L draws some attention…

      • LOL you arenโ€™t serious are you?

      • Especially if you have aluminium naphthenate and aluminum palmitate.

    • Depends on the state and if you are part of a strata.

      The real question here is will your insurance company pay out if the fuel container causes damage.

      Each insurance company has a different PDS. But RAC WA does state it will not cover explosions caused by by any flammable or explosive substance kept at or brought into your site illegally or in breach of any statutory regulation.

      If you live in a Strata in WA you most likely get in trouble for Section 1. Storage of inflammable liquids.

      Saying that I wouldn't recommend overfilling the container and really I personally wouldn't be keeping 20L of petrol at home. If this was diesel that would be another thing.

      • I personally wouldn't be keeping 20L of petrol at home

        So I should always keep less than 20L of petrol in my car?

  • +1

    I bought these during the weekend. Quality seems ok.

  • +1

    At least this deal makes sense SCA.

    Last time they ran this, the singles were 19.99; so you paid 2c more to get 2. Lol.

  • +1

    How do these compare to the Bunnings Adventure Jerry 20l @ $22? My Adventure 20l developed a hole in the pourer - complete mess. The sandleford squat 20l are much better.

    • Read the reviews on the Supercheap site, they don't appear to be that great

  • There are mixed reviews for this one - seems like the nozzle could be an issue.

    • +1

      Yeah my nozzle has a split in it, probably 2-3yrs old. Only leaks a bit (probably spill 20ml when using) but will only get worse. Took around 2yrs before it split.

  • Very useful in the recent Yeronga floods - 2 of mine are out there somewhere for people to use to keep their generators going. I prefer the "tube in" versions though, especially as the spout is kept clean if you're going bush.

  • +3

    Assuming you save 20c/L on fuel with this, that's $4/fill. So you need to use these at least 5 time for them to pay themselves off.

    Not sure I'd bother personally, but I guess that's okay.

    • +1

      A lot of faff for a small saving. And lifting and pouring a full Jerry can isn't much fun either. Fine if you are going Bush.

      • +1

        Yeah, if I had any petrol tools and needed extra petrol around anyway, then maybe it would be worth it. Don't think it's worth it just to capitalise on fuel savings personally.

      • +1

        That's nothing compared to the Singaporean who drive to Malaysia for fuel. They shake there cars to get all the air out of the fuel tank to get every ml in. Not recommended since you need the air gap for fuel expansion. But everyone has a different way of saving money.

        • Is the fuel price in Singapore just like the car prices 5 times more expensive than in any other countries?

          • @wtfnodeal: It depends. There always some credit card or bank card or membership card that gives a discount or rebate. The discount aren't small like here in Australia were we get 4 cent off a litre. I think the minimum discount using CaltexGo app in Singapore is 14% for any master card / visa card.

            So you can't really trust the headline rate but saying that even after discount and rebate I believe there fuel is more expensive then Australian prices however there fuel is better quality.

          • @wtfnodeal: Apparently it's $3.69 a litre of premium unleaded in Singapore now. And the Singapore dollar is just slight stronger than AUD.

            • @Ziggy28: But you can run across it… try that over here.

    • You forgot to factor in the amount of fuel you're going to spill filling the car up from the jerry can.

  • newbie,here, can you store a jerry can in a caravan in the separate lockable compartment (in the front of the caravan)?

    • +1

      I'd be looking for external places to store the jerrycan. Plenty of holders that may attach to the drawbar. Bit it's up to you I guess.

    • You can store a jerry can wherever it fits. You may end up prefering it in some places more than others. Get adventurous, try some out you devil…

  • +1

    Thanks OP, stocking up on fuel in preparation for Russia attacking

    • It will last 6 months in a plastic jerry can.

      • How long before Russia attacks, is that less than 6 months? Asking for a friend, thanks!

        • Russia ain't attacking.

          • @raybies: Phew, I can sleep tonight then. Is there any threat from China? Or is that only to Taiwan?

            • +1

              @OzBaggins: Ultimately China is in the ascendancy as they have invested in education and capability. Whether the Judeo-Anglosaxon world wants to handover power is another matter.
              China doesn't need nor wants to invade Taiwan, this would only happen if the West starts a military build up on the island like they have in other areas.

              My biggest fear is our own government, if you look at EVREY dictatorship, they have implemented totalitarianism through an Emergency Act., some like Egypt kept extending it for decades.

              • @raybies: This^
                If you ever wonder how Hitler ended up as a dictator, look at our federal government. So much corruption and control over the media.
                That scares me more than china.

  • 20l is small for a car but great for a generator

    • +3

      It's enough to get more than 300km in a small car

      • unlimited with a telsa car

        • +1

          pretty sure a telsa doesnt' even run on fuel lol.

        • It will actually get you 0km, the opposite of unlimited if you have a Tesla

    • At least 20L is easily movable, liftable to pour etc.

  • +1

    Did you wish you had stocked up more on that 7/11 fuel lock deal while you merely topped up your 50L tank, wasting 100 of $ worth of savings unlike that guy

    Hah! I thought you were talking about me as I did the same for that deal, except I have been doing it for years.

  • If youre having issues with nozzles… and dont want part of a can at a time… piss it off and get a jiggle or copper/brass siphon hose. Its a length of clear hose, with a metal end with a marble in it, the marble end goes in the fuel. Basically you jiggle it and the marble does the siphoning.

  • Perfect for holding all my packaged turbofuel. Do they also come in orange?

  • +1

    merely topped up your 50L tank

    hehe, I got a 120L tank in my Prado

    • What sort of Prado do you have? I'm not aware of a 120L model.

      • Dual tanks - not stock

        • Most Prado's have dual tanks standard, do you have a new flat tailgate with a single 87L then added an aftermarket tank?

          • +2

            @LowRange: Username checks out ..

          • @LowRange: Honestly I forgot. The installation was done many years ago and I always remembered 120L as the amount we have in total.

            This is a 90 series Prado fyi

        • I am 120l stock

  • +3

    proquip (better quality i think) ones on promotion at BCF also, with free XTM jerry can holder.


    • @$37… almost double the price.

      Id bet thats who makes them for SCA, they also sell Proquip or used too… and BCF is owned by same parent as SCA.

      • +3

        Put them side by side - I'll take the Proquip everytime.

        • Put them side by side Id take the metal ones then I could pick both up with the same hand, if we are ignoring price. That and I can use my Tanami to transfer the fuel.

  • High yield investment

  • get to the choppa.

  • +1

    Tip: get a Corolla hybrid sedan (if you can't afford a Tesla, not that I can afford one). Rated 3.5L in the city and 3.6L on highways. 43L tank so 1100kms on one tank. Fits in perfectly with the 2 - 3 week fuel discount cycles.

    Expensive jerry can, but for those looking to get a new or almost new car probably worth a look.

  • Grab one of these.. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-liquid-transfer-pump...
    Great for pumping the fuel so you don't need to hold the jerry can off the ground..

    • +3
      • +2

        Bogan Bidet
        My friends and I were talking about how ridiculous it was to have people fighting over toilet paper. I was challenged by a friend that I couldn't make a bidet cheaper than $100.00. I spent $9.99 and used an old ex petrol can. It works a treat and the waiste is just water and a bit of soap. All clean and fresh as a daisy you're good to go.


      • mm.. i was thinking of flame thrower.

    • You cant put your jerry can on the floor as hose is too short

  • Any tips on how and where to store a filled up jerry can?? I don't wanna burn my house down…

    • +1

      Store in well ventilated place, obviously stay away from heat/fire, also don't overfill and seal the lid properly;
      I never have any issue with my one, been using for years for mower and occasional backup to stock up cheap petrol, eg. 107c E10 recently.

      • I guess just in the garage then..

    • I put it in my 'not well' ventilated garage and have survived melbourne summer for the past 5 yrs

    • At my house, no chance burning house then.

  • +2

    Can't beat the Scepter containers, worth paying a few dollars more https://www.repco.com.au/en/4x4-adventure-escape/travel-tour...

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