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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa: Bonus 160,000 Qantas Points & $225 Back ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $425 Fee) - ANZ Customers Only


Deal link goes to public product page because I couldn't work out how to submit this deal without a link - look at description or screenshot

Found this huge Qantas Points offer in the ANZ app a couple of days ago:

An exclusive offer to ANZ customers only.
Earn 160,000 bonus Qantas Points and $225 back to your new card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval. New card. T&Cs, >eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply (including an Annual Fee, currently $425). Screenshot

You can get to this offer via ANZ Internet Banking in browser, or in the ANZ App.

If you aren't an ANZ customer: I mentioned this offer to a friend who then opened a transaction account and was able to immediately see the offer in their new internet banking and apply for the card. The basic ANZ transaction account is $5 a month, which you can get waived if you deposit $2k into the account each month (doesn't need to stay in the account). You could close the account once you get your bonus points (possibly once you get the card?)

Aside from this massive number of bonus points, card features are:

  • Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $7,500 per statement period
  • A higher Qantas Points earn rate compared to all other ANZ Frequent Flyer cards
  • Uncapped Qantas Points
  • Complimentary Frequent Flyer Membership and a discount on a 1 year Qantas Club membership
  • Two complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations each year
  • Complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases

You can see the general details of the card (at it's usual lower offer value) here

I think this might be the highest consumer bonus points offer available at the moment, I certainly haven't seen any higher recently.

If you haven't earned Qantas Points from a credit card in the past 12 months, you may be able to stack with the New Cardholder Bonus of 20,000 points (from Qantas). The ANZ Black card is listed on the relevant page, and it doesn't specify that you have to click through the Qantas page to get the offer, but I haven't tried! The New Cardholder Bonus from Qantas ends on March 31 (there's no end date listed for the ANZ card offer).

Edit: Clarified end date in post applies to 20k top-up offer, not 160k sign-up offer.

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    • Mine took about 72hrs to finalise and approve. Took 1 business day before i got a phone call asking for payslips, then after sending it in, 48hrs later received email that it is all approved and cards dispatched.

  • I spoke with someone for 1/2 hour tonight about my application, then asked me to submit 1/2 a year of pay slips. So they are at least looking at it. It sounds like I have unusual circumstances to them….

  • Do you have to upload payslips if your pay is directly deposited into a current ANZ account ? I have all my pay goes into the offset account. After applying I got an email saying "If your income is not paid into an ANZ account, please provide one of the following: Payslip(s) covering 3 months of income". So means I don't need to upload ?

    Anyone in the same boat and successfully got approved without the payslips ? Or should I just load it to be sure.

    • +1

      I previously applied to ANZ black rewards card (non-FF) and didn't have to upload payslips. I also applied to this yesterday, and not planning to upload anything since my pay is already going into ANZ account.

      • Just to add on… I just got a call from ANZ to submit my payslip lol

        This is because I was using a Westpac churning credit card during Dec'21/Jan'22 and I had my pay go into that account to avoid the monthly charge.

  • Got my rejection letter. Bit odd since i got accepted on the Amex Platinum. 300,000 bonus points on that. Maybe will grab the Crypto.com card.

    • Yea its weird how they calculate it and reject. Macquarie bank has rejected a few of my applications awhile back but every other bank i've had no issues with.

      Just finished my mission on the Westpac 75k Qantas points, so as soon as i receive my ANZ one, will be shifting to finish off my spending mission on that one to get my 160k points.

  • to the experts here Questions around salary packaging. if you have portion of your salary getting paid into your account w/out being taxed would anz consider that as true net income. which is usually higher than gross net income.

    • Different companies do different things with salary packaging.
      My company reimburses me for the entire payment of the item, then takes the ex GST amount of the item and splits it into 3 payments, and subtracts it from my pay so I pay less in taxes.

      So it actually shows my gross income to be less.

      So it all depends on how they display it on your payslip. But if your pay goes into your ANZ account, and they dont ask you for payslips, they will calculate it via the income payment.

      • Right. I have received a call yesterday they are saying they cant accept salary packaging non tax part as it is not being taxed. Obviously they are contracted through offshore and has no clue how salary packaging works.

  • Still on cooldown. RIP

  • I have platinum card.. Can i upgrade and get this offer?

  • I started a new full time job earlier this month, so I don't have payslips showing a stable income over the past few months. Should I apply or is it too risky?

    • +1

      likely rejection. They made it clear that i they needed the latest 3 payslips when i did my application.

    • Or you may apply now to avail the offer and supply payslips with 3-month ytd later. Just tell them you want to keep your application open when they call you..

  • My application process is still going. I had to upload 13 pay slips and now they've asked for one more. Explaining things to the call centre is infuriating. Eg they either couldn't understand the payslips to see I'm paid fortnightly, or they didn't open them to even look. They insisted I was skipping payslips cause they were dated two weeks apart each…Took 15 minutes to clear that up.

    • +1

      I had someone from their incompetent application team call me who asserted that I needed to send all 3 months worth of pay slips all over again without 'greying out' any information. Thing is, I sent them the original digital copies which were not altered in any way. I asked them to give me an example and provide a pay date on one of the pay slips, but they then asked to put me on hold. It seems someone on the offshore team had been editing the pay slips and greying out sections.

      ANZ are the worst in class at running off shore teams.


      • These offshore assessors are joke to banking industry. Bank is trying to cur cost then ending up having bad service. Above my comment they didn't even understand how salary packaging works!!!

  • anyone know which credit bureau ANZ uses - is it equifax or experian?

    • I believe it's Experian as I got an undated query on that profile

    • I've got the Illion report updated first (CreditSimple) and then one day later Experian (CreditSavvy)

      • Same for me

  • I went for the platinum card as my pay is about 65k and after 3 calls for them asking more info i get told my application has been denied.

    Thats with a 6k credit limit aswell so kind of shocked, they would not tell me why it was denied but she did say my income was over what was needed.
    Also i had no outstanding debt, never been late on a repayment and only have a mortgage at $640 a forghtnight…

    • Checked your credit score?

      • No, did just before i got my house and it was good, so considering i pay more than i need on my house i was thinking it would be fine as thats the only thing thats changed.

  • To get access to the Qantas points, do I need to have a Qantas club membership. When i check there is a joining fees and an annual membership fees associated with Qantas .

    I usually dont travel much by Qantas and was thinking if I actually need to apply for the same and spend on the membership.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks a lot. I can join for free using this , or I can get the fees reimbursed via ANZ. But do i need to take the annual membership to renew the points.

        Thanks for your help.

        • +1

          You dont need Qantas Club! Just the frequent flyer part, and don’t pay to join!

    • +2

      Qantas Frequent Flyer membership is seperate and different to Qantas Club Membership.

      You don't need Qantas Club (costs $600/yr) you only need Qantas Frequent Flyer ($99.50/yr but free from heaps of places).

      Just sign up for a free Frequent Flyer membership here and that's all you need to do. No renewal costs or anything like that.

      The only requirement to keep your points from expiring is to either earn or redeem points at least once in the previous 12 months. Just making one Uber trip or deliveroo order or BP purchase is enough to fulfil this requirement.

    • +1

      You don't need Qantas Club membership, that's for lounge (+ other) benefits. You need to be a Frequent Flier Member, which is usually a $99.50 charge, but there are hundreds of coupon codes out there to get it for free.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you get a refund of the annual card fee if you cancel early? I managed to get a refund for the annual card fee with my NAB frequent flyer card by cancelling after a month.

    • +1

      Usually most of the banks refund if you cancel within 3 months of renewal. Past experience with Commonwealth and Westpac

  • +1

    Applied 29-March at night, submitted 3-months worth of payslips via email, no response from within the 48 hr timeframe they indicated, emailed their follow up email referencing application number this morning, approved just now. No calls.

  • Thanks OP. Took 3 days to approve, but cards in the mail. The savings account I opened to be a customer doesn't charge the $5 fee if it has a $0 balance.

    • Is that the ANZ Online Saver? Doesn't it need to be attached to an existing anz transactions account?

  • -1

    Hi Everyone,
    I closed this credit card last year and unfortunately didn't request for my Lounge invitations. I still have other accounts with ANZ but wondering if i would be able to request the lounge invitations for the credit card that closed around 11 months ago.

    Thanks in advance

    • +2

      I'm pretty sure as soon as you close the account, you forfeit any benefits it has.

  • +1

    Got approved today. As my pay goes directly to an ANZ account so I didn't send the payslips at the beginning. Got a call next day saying because the payee name does not show my company name so they just need one payslip to be sure. Also confirmed a couple things as I forgot to list out Afterpay as a credit card. Then got a 2nd call Which I missed over the weekend. Today got a call to confirm a couple things then it is all approved. Pretty quick took 4 days overall I think.

  • +1

    I got rejected because I just started a contractor role(using ABN) at the end of last year, so the 2021 income tax statement can't proof my last 3 months income.

  • +1

    Has anyone approved, received a letter outlining the 160,000 QFF points? My letter today did not mention it at all

    • How long did it take for the snail mail to arrive from approval?

      • At least 5 business days.

        They will send you the card (bundled with T&Cs & promo) in one mail and another one for the PIN a day or two after. But with AusPost delay delivery, likely both of them arrived same time - at least with my card applied few months back.

      • Approved 31/3, received a pack yesterday, but no card yet.

        • Oh, i guess they would posted the card in separately - sorry, my memory is failing :(

          So you will get 3 envelops
          - promo/welcome package
          - card
          - PIN

          • @timhn: Got my card today. While the credit process was a bit frustrating, when approved, the rest of it was pretty smooth

            • @bluedufflecoat: Is there a letter that is supposed to outline the 160,000 bonus offer?

              • @neosushi: I didn't get one that said that, but some folks have said below that it should be ok, and take screenshots of the offer just in case

              • @neosushi: No. You will not get a letter. It is stored on the ANZ system however so you can call up and ask if you want to confirm you're eligible.

    • +3

      Normally they don’t mention it. They just send you the standard terms and paperwork for the card. The promotional offer is just linked to your card on their system. You can call up and check if you’re concerned.

    • +3

      As per the response from stirlo above, companies very rarely mention “the offer” in their paperwork. After 20+ card applications I might have seen it once, years ago! Always take a screenshot of the website landing page(s), just to be sure!

    • Exactly as the guys above have mentioned, they do not send this through at all.

      However, I would recommend calling them to verify… I'm an existing customer, and for some reason did not get the 160k applied to my card (I got the 100k + 30k for regular new customers). I had to spend some time with them and they are emailing their loyalty team to rectify this.

  • did you guys have to provide signed employment contracts as well? never heard of any cc company asking for that..

    • Yeah they asked for my contract as well even when i submitted 3 months of payslips

  • Applied on the 28th and still not approved.
    They came back to me 3 times already asking for different documents each time.
    last time I spoke to them on Friday, I was assured it will be approved as soon as I send through the last document they requested.

    • Not out of the norm but another typical disjointed group of people supposedly working together.

      Last guy I spoke to asked what interest rate I'm paying on my mortgage and I told him it's roughly x% but I need to find and confirm the exact number then he said I can just send the statement showing the repayment amount, which I did immediately. He also confirmed this is the last thing they need to finalise it. I confirmed twice because I was sick of dealing with these clowns

      Today's guy says my application was not progressing because they are waiting on the mortgage statement to confirm the repayment amount. Told him I already uploaded it. Then he says he also needs the interest rate updated in the system to finalise my application. I was fuming at this point but was looking it up then whether he hung up on me or what, I got disconnected. Got onto another person then she updated the interest rate (Not sure why. they already know my loan principal amount, redraw balance and the latest repayment amounts) and supposedly it will now be finalised. Reminds me why I have not applied for new credit cards in a while despite the free points available

  • +3

    Absolutely the most excruciating experience I've ever had with a CC application, and ultimately they've declined me. Amazing.

  • I already have a anz rewards black card with $15000 limit, which i am planning to cancel in September. Is there any chance that i will get approved for this card if i apply for it now?

    • +1

      You'll need to provide a bit more context mate, if you are on $80k probably not. But if you were on $800k I'd say you're a good chance :P

      • Lol, looks like i need to give it a miss then. 😅

        • Why not just cancel now if you have met the minimum spend for the rewards black?

          There is no benefit in holding the card if you are someone that churns!

          • @eastmeetswests: I am not in the game of churning cr cards yet but planing to. Just trying to figure out where i should spend my nearly 220k points then i will churn the card.

    • I already have anz rewards card with 6k limit and amex with 15k limit. 65k annual salary. Applied last week for this credit card and got approved after submitting the payslip and contract.

  • Finally got approved today. $40,000 limit (I asked for the $75K max just to see what they'd give me).

    I'd rarely spend more than $6k/m on a credit card, and always pay the balance in full each month. Anyway, yay. Now hopefully the 160,000 points is coming…

    • +4

      Why would you want the max limit if you don't need it?

      • Because I was curious to see what I could get…..I'll reduce the limit once I have my card.

        • Wow, you're virtually doing the opposite with everyone here!!!

          Your credit report is now with a credit card for $40K. I'm wondering if that will change if you request for reduction later.

          • @timhn: Well My Credit Score is still excellent after a $75k credit enquiry on it by ANZ. It went down about 10 points. I'm currently re-arranging a lot of my finance/insurance arrangements at the moment (just re-financed the home loan).

    • Just curious what kind of things would get you over 6k/m on a credit card (not saying its bad, but I don't get anywhere near that!). Don't have to answer if you don't like though :)

      • +1

        Well, my typical monthly spend is around $3.5-$4k a month. But I do sometimes have months where I buy a lot of board games, or IT gear, or my expensive bills which pushes my credit card spend up. When I bought my 83" LG C1 and Yamaha AX-A8A a few days apart, I hit close to $15k on my card.

        But I always pay off in full each month.

        • Ah, fair enough. Makes sense!

      • I have insurance renewal for 2 cars + house insurance due around a month apart. That and normal monthly spending could exceed $6K for that month.

  • So apparently if you are a sole trader, you need to have an active ABN for 2 years, or if you are new to work, must have been employed for more than 3 months. That's what I was told, anyone found a way to get around this?

    • if you are new to work, must have been employed for more than 3 months.

      Do you mean new to work as in your first job or just a new job? I'm screwed if they needed me to be at my curren place for 3 months..

      • New to work as in first job 🙂

  • After finishing I have an application number but no email received. When do they send the email?

    • mine was instant

      • Is the letter the one which asks you what documents to submit?

        • It took around 6 hours for me to receive the "Please upload your proof of income" email. Others in this thread have said they were approved without ever receiving one.

          • @stirlo: Yes, I thought I'd upload my 2 most recent payslips in anticipation. I hope they don't hassle me for anything more.

            • @unity1: They require 3 months. So if paid fortnightly 7 are needed. They wasted a bunch of time telling me this.

              • @stirlo: I thought the payslips had to show at least 3 months YTD income and if not that's when they will request additional payslips. If that's the case then I'm going to have to wait a couple of months before I can supply that many.

                • @unity1: They were very clear to me (and posters above) that the YTD figure was not enough and they required 3 months. I even uploaded 6 payslips when they asked for them but then they clarified they meant an additional 6 (I’d already uploaded 1 and added 5 more) as they need 3 months worth (7 total). Good luck but I don’t hold much hope for you.

                  If you read the comments here it’s full of ANZ assessor’s following a script and not deviating from it even in cases where it’s super obvious the income requirements have been met.

                  • @stirlo: Only 3 weekly payslips were requested

  • +2

    Surprisingly this application went through with no hassle. Took one day to approve n no call. Previous two applications a few years back was frustrating.

    • +1

      I applied ytd, uploaded everything but haven't heard anything from them…

      • same

        • +1

          Just got approved without further contact, actually surprised it took just 1 day..

  • As much as I hate ANZ with their fleet of customer service monkeys, this deal is too good to pass up

  • Received my card today. I've activated on my ANZ account but they want me to call them for it to appear? I haven't received the pin yet but was hoping to set it via online banking.

    • You'll need to do the pin through the ANZ app.

      • The card isnt appearing on the app even tho I've activated it through my account. I'll give them a call when their customer support opens.

        • Called their customer support on 13 13 14, and they linked the card to my ANZ internet banking account. I asked about waiving the annual fee due to my breakfree package, and they said they do not see any annual fee for me, so it must already be waived.

  • +1

    Applied Wednesday night, uploaded income/payslip files Thursday and got my approval Friday midday. Surprisingly easy after reading everyone else's comments.

    Though they did send me a message saying they would be calling, got a missed call from them and then 20 minutes later received a message saying my application has been approved…

    • If your salary is deposited into an ANZ account and your affairs are simple (no disbursements, income sources outside your salary, little in the way of other credit accounts) then you don't need to deal with ANZ's back office people.

      If you do, well, there's a reason there's 5 pages of people questioning their life choices.

      • I guess it's fairly simple. Salary plus rental income, though with two property loans and two other credit cards with a $21k limit already.

  • All I got was thank you for your submission. No accepted or rejected. Not even an email to confirm?

  • +1

    I applied (on PC) on the 02/04, website had issues and stalled at the submission page twice, so i changed to an iPad and it went through. Then 2 days later I received 3 x rejection emails. I called them as there would be no way I should be rejected…the person i spoke to asked if i did want the 3 x cards I applied for…..

    Took me a while to explain the error and now it is being reassessed. Had to upload 3 months (7 x) pay slips and an old $1k CC closure letter - now waiting on a response.

    • +3

      3 credit checks. Ouch!

      • Nope…only the one enquiry. That was on the 04/04 after i spoke to them, so the originals obviously didn’t even make it that far.

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