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[PS5, Pre Order] Grand Theft Auto V $14.99 @ PlayStation Store


According to Whirlpool forums (via Reddit) GTA V on PS5 is available as a preorder for $14.99

Taken from a Whirlpool forums user:

GTA V PS5 version (including story and online) coming up on the Aus ps store as a preorder for $14.99. It says it’s an introductory price and standard price is AU $59.95. I can’t find it on the web store but if you go to the store on your ps5 and go to the preorder section it is in there. Wondering if it’s a price error as another article suggests it’s meant to be 50% off in this introductory period. Which would mean it should be $30. For $15 I’m going to grab it now. Basically what it should have been as an upgrade fee.

Edit: definitely think it’s a pricing error or to do with the fact gta online is going to be free on ps plus for a few months. As it’s coming up for preorder on my Xbox for $29.97 down from $59.95.

I haven't tried to buy it yet so let me know if it doesn't work but I will be trying when I get home shortly.

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    Downloading. Thanks for the heads up

    • Same. For $15, why not I guess. Too busy to play and highly likely will never get a chance to play through to 100% again but keen to see the 4k enhancements.

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    is the the GTAV PS4 upgrade to PS5 price?

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      This is the price for the full game (i.e. you don't need to own the PS4 version, in order to buy the PS5 version for $14.99.

  • Following - keen to see if anyone is able to purchase it.

  • Bought it and downloading. Can confirm it says the full game and I don't have it on ps4

  • what's the worse that could happen from buying this? $15 refund? requires ps4 version to play? Requires disc version of game to play?

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      You could play GTA 5.

    • I only ever had it on Xbox 360, just purchased it.
      It says special introductory price and that after promotion period it’s like $60.95 or something awfully specific.

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    Just purchased for $15!! Your a legend thanks mate

    I own ps4 version so not sure if it would recognise I didn’t and charge me more??

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    • Same, it’s downloading now, I presume it will have a PS5 version and existing PS4 version as separate games.

    • I don't own the ps4 version but I managed to get it for $15

  • Thanks, purchased and downloading.

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    Worked for me on my AU account that did not purchase the PS3 or PS4 versions.

    It showed up as $59.99 until I pulled up the versions menu.

    • Same here… was showing the Premium version until I selected the … and selected the other PS5 version in the list.

      $15.00 is awesome value, but here's hoping Sony don't revoke my license and issue a refund (they've done it to me in the past with content that was pulled from the PSN Store).

    • worked for me on my US account and similar pricing at $9.99 USD

      • Should have done the same but bought first on my side AU account. Oh well!

      • Do you use an Aussie card to pay on the US account?

    • On Xbox Series X/S, the Xbox Australia website lists GTA V for 50% off at AUD $29.98 ($22 USD / £16.50) until June 14, when the price will increase to AUD $59.95 ($44 USD / £33).

      And the Xbox website lists the new standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online as being “on sale” for Xbox Series X/S for AUD $15.48.

      While the PlayStation website page for GTA V has yet to be updated with pricing details, it’s likely Sony will offer a similar discount considering it has a promotional deal for Grand Theft Auto Online, which will be available free for three months from launch exclusively for PS5 players with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

      One social media user in Australia has claimed the PS5 version of GTA V will be priced at AUD $14.99 at release, with the special introductory price available until June 14.

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        The Australian version is cheap because in the Aus version most of the roads are flooded and you can't drive anywhere until June 14.

  • I guess it was the weather

  • It worked, I got it for $15. Under game info it says it should be AU $59.95.

    First time I've purchased something off the PS Store that was a price error so I'm curious to see what happens next.

    EDIT: Reading through Reddit and Whirlpool, this may not be a pricing error. Looks like they are offering this price as an introductory price for anybody.

  • Is this only on the console itself? Can't find it on the web browser

    • Same can't find it in the app either.

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        Yeah, I had to boot up the ps5 to find it. Thanks OP!

        • Damn I'm away from home until Sat and the PS5 is fully powered off

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      This is what's now in my game library. Shows up as not available for purchase in the browser, console store only.

      Based on the code it sounds like it was intended to be an upgrade price?

      • I see, well hopefully it's still live by the time I get home from work then ;)

      • -1

        Not available for purchase

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      Thanks Op.

      You have to search GTA V on the console and a ps4 version will come up then click on the ••• 3 dots to change it to ps5 version and it’ll come up as $14.99

      • +1

        Cheers, hopefully it stays live for an hour or two longer :D

        • Have you tried on the app? When you look up GTA V - there’s a drop down and you can select ps5 version. I already bought it so can’t see the price.

          Or maybe I bought it so it’s appearing on the app

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    Great.. can finally buy GTA V for the 10th time.

  • Got one too. Cheers.

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    How much money have they being milking money from us for GTA V in the last 7yrs?

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      we first paid for 360/PS3 version then PS4/XBONE version and now PS5/XBX version, that's why they dont need to make GTA6, made enough money to last until GTA8 in 2050

      • +6

        It's actually amazing how many generations this game has gone through.
        Not to mention the pc cash cow. Best milker in history.

        • +5

          Skyrim would be up there too… how many bloody editions of that has there been?

      • They are making GTA6, it's in progress already.

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    Well had no intention of buying it for next gen and just using my Xbox one copy.

    But for $15 i thought why not. Been a while since i finished the game. So why not play through for the 5th time.

  • Link?
    Doesn't seem to be there ?

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      It’s not on the web store atm. Got to do it through your ps5. Turn on your ps5 and go to the store. Then scroll down to preorders. Then scroll all the way right to view all. Then select sort by release date old-new. And then it should be near the top of the page.

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    This isn't a pricing error so I wouldn't worry about it being pulled.
    Just the intro price until June 14th. Great value and nice they didn't jack up the price to $30 like usual in Aus.

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      Pretty sure it is as it’s $30 on Xbox discounted from $60. And in the blurb on the PS it says normal price $60 with the promotional price until June. The promotional price is meant to be $30. The only way it’s not a price error is if rockstar are choosing to give an extra discount on top of the discount for PS due to GTA online being free for ps plus users for the next couple of months.

      • I'm pretty sure that is the exact reason for the price difference on PSN versus Xbox. As GTA5 online is free for the first 3 months.
        So if it isn't a pricing error cool of them to acknowledge that in the price. We'll see :)

  • I can't find it on my ps store.

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      Turn on your ps5 and go to the store. Then scroll down to preorders. Then scroll all the way right to view all. Then select sort by release date old-new. And then it should be near the top of the page.

  • Pricing mistake?
    I was able to purchase and I don't own a copy of GTA V on PSN

  • +2

    I believe this is basically an informal apology price after their recent shameful cashgrab demastering efforts.

    • +1

      Then why not also make it $15 on the Xbox Series?

      • I agreed, why not?

        • My point was that it doesn't seem logical to make it cheap on the PS5 and not the Series X if it is actually an apology for the previous dodgy remasters

      • Because Rockstar knows that PS5 is the superior console :)

      • +3

        gta online is free on ps, that's why. each part is $15

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    In my experience most errors or glitches or whatever on AU PSN tend to be honoured for those who nab it. See Knack 2 being free on launch, Capcom Arcade Collection and Horizon Zero Dawn bungles for reference. Thanks OP and Whirlpool for heads up.

  • +1

    Is it an upgraded version with better fps or something?

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    • -1

      and graphics, yeah

  • +2

    noob question - is the game good? Improvements on PS5?

    • I bought the game first but ya I want to know too.

    • GTAV itself is a great game, and there's no reason to think the PS5 version would be anything less than definitive now its on its 3rd console release. I'd expect better frame rates and graphics off the top of my head. If you somehow haven't played it in the 8.5 years its been out its worth a play.

  • +3

    Thanks got it

    Couldn’t find it on my ps app on my phone so booted up the PS5 and found it under pre orders for $14.95

    Now I have it on 360, PS4 and PS5

  • +1

    Not price error - intro price for the first 3 months

    • I disagree as it's mentioned in the information section on the PS5 store that its normal price is $60 - with an intro price of 50% off that until June. Meaning it would be $30 currently, not $15.

      The Xbox version is also listed at $30, and not $15.

      • That wasn't the official release, just screenshots, pre-order came out like 50 minutes ago. It's £8.75 in Europe

        • Looks like an official release to me on the PS5 store. $60 in description, $30 promo price until June, and what appears to be a pricing error of $15 currently… It's pretty simple really…

          I'm scratching my head regarding your comment though.

          • @Goldfire: They probably updated the prices, $30 promo for a PS5 upgrade is ehh

          • @Goldfire: Would they caught on from the articles published? People really thinking they getting so much for a really old digital game?

      • -1

        gta online is free on PS. that's why $15

  • I haven't even finished the PS4 one because the game is slow, I can see the performance issue which stopped me from playing it. I might give it a go on PS5 lol

  • Thanks so much, great price

  • Can someone tell me what I just purchased?
    I got a ps5 and an old ps4 gta v.
    Just an upgrade yeah?

    • +3

      Entirely separate full PS5 version. Normal full price for what you’ve bought will be $60. No upgrade path from ps4 version to this. If you have it on PS4 on disc you can now trade it in.

      • +2

        Oh jeez! Even better 🤣.

        Thanks for that clarification. Had my head deep in Gran Turismo 7 the last few days!

  • Anyone got a ps store link?
    Can't find on web store.

    • +2

      You need to boot up your PS5 and find it on there.

  • -3

    Imagine releasing a game on ps3/360 in 2022 ffs.

  • That's OP! Has anyone seen an option to download story mode only? I saw it somewhere when I was purchasing but now it's downloading the 80GB bundle. I don't play online…

    • +2

      It’s the same size for both unfortunately. What’s even more stupid is the online only version is the same 80GB.

  • +7

    I think I already own this game… oh yeah, this deal, from 2013. Wait, this can't be the same game, right!?

    • +2

      Haha yeah definitely shows the game's age with that deal being a pre order through… Video Ezy!

  • +3

    great, now I have the same game on ps3, 360, ps4, Xbox One, ps5, and of course, PC.

    • +1

      Which platform did you enjoy GTA the most?

      • +1

        I finished it on PC.

        I just absolutely love the Director mode. Not sure if it is on consoles?

      • +3

        Personally PC due to playing on ultra-wide aspect ratio and 144hz.

        But once it launches on PS5 it could be nice to play in the lounge-room. Can't do that at the moment is 30hz just feels un-playable for a game that involves driving running shooting etc.

  • Just got mine on my AU account. Anyone know what the US price is out of curiosity?

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