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Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-on $202.59 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-On, dispatched from Amazon UK.

I've been keeping an eye on this for quite some time, and I believe this is the cheapest this wheel has been.

Mod Update 26/03: Price has increased to $202.59

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Any wheel base you’d recommend? Looking to upgrade my G29

    • T300 is a good entry level base, I had one then upgraded to a TS-XW/TS-PC Racer. They’ll be bringing out a Direct Drive unit this year also, won’t be cheap but would be comparable to Fanatec DD offerings.

    • Depends on your budget and what platform you play on?

      • Ideally I’d like to have it under $1,000, that’s the base, wheels and pedals. Just benchmarking the Fanatec DD.

        I’ve seen the TGT2 offerings but that’s not a DD :(

        • +2

          I assume you want to play gt7 given you are ugrading from the g29 and been looking at the t-gt 2. Given you are interested in a dd then perhaps consider the dd pro package at $1229 at 5nm (base, wheel, 2 pedal set and is cross compatible if you get another rim later). 5nm will hold you over especially if coming from g29 and can get boost pack later. I know over the budget but a tgt 2 with pedals is the same price if not more. 2nd hand g29s used to sell for $200-$250 on gumtree, etc. Try cash converter quote feature to see how much they will give you.

          Also checkout below. If willing to go second hand…..a lot of people offloading csw2.5s though only xbox and pc compatible


    • T300RS GT for a small upgrade that is compatible with this wheel. Fanatec CSL DD or Moza R9 for an entry level direct drive. Otherwise, if you want to stick in the TM ecosystem, wait for the direct drive that hasn't been released yet.

  • +1

    Sounds rude.

    • +3

      The brand name made me giggle when I first heard about it 25 years ago…

      fark I'm old.

      still makes me giggle.

  • +6

    thrust me, this is a wheel good deal

  • I want the new one for this price 😅

  • +1

    It's a nice wheel for the price. Too bad they still don't have any good wheelbases to use it on. Had a t300 but it would lose power over a race

    FYI it's easy to peel off all the coloured stickers if you don't like them

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