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Pizza Hut: 100% Cashback (Cap $10, All Promo Codes, 1 Per Customer) @ ShopBack


Reached out to @gotyourback to see if Shopback are doing any decent deals for Afterpay Day - here's one!

The deal will be:

100% Cashback*
*Capped at $10.
All Day Long!
1 per customer

Any on-site promotions / codes will be stackable with Cashback as well.

I do recommend using our ShopBack app & paying with PayPal for successful tracking though.

Cashback is not payable on purchases through Pizza Hut App
Cashback is not payable on returns, exchanges & cancellations
Cashback is not payable on purchases made using gift cards unless otherwise stated

Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
Only valid orders from Pizza Hut will be applicable for Cashback
Cashback valid with the use of all Promo Codes

Referral Links

Referral: random (3877)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2022

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          • @gotyourback: I'm just happy for the cashback, whenever it comes. Thanks

          • @gotyourback: Amazing!! Happy to be SB user and loved your transparency. Thanks GYB.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Not an ANZ cardholder but how does that really work? Like if you get cashback in 14 days but then return something (say at Target) after the 14 days but within 60 days, do they take money back from your account or something?

      • So when should we expect the CB to be confirmed?

    • Its 30 Days now… :)

  • This might be a rhetorical question, but I last tasted a Pizza Hut pizza in 1998, does it still taste the same or is Dominos better?

    • Consensus is that out of the two domino's is better. I think they're similar and only good for a quick cheap meal like most fast food.

    • It has gotten worse since the 90s. Lighter, smaller and cheaper ingredients.

    • My local dominos is crap and I have switched to the less crap PH. YMMV.

  • Is personal pan combo 605604 ? the best deal ?

    Pizza + Garlic Bread + soft can $9.95 ?

    • +2

      Be aware that those pizzas are tiny, you might be better off just getting a $14.95 large pizza then use code HUT6366 (30% off) to bring it to $10.46, as mentioned by MR-AM. Or for $14 you can get 1 large pizza & 2 sides. For an extra $3.54 out of pocket.

    • Cant even see that on the website now

  • +1

    Hi Rep , When this deal ends?

  • Didn't see that PayPal is the preferred payment method…

    I clicked through to the Pizza Hut order page inside the Shopback app, then paid the order by Google Pay. The page was then stuck at the Google Pay loading screen, but I did receive email to confirm my order was placed.

    I restarted the Shopback app and it doesn't show that my order has been tracked.

  • Does anyone know what the difference between original and traditional pan?

    • +2

      Yeah traditional is like classic crust from dominos and original is deep pan.

  • How long does it take to get confirmation of cash back? So far no email or anything

    • +3

      Mine came through about 50 mins after purchasing

    • +2

      10 min after collecting.

  • Thank you. Just placed an order. I noted following in the order with 30% off coupon:
    Order Instructions: #CLESS#
    Does anyone know what does it mean?

    • Tracking code maybe?

    • +3

      think it means contactless

      • +1

        You are absolutely right.

  • Tracked instantly via the shopback app, thanks for the freebie!

  • +2

    No tracking for me and my wife's account, one placed via ShopBack app the other on browser both paid by PayPal. Been over 1 hour. Never had any problems with this deal when on Cashrewards.

    • +2

      Same situation here, CR tracks instantly, but this one didn't after placing the order 30 minutes ago. I don't think it's a huge problem and should track eventually though.

      • One of the orders doesn't even show in Click History.

        • I have it on click history at least. But not liking how this is going as I never had an issue with Cashrewards pizza hut promotion and tracked instantly. Ill give it a day or so before I report missing cashback.

          • @Bang1: Just showed up for me, so maybe it just takes a while rather than being instant like CR.

            • @firestormx: Cheers. Yes it did. I was comparing it to cashrewards so thought it would be instant. Mine got tracked about after half an hr.

        • Was this for the order placed through the browser? Did you disable adblock or use incognito mode without any extensions enabled?

    • Mine tracked after an hour

    • Ya same.

  • Awaiting for code hut5008 to be listed as eligible code

    • +1

      It says: Cashback valid with the use of all Promo Codes

  • went to the store to collect my pizza and some cheeky B had already absconded with it (the guy at PH asked if the pizza was in X name and the person just said yes, so they gave it to them….it was the only one there, so not like they picked up the wrong one, just got a freebie). They had to make me a new one.

    • +6

      That's why I always leave a description of myself (tall, dark and handsome) under pick up instructions.

    • Did they cancel the order and create you a new one then thus forfeiting your cash back

      • no, he just made a new pizza while I waited. He apologized for giving mine to some rando and just made the new one on the spot. Not like he was busy, nobody else there and no other orders anyway.

        • that's pretty good service.

          • @raiseyoursteaks: considering he gave my pizza to some random….the least I would expect to rectify the situation

  • free wings

  • +1

    Damnnnnn instead of SB I used CR ….. Confusedddd….

    • Shame

    • -1

      at least it would have tracked

  • +1

    You could order Magnum Mini Class 6 pack, Magnum Dairy Free Almond 3 Pack or the Golden Gaytimes 4 Pack for $9.95.

    Alternative you can pay $12.95 (2.95 after cash back) and order Ben and jerry 458ml Tub.

    Prices might be differnet at differnet sites.

  • -1

    It's a scam. Shopback did honor the cash back but Pizza Hut is a scam. The schnitzel pizza at $15 is only 8cm and has perhaps 12 Pea sized ham or beef pieces. Use to be good but now scam like Domino.

    • Damn, I got 2 for Tuesday, hopefully enough. I'll have a baguette on standby in case to make schnitzel roll

  • +3

    No tracking yet

    • Yup i will be calling pizza hut for cancellation

  • 43cents for one stuff crust pizza

    NOT BAD!

  • Ended up throwing my pizza away after seeing the owner/employee sneeze on it as he was cutting it up.. What a waste of money.

    • +2

      At that point I'm sure you can point it out to them immediately and ask for a new one?? Pretty poor form if they know they've sneezed on and and still insist on giving that one to you and that it's all fine?!

      Or are you one of those ppl who won't ever tell the waiters when you get your order and it's wrong 😅

    • +1

      Pizza Hut are grotty as. All the stores near me are very unsavory.

  • Tracked in about 10 minutes. Thanks for the deal.

  • Does this work for preorder for Tm?

  • Hi GYB,
    I ordered one via my SB account on desktop(Edge), which is tracked.
    I logged out my SB account and wife logoned to her SB account and ordered another one on desktop(Edge), which seems to be missed from tracking.

    Could you kindly help with this?

    • +2

      You can DM @gotyourback or report missing cashback if not tracked, in 48 Hours. Caution, I'd not recommend using the same device for 2 separate accounts for back to back orders.

      Accounts that engage in fradulent orders/activities/cheat the cashback system will be banned and cashback forfeited.

      Although you can always prove that those are 2 separate accounts, It's just SB algorithm may pick up such accounts randomly and deemed as fraudulent activities. Avoid hassle in future.

      • I would say even 2 separate PH accounts.

        The only time it failed once was I used the same PH account.

      • Thanks for your reply. 2nd order still wasn't tracked.

        I meant to do both transactions on different mobile phones, but on my own device, it was hung at Payment stage when selecting Paypal, constantly buffering without getting through next screen. I got cautious and decided to use desktop…. The end result is even far worse…..

  • is cashback eligible for future date order ?

    • +1

      Yes, you can preorder for until Wednesday or may be Thursday next week. Ordered for Wednesday abd it tracked almost immediately via app and paypal.

  • PH removed 'Unreal' option, no more $5 or $3 pizzas. Did anyone notice it or it's just me?

    • Yes, they removed it …
      Morons …

    • Nope — not removed, but you need to order those suckers before 4PM

      • Checked around 1.30 in the arvo and didn't see it.

    • It looks like it only avail on Tuesday

  • Clicking through not working..please fix asap shopback

    • Not working again

  • Tracked about 45 min later. Thanks for the free pizza.

  • HUT5006 Code used
    ShopBack app.
    $14 paid.

    18min to track $10

  • Tracked with half an hour. Going to have nice dinner.

  • No tracking after 3 hours, adblock extension disabled, paid via paypal. Click through recorded, but not tracking. Tried to query on website, not able to for 48 hours. I"ll report back here if they honour the cashback or not. CashRewards always so (from feedback here) so this will be a good test

  • -1

    FORGOT TO USE THE 30% VOUCHER. oh well

  • ordered 2 pizzas for Friday, thanks

  • +1

    Nice quick tracking - thanks for the 46c pizza!

    • 46c pizza!

      Which pizza did you order?

      • +2

        Just a regular large with HUT6366 (30% off)

  • +2

    My local pizza hut dough is better than dominos. Thanks OP. Cashback also tracked in minutes.

  • ordered 1 large and 2 sides for 14 dollars all up. thanks op

  • +1

    Am i the only who can't pay with Paypal (via Shopback)? The 'place order' button becomes loading icon if i choose paypal thus i can't place my order. It doesn't happen to other payment options.

    • Mine worked ok with PayPal

    • Mine is also stuck on loading for PayPal - any fixes?

      • Been having this issue since a month ago

  • Could not enter credit card number via shopback app just shows a red box when clicked.

    Wasted my time.

  • Paid with PayPal, tracked! Cheers OP and SB

  • -1

    PAID with credit card about 12 hrs ago,

    No tracking

    Seriously disappointed with shopback

    • Why did you pay with credit card 😭 It’s a known issue since so many posts/comments back that PayPal tracks and CC doesn’t. Use Paypal next time :))

      • +2

        well they both are supposed to track, and it is sounding like they are getting tracking in app, but not on browser. (In that case both should work).
        Shopback website only says that instore payment is not eligible (aka when choosing to pay instore with a card)

        But never mentions that credit card is not an eligible payment method.

        Anyway, I will give SB benefit of doubt, aka another 12 hours to get it tracked or else calling the store for a cancellation at night.

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