Poll on Academy Awards Incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Interested on a poll on who thinks Will did the right thing by slapping Chris Rock. Would you have done the same?

Personally I think if he wanted to make a stand he should have stood up and walked out, not gone down the path of physical assault.

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  • 43
    Yes, Will did the right thing and I’d do the same.
  • 14
    Yes, Will did the right thing, but I’d not do that same.
  • 15
    No, Will did the wrong thing but I’d do the same.
  • 1382
    No, Will did the wrong thing and I’d also not do the same.


  • +2

    That slap did two things.

    It’s perfect example of ‘a split second can destroy your entire life’ thing.

    It’s also perfect example of ‘not loosing cool in adverse situation would definitely make u a winner’ thing.

    Chris, you rocked.

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    Agree with op, if Will Smith walked out with his wife. Chris rock would have been the villain. Chris would have made headline and media would have been attacking Chris. Now Chris rock was now made a hero due to his reaction to Will Smith's slap. Chris rock gain even more points by not pressing any charges. Will Smith was initally adament not to apologise. Now he apologised. Hard to see Will Smith to act as a hero in a movie again. Almost feel like Will is trying to parent Chris.

    Will Smith later condems violence. Not sure if he truely believes it.

    Question, it will be interesting to find out the ozbargain members perception and may be Op to make another poll, if the person who made the joke is not Chris Rock but from a different ethnicity, would Will smith react differently?

    • -4

      Agree to an extent. I don't think Will's actions were okay. However I'm commenting repeatedly on here as we should acknowledge Chris still is a villain too. It's not coming out like that but it was such a poor taste joke. Unfortunately, I say I agree to an extent as I think it would have been swept under the rug, and verbal abuse in the form of publicly bullying someone over their medical condition / body image, particularly a young woman, wouldn't have made headlines - allowing Chris Rock to get away with it and causing mounting mental harm on young female alopecia sufferers.

    • -1

      Will Smith later condems violence. Not sure if he truely believes it.

      I think he should go home and slap his son.

  • +1

    was that a slap or just a very aggressive paper to rock

  • -1

    It was a terrible joke which got a terrible response. They're BOTH in the wrong IMO.

    Those cheap jokes are the ones which are based on something you have no control over, race, gender, disability etc.

    • +1

      ^ Yes, thank you.

    • +2

      It was a terrible joke which got a terrible response.

      It's like the jihadis killing the staff of Charlie Hebdo as they couldn't take a joke.

      • Both jokes were awful, the difference was the result of the response. One was a slap, one was murder. There's a difference there.

        As I've said, both jokes and both responses were awful.

  • +4

    He actually laughed until his wife Karened him.

    Shit joke, mental response, should be charged with assault.

  • +3

    Lame joke. Will Smith is a cuc k that has been the butt of jokes for years. He finally snapped that night.

    However, that is no excuse to behave that way knowing what the Oscars are meant to be like. This may set a dangerous precedent that anyone upset at a stand up comedian's bit, gives them the right to physically assault them.

    Will and Jada need to keep their private life private. No one wants to hear about that.

  • +1

    Will over compensating because Jada has him mind (profanity). Seriously watch the interview with her and him where she is talking about cheating and has zero regrets and is a straight sociopath. I feel pity for Will Smith because he has chained himself to that horrendous person to the point where he can't leave and even feels the need to defend her.

  • +5

    "Jada, I love you. GI Jane 2 — can't wait to see it, alright," Rock said.

    I understand it's about a medical condition she has no control over, but this has to be about the tamest joke possible about that. And it's even kind of positive? Relating it to a movie where a woman overcomes the selection process to become a Navy SEAL might feel empowering?

    A lot of people are accusing Rock of punching down and how terrible the joke was but it's not like he really went for the throat, not even close.

    • That needs cancelling like Gone With the Wind with the Cottonball Club / Cancel Culture BS Club around nowadays .

    • +2

      I agree the joke was not that bad. For many who don't follow celebrity culture, Jada's hairstyle could have been a fashion choice or for a specific role, like Natalie Portman.

      On closer inspection the joke does work on a deeper level though (perhaps unintentionally?). The actress who played the original GI Jane, Demi Moore, also cheated on her first husband.

  • +11

    Strip him of his Oscar and cancel him. Absolutely disgraceful.
    There is videos after the slap of him at the Oscars laughing and having a good time while Chris just looks confused. Absolutely no remorse. He never apologized to Chris in his speech and his post twitter apology was driven by his PR team.
    I liked him before this, but now not so. He literally assaulted him on live television.

  • What are the Oscars?

    • +2

      It's this play they put on once a year where they try to stage increasingly attention-grabbing stunts to bolster dwindling ratings and interest.

      • +1

        It's a show where incredibly wealthy people hand each other awards for doing their job well.

        They also thank God a lot for some reason.

    • +2

      It's the guy from sesame street he lives in a garbage can

      • +1

        Oh that guy! If anything, he deserves an Oscar

        • +1

          To be that guy, as chappel put it. "Oscar your such a grouch" yes I live in a garbage can and none of you are helping me!!!


    • a type of aquarium fish that has a pretty pattern

  • +6

    Nothing justified the assault. Disgraceful from Smith and then the whole fraternity giving him a standing ovation- what a laughable bunch of pricks.

  • +6

    IMO, the worst thing other than the act of violence itself, is that he attempts to justify it by saying by claiming love makes him do crazy things. P*ss off.

  • Oscars are such a boring show, Smith and Rock just invented a controversy to increase the viewers count :)

  • +4

    Clearly with a net worth of $360m he does what he damn well pleases. This is evident in the fact everyone just watched. He wansnt evicted and to date nothing has come of it.

    Probably staged though. No one would have known it was on if it wasn’t for the slap.
    Chris Rock didn’t even touch his own face. I can tell you that when someone gets slapped, their hand always goes to their face,if even for a

  • That's one way to end your career

    • As stated above 360m net worth… Not sure if ending career matters any more.

      • +1

        $100m within 3 years after the divorce and 10m per year in maintenance. She has lost respect for him as shown by her sleeping with her sons best friend the junkie and her not being remorseful. Will has just delayed the inevitable, he is under too much stress. But she will be the one to pull the pin on the grenade and hurl it at Will on her way out. I think he lost everyone's respect that night even if he impressed some people. The chance of thus lasting is close to 1% by my estimates.

  • +3

    It would have been so nice to go on Stage, take the Mic (or ask for one), and explain politely why it was a bad joke. That would have been a really powerful and positive moment..

  • Rock is lucky that Will Smith isn't a real rapper otherwise there would have been a drive by…

  • Biggest hit that night was to Will Smith's reputation.

  • +1

    will cuck simpth did not have the same energy for augustine.. only a smaller framed shorter guy he could handle.. I guarantee you he would have done nothing if THE ROCK was up there, he flushed his remaining career down the drain, I can see he wont be getting them big budget movies no more. see you can f##k his wife but just don't make fun of her bald head. the joke was so mild it deserved a "no laugh" response at best.

    funny thing is he was laughing until she gave him the look that's when will cuck thought to himself oh boy i better alpha up or she is gonna have another entanglement.. chris rock was a class act, professional, he could have doubled down and hit him with a few one liners that would destroy him after the slap but he kept is G and moved on with the set.. self destruction amongst the black community.

  • +1

    Someone starts abusing or threatening your wife on the street, by all means smack him. Someone makes a tame joke about your wife at a work function where roasting the attendees is part and parcel of the event? Yeah, no. Not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination.

    • -1

      Imagine if your wife/partner/child had cancer and an associate made a cancer joke. Not that it makes the slap OK, but I'd imagine it would be hard to hold back.

      • +3

        Alopecia isn't life threatening.

        • The point is that it's bad taste to joke about someone's medical condition.

          • +1

            @Ughhh: Male-pattern baldness (alopecia) is a medical condition that affects 66% of men by the age of 35. We can't make jokes about something that affects the majority of people in the world?
            Many females get alopecia too.

            • +1

              @xsacha: Why are you mentioning male vs female? It doesn't matter?

              You would make jokes about your bosses /higher ups medical condition at work? What's the percentage of people who are carrying extra weight in society? What about people with acne?

  • +1

    Where is the "It was fake, sponsored by pfizer, who are soon to release a Alopecia drug, and the Oscars ratings are tanking, and now everyone is talking about the oscars and Alopecia" poll option?

  • Didn't know the Oscars were on until I read about the incident on the news.

  • The Britannica will probably add his name to their dictionary, "To do a Will" -> to smack the shit out of someone.

    • I feel like if that's getting the shit smacked out of you then what is a real assault … Rock should have just kicked him in the nuts and rolled his shit fighting arse off the stage…

  • I feel like sometimes it is easy for people to say "If it was me…" but we were not and probably never had that kind of experience to be cast judgment whether he was right or not.

    Obviously violence is not an answer but when I used to work in a country Victoria, my tatoo-ed tanker driver mate used to say "If someone said something nasty about me mom, I'd sock him good". lol

  • +2

    The Academy said after the incident they asked Will to leave and he refuse .

  • If it happened in a backyard bbq? I would say Will did it fine. But this is the Oscar event.

  • At first glance I thought the subject said something about "Police Academy" and got all excited for a moment there. Oh well.

  • +2

    Had Chris Rock gone up and smacked Will Smith for making a joke, the whole world would cancel Chris Rock. The only reason this is even a debate is because of how much loved and popular Will is.

  • It was a media stunt, pure and simple. Chris and Will have been mates for years. This was on front page news which means:

    1) They are trying to distract us from the real stuff going on (Hunter Biden's laptop, Trump suing Hilary, etc.)
    2) To participate in a "humiliation ritual" an to advance the de-evolution of Hollywood (I'm sure some of us here know what that means).

    So please guys, understand that this post just proves how distracted we are with our "celebrities."

    • +1

      2020 called, they want their conspiracy theories back.

    • They are trying to distract us from the real stuff going on (Hunter Biden's laptop, Trump suing Hilary, etc.)

      Did Q tell you that?

    • Very possible re stunt. It is the Oscars. Does anyone even watch it?

  • +3

    Assault is assault. Doesn't matter who is doing it. Will is 100% responsible for his actions. Provocation is no defense.

  • -1

    Chris Rock's best days as a comedian have been over for quite a while. Seeing him a few years back all he could dwell on was his divorce and many of the problems he had, few laughs in that material and was quite disappointing for the ticket price, but I guess he had no money left and needed to pay the bills or thats what it felt like.

    So knowing Will's been cuck'd and is obviously having a lot of problems himself in his marriage to then go after his wife with off script jokes a couple of times it's obvious there is beef there, maybe she's turned him down?? It's still poor form given the fake tears he has about his own failed marriage.

    That said it all seemed very fake, faker than the regular hollywood BS and were it not for the slap that was in the script it would have been another irrelevant awards ceremony that passed without the bulk of us knowing.
    This is the same awards ceremony that Amy Schumer (alleged comedian) wanted to get Volodymyr Zelensky to do a comedy bit via satellite with her, all of these people are so far disconnected from reality that it's quite embarrassing and even more of a reason that no one watches them.

  • I can't imagine how I would feel being in a room with so many people laughing at a joke made about me. Even if I was a confident person I feel like that would be tough. And an extension of that, be very difficult for my loved ones to hear and not react. But the type of reaction itself and violence is wrong. I'm prob gonna get neged but does anyone think there'd be more uproar if it was a white person instead of black? Anyone else here about the black guy that sucker punched the white track runner in Florida? I say this because the blatant violence feels so wrong, but the track race continued. What are we becoming?

    • -1

      Just remember… You should never go to a stand-up comedy or to any event presented by a comedian, including Oscar ceremonies.
      You might want to keep some distance from people in general because some of them have a sense of humour and might make bad jokes, without trying to be offensive.

      If Chris was white, he'd be cancelled straight away and would never be able to step on a stage again because everyone will say it's about race, which is clearly not. There is no reason for you or anyone else to link the bad joke to race, unless you are of the "opinion" that Chris Rock is "not black enough".

      If Will was white, he'd be in jail for aggression directed to a black man (the "reasons" for the slap would be irrelevant).

      I can be neged, but this will still be true as negative votes don't change the society.

  • He Is known as Dick Smith now

    • -1

      He can't be known as Dick Smith in Australia… That'd be very confusing… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Smith_(retailer)

      • Was just a joke lol

        • I know… 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • -1

    If I was Will, I'd (probably) involuntarily make a face showing that the joke was not nice. Chris would probably feel ashamed of himself.

    If I was Jada, I'd (probably) involuntarily make a face showing that the joke was not nice. Chris would probably feel ashamed of himself. I think Jada did exactly that. The bad taste joke didn't go well.

    If I was Jada, after Will slapped Chris, I'd (probably) be shocked for a few minutes. Then, at home, I'd ask "what the (profanity) are you doing? why did you do that? Are you a (profanity) psycho? I can take care of myself without slapping someone. Now, please, sign those papers and let's end this amicably while we can."

    Jada is not my friend, but I have a feeling that she didn't appreciate Will's reaction.

    • There is a slight chance you may be right about Jada not wanting this type of attention….

      Even while she revealed her medical condition on tv, its likely only people who followed her career actually knew about it….

      Now everybody who learns of her existence has the image (possibly) of the 'women with alopecia who cheated on her husband Will Smith' or maybe just 'Will Smith's wife who has alopecia'

      Not a positive first impression considering she has who own career too. (Maybe any publicity, is good publicity?)

  • Will Smith got in a little fight about his wife's hair,
    He should be moving in with his aunt and uncle in Bel air

    I think that is the only suggestion I have heard that might save his career

  • Will was DEFINITELY in the wrong. New details has emerged that he was asked to leave, but he refused. I didn't know that's an option when you are asked to leave a premises lmao.

    Not only did he refuse to leave, they gave him an award.

  • How is this thread bargain related?

    • +2

      Chris Rock got a free slap, and bonus verbal tirade.

  • +1

    I used to be in the media , movie making industry. My look at it:
    1. The slap was scripted. Will laughs. Jada was surprised. Jada did not know about scripted joke or slap.
    2. Will does as the script says. Walks slaps. Chris plays slapped with his smile on the face unchanged.
    3. Will walks back still smiling and sees his wife's face - angry and upset.
    4. He has to naturally reflect wife's reaction to abusive G.I Jane joke to avoid issues with his wife and he doesnt want to admit he knew about the joke. He shouts at Chris.
    5. Chris' smile is faded. He doesn't act, he is confused. He reminds Will that it is scripted joke: " It is G.I Jane joke"
    6. Will afraid Chris is about to say it and shouts again using f word to shut Chris up before he said it was scripted.
    7. Chris is totally down. He is just reading the lines on auto pilot without any emotions and acting.
    Conclusion: Slap is scripted. Will's verbal abuse is not. He was protecting himself . Hence in the Oscar speech he mentioned abuse and protecting family thing. It was too much tears as it was cover up for the recent verbal abuse of Chris Rock.
    They cannot reveal that the joke and slap are scripted as it shows Will is not a good partner. Hence when Will brought apologies he never mentioned the slap but ".. all kinda abuse" or similar to it paraphrasing.
    Stupid joke. Will should not have agreed to stage it, the verbal abuse is cover up which was necessary at the situation protecting himself and his relationship. I am sure he will fix it with Chris outside the theater. Any fame is still a fame.

    • +1

      As compugrid says..
      This is Oscar, everything was just acting..

    • +4

      I also work in media and this level of aggression including the language would never have been allowed as part of the script.

      This was definitely an explosive moment that was unscripted.

      • The language is a dead giveaway something is wrong .
        I'd also add that look of hate on Will's face as well especially in the eyes .

      • Definitely agree that it was unscripted.

  • Just the usual I've got more money than you so I can do whatever I want.

  • America…

  • Will had every right to be upset, except he didn't have the composure nor the right to physically hit Chris Rock.

    what seems deluded is if in Chris's position was a white man, or even a female comedian, would Will smith have acted the same way? and if he did, would that have ended differently? as much as i hate to say it but it would have been more of an outrage and instant reprimand. now it's just 2 black fellows who had an altercation on stage.

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