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iDOO Hydroponics Growing System 7Pods $62.99 Delivered (30% off) @ Renpho Wellness AU Amazon AU


20% Faster than Soil Planting: Hydroponics growing system built-in a low-noise pump, circulating the nutrient solution absorded by the roots direactly. The 24-Watt LED grow lights simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting veggies photosynthesis in any weather.
Hydroponic Circulation System with Sleep Mode: iDOO hydroponics growing system is designed with circulation system, on/off automatically. Also, you can swicth to sleep mode, enjoy a deep sleep.
3 Smart Planting Modes: Normal Mode, suitable for germination, bloom, viewing stage. Grow Mode, for germination and viewing stage. Enjoy Mode, for germination, bloom, viewing stage. Lights will be less noticeable in this mode.
Height Adjustable: The height of the lighting panel of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted for different growth stages (up to 37 cm), helping veggies absorb energy and promoting growth.
Fantastic Gift to All: The indoor garden kit is an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth. For parents and grandparents, they will be able to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs all year-round.

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    Any users to report out here?

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      It’s a good starter kit for the price to get you into gardening. You can DIY with plastic tubs and an aquarium pump once you get further in your journey.

      Mainly use to germinate seeds and transplant to soil pots when true leaves come out. As others have stated herbs are great to grow to full size (just too small in terms of height and spacing for a good harvest of fruiting plants as they will be competing for food/nutrients and light.)

      I’m a novice at gardening though this info may help:
      *nutrients you can buy in larger bottles at local hydro store - nutrient A and B. Larger the bottle the cheaper it becomes per L as your paying for transport/water mix
      *pump is small and will get clogged as roots will find its way into the filter and the intake - pump is not that necessary if you leave air gap between roots and water system changes to a Kratky
      *the pod doesn’t break down fast enough (or at all?) so transplanting to soil is not fun when untangling roots from the basket or each other - I used rock wool cubes for 80c each and cut in 4 and they work fine to hold the seed and small plants

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    C&C available at local constabulary?

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    Do you have any deals on more of the water supplements?

    • i just use after market stuff

      • Hi Mitch, could you please share what you buy.

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          hi, at the moment i am only growing chillies so i am using a chilli specific one, but when i get other stuff i was going to try something like this


          • @mitcheo: Would you mind sharing pictures of your chilli's?

            • @No: they are only seedlings, just started, but sure, i can email a couple photos?

              • @mitcheo: What do you use for your chillis?

                I would like to start hydroponics for my chillies

                • @GetFitWithCameron: The nutrient im using is called "chilli focus" 2 out of 3 have types have sprouted in this system, no luck with ghost pepper tho

                  • @mitcheo: I managed to get some trinidad scorpions and carolina reapers growing in my garden but it wasnt until the 2nd year my reapers fruited. The rest of mine have not fruited any babies yet. Would like to do hydroponics to increase the chances of fruit.

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    i got this, love it, getting addicted just ordered a 20 pod aswell

    • How do you rate it? I've heard of the pumps in these not lasting that long.

      Am considering one or two for strawberries.

    • The 20 pods one doesn't have a water pump. Is it a big downside? Thanks

  • Good for indoor weed planting

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      24w LED and 37cm distance between pod and light = not good for indoor weed planting.

      • Agree

    • For germinating a couple of seedlings perhaps, but you wont be getting any final product from this machine.

      • I have cherry tomatoes without issues on this machine.

        I've seen people get strawberries and many other similar things

        I also grew eggplant in here but transplanted once it grew to a decent size.

        • Yes you will get herbs and other short stem plants full term. But the OP was talking about weed, which would be quite futile to grow in this with the 37cm light height and the poor PPFD/µMol of the light.

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    Don't rush into buying this, I'm pretty sure the Rep will post another ad next month at exactly the same price.

    • price changes all the time on all the models, its annoying.

      • Price already changed to $89.98. Wait, no. There is a voucher that needs to be applied..

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  • Interested, but the reviews are pretty bad.

    • Same here

    • -2

      Regarding customer reviews, we have improved our products.
      In addition, we have professional customer service to solve any problems you encounter during use.
      Please do not worry.
      Thanks !

      • +3

        Can you elaborate on what improvements have been made in the last few months to address the negative reviews?

  • Nice. I'll try this with venus flytrap

  • Wonder how it would go with corriander… Prices have jumped from $1.20 to $4 a bunch now.

    • I used it to grow coriander it grew so much of it.

      • That's awesome to hear! How fast does it take to grow from seed?

        • It was pretty fast tbh the coriander grew pretty fast compared to the other herbs

    • perfect for coriander

  • I have this, great for growing in winter and bonus as a night light. But yet to find replacement plant food. Anyone have any experience with aftermarket products for growing standard herbs? Thanks

  • I've got this, grew cherry tomatoes and eggplant well. Ran out of nutrient, will buy the stuff linked above

    • I havnt tried that brand nutrients yet, but yes something like that should be fine

  • Does this come with everything needed to get started?

    What things are needed if replanting?

    • Hello, yes,comes with 7pcs Pods + 14 Sponges + A+B Solid Nutrients + 7 rod + 7 tag + 7Plastic Hat, to start planting, thanks

  • Waiting for a deal with a fish tank on it

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    I bought this and never tried it unfortunately. Got stolen while moving house. Was brand new thief new it.

    • Brand New Thief :)

      • Brand new thieves are the worst.

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