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Kayo Basic $5 Per Month for 3 Months for New Customers Only @ Kayo


Last day of this deal. 3 months of Kayo Basic for $5 per month, then price reverts to standard pricing, $25 per month. For New Customers Only

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  • +1

    Can we watch the Melbourne F1 GP with the basic version today?

    • Yes

      • Beat me by 5 seconds apparently! :P

    • Yep

    • Great thanks for the replies guys.

      Anyone know how the stream quality will compare to 10 Play for the race today?

    • Is it not on 10? If not I might do this.

      • +6

        No Ads during live sessions and in my case prefer Sky's pre and after-show broadcast.

        • +2

          Wish I'd watched the race on Kayo instead of 10. The commentary team was terrible. :(

        • +2

          Yeah they started with ads during the yellow flags, I was like ok can live through this. Then they started pumping ads during the race…that's when I lost it.

          Skys commentary and content is far superior.

  • Just a week after my WA Cricket deal finished. Perfect.
    Does anyone know if new customers are identified by just email or payment method as well?
    And if the latter, is this a use case for disposable virtual cards like Revolut offers?

    • +8

      New customers are identified by phone number

  • -1

    Shows me 14 days free trial only.

    • +2

      Did you enter the code NETBALLVIC?

      • Thank you Borg.

      • At what point do you get the option to add this code? After clicking “start subscription” ?

  • Can you cancel just before the 3 months ends?

    • +9

      You can cancel anytime. Even if you cancel after 2 months and 1 day (3rd billing period), you’ll still have access until your full 3 months are up.

      • +3

        Thanks for explaining D1977, greatly appreciated.

  • +18

    Just as a PSA, I would like to share my experience with Streamotion (Binge/Kayo). I attempted to create an account with them only to find that my number was already associated with an account (not mine). I had only just gotten this number and it is entirely possible that someone had an account associated with this number previous to me. I contacted their support team about the issue and explained that I never have had an account with them. They proceeded to distribute the personal information of the person who had my phone number associated with their account to me with no prompting and no verification that the information was my own.

    Use their services at your own risk. I have reported the incident to the OAIC and hopefully this company does better in the future, but I would think twice about using a company's services when they treat private information the way they have here.

    • +4

      So did u end up getting the account?

      • +4

        No, I decided against it. I don’t feel like supporting the company when they clearly have no interest in protecting their users.

    • +5

      Pretty ironic that a company owned by a company partially owned by Telstra is not competent with mobile phone number management regulations (both privacy and number recycling). As someone who works in the industry though i am not surprised in the least. Definitely report and complain, this sort of stupidity or laziness should should not be tolerated.

    • +1

      They also had previously messed up my payment for a deal they had on (even showed the expected / discounted amount at the ‘payment’ screen when I was finalising the purchase) and when I calmly contacted them and asked for it to be resolved, they literally told me too bad and they won’t be refunding or adjusting. Luckily I was able to get a chargeback done pretty quickly through my bank, but for that reason alone I’ll never recommend this Murdoch trash.

      • +2

        That’s honestly really disappointing to hear. If you have a screenshot of the chat history, I would encourage you contact the ACCC to let them know. If this is a problem that a lot of customers have with them they may eventually step in to audit their business practices.

        • I’ll have to check to see if I kept them, but I think after getting the chargeback from the bank I probably didn’t. There was actually quite a few people on ozbargain who had the same issue, I believe it was a Telstra deal where you got 2-3 months for $5 a month and they were just charging people the full 20-25 or whatever it was at the time.

  • +2

    Seems like you have taken up a similar offer in the past so you’re not eligible for this one. The great news is we can offer you these packages instead.

    I am getting this message, even when im using a new mobile and email. AND NO PACKAGES BEING OFFERED !!

    • time to pony up then

  • +2

    $2 sim makes anyone a newbie

    • +1

      If you have already used KAYO and want to take advantage of the "new customer" deal, then if you have another SIM card in your tablet or other device then you can register with this phone number.

    • which SIMs can be activated for $2? I'm under the assumption that you can only activate a mobile number with a paid plan. so the cheapest would be a vodafone $9 SIM when on sale

      • Optus Flex: $1 per day. Buy one day, get new number, sign up, cancel optus.

  • +1

    VB cases have 2 months free for new customers

    • +2

      But VB.

    • +1

      Can you return the VB afterwards🤮

    • -1

      Drink horse piss then see some horse power on kayo

  • Dang I literally just signed up for the telstra deal.

    Has the bitrate got worse on Kayo? Don't remember it being so shitty.

    • +2

      Looks great here. 75” Samsung. Watching AFL and F1.

      • Are you watching split screen via a Kayo app/Chromecast or have you got a computer feeding via HDMI into the TV? I didn't think splitview was available on dedicated Samsung Kayo apps or via Chromecast.

        • Not watching them at the same time. Sorry.

  • Thankyou :)

  • Anyone know if existing customers get any special offers ? ive only been with kayo for 3 months .

    • Discounted gift cards at Colesworth

  • +2

    Registered with an existing Binge account that had no prior sub to Kayo. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    $1 pre auth charge.
    I used a mastercard gift card that had 15.97, so now it's got 9.97 for the last two months…..

    • It's a hold, not a charge.
      It will be refunded in a week or so.

      • I used a different Coles gift mastercard to start 14 day free trial, didn't realise the $1 was taken. That was last Sunday 3rd and not yet returned so will have to wait and see

  • I have used kayo on all available mobile numbers mine and the mrs. Don't have time to duck out to buy a sim to get this deal which ends tonight. Is there no other way to get this deal?

    • +1

      If you have an esim phone then the optus flex prepaid could be the way to go, then cancel it after verification with kayo.

      No idea how long it would take to activate an esim with optus as you've only got a few hours left.

  • Cheers OP! 🍻

  • +1

    My Telstra 5 dollar offer ends at the end of May and becomes 15 a month. Not paying that since it doesn’t do epl, champions league and most probably not the World Cup

    hopefully there’s a similar deal to this at that time

  • I can't believe I missed this!!!

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