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PUMA Extra 50% off Sitewide (Except 'Excluded from Promotions' Items) + 25% Cashback @ Cashrewards (27% for Max, Expired 20/04)


A great Family & Friends offer from PUMA until April 27. Apply code CASHREW50 at cart for discount. If an item is already discounted, you still get an extra 50% off. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Stack with Cashrewards for 12% cashback (15% for Max, uncapped). Ensure you click ‘Shop Now’ from Cashrewards prior to purchase. Ends 23/04/22.

Stack with Cashrewards for 25% cashback (27% for Max, capped at $30 per member) expired 20/04/22.

CASHREW50 code valid until 27th April 2022, and while stocks last. Offer valid against all eligible items - any ineligible items will have a flag denoting 'EXCLUDED FROM PROMOTIONS'. For full list of exclusions, see the exclusions page on PUMA's website. Promo code must be applied at checkout to apply discount. Without use of promo code, offer will not be applied to sale. Offer valid for 50% off full price and an extra 50% off sale items.

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  • Sale not showing up yet?

    • +5

      Im gonna pooma pants waiting

  • +1

    It is for me.

  • +8

    Puma change there sales prices depending on promos like these. Like many stores i guess. Just annoying when you look at items over time then you get a discount like this, to go back and see the sale price has
    Cashback id say makes the deal here

    • the nrgy comet youth shoes i bought for $33 in february are now $55.

      unless you're ordering heaps, waiting for a free shipping promo is more worth it.

      • +1

        There is often extra 20% 30 or 40 and the price is often the same in the end or very close.
        I purchased some sale stuff a few weeks ago and its all higher priced now

      • -2

        If they're $55 marked now then they would be $27.50 after the code, so cheaper than when you purchased them. What's the problem?

        • +2

          if they stayed $33, they'd be $16.50 now.

  • +6

    They should call it Excluded from Promotion Sale

  • +37

    Great deal OP just a shame it is puma.

    Just going to put this out there for peoples info.


    • +7

      Damn, thanks for the heads up.

    • -18

      If they're a target of BDS, more reason to support them.
      Might make a purchase.. thanks

      • +4

        Wow, what a great human!

        • +19

          You seem to think it's a one sided issue - good v bad, oppressors v oppressed. It's not.

          I'd ask anyone considering supporting BDS - what is the motivation of the people organizing it, and who are they?

          What does the boycott actually hope to achieve? Does it work?

          Do you hold the same standards to other contexts in which minorities are treated much worse? If not, then why not.

          • +5

            @Strange1: Great questions. I'll answer all of the above with a question.

            Has the Russian BDS worked? Why are all these companies supporting Ukraine since it has been invaded but can't support other countries that are invaded?

            Puma supports Ukraine but supposedly doesn't support "any political direction, political parties or governments".

            As a member of the world, as a fellow human, that cares about all lives including animals (yes, I eat meat since that it the purpose of some animals) I stand with those that are massacred regardless of which side. If a BDS will help end suffering of millions of innocent kids, than I am all for it.


            • -20

              @Suspect420: Parts of your clothes or tech most likely are sourced from Chinese slaves..
              You either don't know or don't care about it.

              Meanwhile, regarding BDS, in fact the Palestinians/Hamas are the aggressors and Israelis are defending themselves.

              Also, which animals' 'purpose' is to keep you fed, and who decided this? Did you ask the animal directly if they are ok with it?

              • +10

                @mick123: No surprise here and you summed up the whole situation very well, great to see people aren't taking sides blindly and to see your unbiased view on the aggression of Palestinian towards Israel. Shame on those Palestinian kids being so aggressive and harassing the Israeli military destroying their homes.

              • +2

                @mick123: Education my friend.
                Dont make the news channels or social networks educate you, do your own proper research.

                • -6

                  @abpdroid: I do, my friend, that's how I know I am right.
                  In fact, most news outlets (esp US and Europe) take the anti Israel side..

                • @abpdroid: It's critical thinking, critical literacy and ability to do research.

              • +6

                @mick123: True mate, Palestinians should be deprived of basic human rights and their land. Their kids and women deserve to be killed and they shouldn't be aggressive toward Israelis for grabbing the land….

                PS: Before I get downvotes, I am just being sarcastic.

              • @mick123: Lol. Lol. Lol.

            • +9

              @Suspect420: Putin's invasion of Ukraine can't be compared with an ongoing dispute in the Middle East. While you may not support Israel they have offered numerous peace agreements and did defend themselves in 1967 from external forces. That's where the land disputes largely stem from. Yes, people talk about settlements but in reality BDS wants pre-1967 borders.

              Most people in Israel do want a 2 state solution and given it's a democracy the government has been pressured to tread carefully. They also gave up Gaza in 2005. The problem with BDS amongst many other things is they often target Jewish businesses that are unaffiliated with Israel furthermore they target companies like Sodastream which ended up firing a whole heap of Palestinians that were on above avg wages which increases tensions and further reduces prospects of peace.

              Even if you had no problem with the above, it's still odd that you'd target Puma but happily use Intel, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook etc which all heavily fund operations in Israel.

              • @machej: Here Here well said… Ironic we have keyboard worriers calling to BDS Israel typing this stuff on their computers with processors designed in Israel!

            • +1

              @Suspect420: Thanks for your response. I hope you have reconsidered your point of view of implying someone is of poor character (if i understood your initial comment) for opposing a boycott when I think most would agree it's clearly not a black and white issue.

              I'm quite puzzled by your statement "I'll answer all of the above with a question" - when i think anyone looking at your response objectively (irrespective of their stance on BDS) would agree that you have not, apart from most likely the "Does it work" part. Perhaps i'm wrong about that.

              I'll take the time out of my day to respond to your question, but i would appreciate you doing the same for me. Particularly my last question.

              1) Has the Russian BDS worked?
              Well i don't think believe that the acronym really is transferable here and I don't agree that BDS and the actions by countries and companies in the case of Russia are equivalent - but if i understand the spirit of your questions correctly - yes I believe the sanctions imposed on Russia by many countries will likely be squeezing Putin at the hip pocket, and hopefully it will have some positive impact. Do i think McDonalds pulling out of Russia, and people boycotting specific Russian brands etc., no. It's the country level sanctions that will have the impact.

              2) Why are all these companies supporting Ukraine since it has been invaded but can't support other countries that are invaded?
              Puma supports Ukraine but supposedly doesn't support "any political direction, political parties or governments".

              I don't really understand this question - but i think you are accusing Puma of being hypocritical in supporting Ukraine, but not the Palestinian cause (and this is demonstrated because they sponsor a football team?). Is that right? Well companies can do what they like, but moreso they probably don't really have a choice - in order to comply with the sanctions set by the relevant world powers.

              Countries have been near universal on this, and quickly. Yet i'm not aware of any countries that comply with BDS which has been around for a while (no doubt there are some, in particular thinking of those who do not have relations with Israel).

              3) "I stand with those that are massacred regardless of which side. If a BDS will help end suffering of millions of innocent kids, than I am all for it."

              At face value, I agree with the sentiment of what you have written, but it's a fairly simplistic motherhood statement (I mean who would support either massacres or suffering of innocent kids). But in my opinion that statement is not relevant. I'm tempted to touch on my thoughts on complex issues of the nature of any 'massacres', and who is responsible for the suffering of innocent kids in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute but i don't think this is the place.

              • +2


                I mean who would support either massacres or suffering of innocent kids

                Whilst I agree with some of your views but again as you have said it is very simplistic to think it is that simple. At the core of it it is about race and I bet you there are a lot of people who would be indifferent to it if they weren't white kids. As an example look at what is happening in Yemen, how much of a reaction have their plight had over the several years of continues war, and instead of criticising or doing anything about it, everyone is arming and supporting the oil producing nations attacking Yemen. After all it is about money and self interest and has nothing to do with human right bull crap that we hear about that only applies to the plight of Israelis and Ukrainians.

          • +3

            @Strange1: Anyone that supports BDS but doesn't support boycotts of China over the Uighurs or any of the multitudes of other countries that are in conflict with minorities must be motivated by some other form of animus towards Israel - I wonder what that could be.

            • +1

              @Almost Banned: I support all people that are suffering under the terror regimes including the Uighurs. All of us have a choice to either treat people with respect or to be a filthy grub. I choose the former.

              As to the argument of Palestinians being the aggressors, can you please explain the logic on why Palestine has almost vanished with all the illegal Israeli settlements taking place? https://interactive.aljazeera.com/aje/palestineremix/phone/m...
              Perhaps you can educate us on the free money, land and home packages offered to Zionist Jews to immigrate to Israel noting those homes including the furnishings belong to people who have been forced out via threats, abuse, torture, prison and murder.

              • -2

                @Suspect420: Palestine has vanished because Palestine is actually the name given to homeland of Jewish state (yes jews) to which it was changed to Israel in 1948 when that state was declared independent. Around 15 years later the term became adopted by Arabs residing in west bank and gaza territories to proclaim significant right the land. The letter 'P' doesn't even exist for 'Palestine' own native arabic language. They have since waved conflict after conflict to try and noodle a state for themselves (which Israel would be happy to agree to if their security was upheld and have tried many times to offer) all while their own unchallenged and unelected leaders pocket millions in Aide from other countries to live in mansions but then force "refugees" to not accept aide or a better life just to prove their 'cause'. Those at the sh!t end of the stick are brain washed into extremism and terrorism. Unfortunately It'll just be a never ending cycle. When it comes to BDS, this is the most counter productive ever because all they do is boycott companies that hire and give jobs to Arabs from Palestinian territories so by trying to cut them off at the knees all they are doing is cutting off hard working Arabs trying to feed their owns families. the affect in many cases is terrorism where those neutralized are paid money from PA to their families. If anything you shouldn't follow BDS because the people they hurt most are the people the say they are 'helping'. it can be said that BDS creates an environment for supporting terrorism so by doing the same are linked to the same notion.

                • -1

                  @Gavman: Where the name originates or does not originate from is a moot point. But something we can all agree on is that Israel is an extermist state that has been systemically brainwashing and militarising it's youth to commit genocide on a minority and uses America's backing to justify it to the world.
                  If you think that Israel would agree to an independent Palestinian state then you need to be educated and maybe look up how Israel does land grabbing and builds settlements. Why give up anything tangible (land food etc) when you can erase a people from existing is the ideology that Israel follows. And I am more than happy to boycott any organisation that supports this directly or indirectly.

          • -1

            @Strange1: It is a one sided issue and very clearly a good vs bad issue as well.
            State sponsored genocide and building illegal settlements = bad
            Treating people with dignity and not leveling hospitals = good

            Why support BDS. I would ask, why have so many organisations come out to boycott Russia if it doesn't work ?
            I would also ask would you ethically/morally support a present day Nazi Germany ?

            • +1

              @pompompom: I would suggest you read my earlier lengthy post where i've outlined my views.

              The fact that you only see it as a one sided dispute and good v bad suggests to me that you either have a vested interest and can't debate the issue objectively, or you are incapable of doing so.

              For future reference you can also argue for the Palestinian cause more effectively by not using terms such as 'genocide' incorrectly. Your argument that Israel is 'bad', the other side 'good' is a subjective opinion. I can't factually prove you wrong (although i could make a convincing case). Genocide just doesn't apply to this situation by any definition. You are trying to use it as a emotive term, but it really undermines your credibility not to mention cheapen real instances of genocide that have occurred in the past and are going on currently. Send me a PM if you'd like to discuss this further in an objective way.

              • -1

                @Strange1: I don't have an invested interest but it seems like you definitely do probably by proxy/faith which is why you are hell bent on undermining the suffering of these people and suggesting that the only way to protest or show disapproval of it is stupid. It is however something I've read up extensively on since somewhat 30k civilans were killed by Israel in 2018 alone in their so called war of defense. And I am definitely not undermining the meaning of genocide. When a population is being actively withheld of basic necessities such as food and water (look up Gaza), children are shot on streets, hospitals are bombed (look up Israeli human right abuses) and lands are occupied via illegal settlements, any person without a vested interest would not try to undermine what these ppl are going through and not call it genocide.

                • @pompompom: Thank you - your post has done much more than i ever could to prove my point. I hope you please do not delete it.

                  You have cited 30,000 civilians were killed in 2018 by Israel, and qualified this statement that you have read up extensively on it. So could you please point me to any source - i'll even take a BDS source or wikipedia - because that is certainly contrary to what i understand.

                  You are making emotional statements surrounding the Palestinian people that do not address my comments about genocide. As with the 30,000 figure, you are simply distorting cold hard facts. I would suggest the founders of BDS would think your statements as undermining their own argument.

                  I don't really appreciate you making attributions that I am in some way trying to undermine the suffering of people because I oppose the BDS movement. I don't think at any point in my response to you or to others have I ever tried to minimize anyone's suffering. Again you do major discredit to any argument you put forth by implying so.

                  • -2


                    You have cited 30,000 civilians were killed in 2018 by Israel, and qualified this statement that you have read up extensively on it. So could you please point me to any source - i'll even take a BDS source or wikipedia - because that is certainly contrary to what i understand.

                    Contrary as in the Palestinians killed 30,000 Israelis?

                    One thing that confuses me the most is that a group that claims to have suffered at the hands of Nazis are doing the same thing to a different group of people. You would think they would have learnt the horrors of what happened to them to not dish the same thing on other human beings.

                    • @nadan: Did 30,000 people get killed by Israelis in 2018?

                      I have a number of issues with your last paragraph - but to be honest i really do not want to get into this here. But please feel free to PM me if you want to continue the conversation. It's well beyond discussing BDS, and certainly well beyond discussing the merits of the bargain.

                    • -1

                      @nadan: OK despite what i said - i feel i need to follow this up

                      1) "claims to have suffered at the hands of Nazis" - the word claims appears to me that you are denying that this is fact. Could you confirm?

                      2) "that a group ….are doing the same thing to a different group of people" - are you implying that a group (presumably Jewish people) are collectively responsible for any actions carried out by the Israeli government? Are you implying that citizens of Israel (presumably not the Arab ones) are responsible?

                      3) "would have learnt the horrors of what happened to them to not dish the same thing"
                      Are you equating the suffering of (presumably) Jewish people during the Holocaust, as being the same as what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinian people?

      • -1

        100x negs

        Awful human

        • -3

          Well since you said it, it must be true

    • +18

      Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association. The Football Association.

      So that's a good enough reason to boycott them? The irony is that many calling for this boycott likely use Apple products and wear Nike clothing.

    • Yeah, looks like Puma took over the deal from "big brother" Adidas. Bad press might affect renewal of the deal.

    • +4

      Thanks! I'm going to stop buying Puma.

      Also I've noticed their quality in products has gone down over the last couple of years. F*** Puma.

    • +1

      Could never do anything to support Hamas

      • -1


        Soo many sheep on the Anti-Israel train. 😅

        And this is coming from someone who grew up on said train..

    • -2

      I hear Israelis also breath air and drink water, maybe you should boycott doing that too

    • Well there goes 90% of my clothes. Damn, did not know this. Thanks.

    • thanks for the heads up, almost bought some running gear. Not anymore.

    • Surprising so many people choose to boycott Puma over what is not a one-sided issue, but that so many turn a blind eye to Uniqlo's complicity in human rights abuses (almost entirely a one-sided issue) and the catastrophic environmental impacts of every fast-fashion retailer's (most retail brands which are posted on OZB) operations.

      • -2

        How is state sponsored genocide not a one sided issue ? Stop minimising other ppls suffering for likes.

  • +1

    Works for outlet items as well. Pretty good deal

  • +1

    Now need free shipping code.

    • +2

      $100 for free shipping. So really $75 if taking into account Cashback.

  • +17

    Can I just say how much I appreciate how clear they are about what is excluded from the sale?

    It's so frustrating finding something I want during a site wide sale and having to go through the whole rigmarole of adding to cart, remembering the code, entering it, and going to check out only to then find out it's not part of the offer.

    Little touches like this are what makes an online shopping experience pleasant rather than a chore.

  • Worked for outlet as well. Bought 4 pair of kids shoes for $110 (free shipping over $100) + potentially another 25% if cashreward worked. Very good price.

  • This is great!

  • +17

    my time has come

    • +3

      Pants excluded

    • Username definitely checks out!

  • +5

    Just spent 10 minutes on the site and is it really bad that even with a 50% discount there is nothing I want?

  • ‘Sitewide’ sale where 95% of items are excluded from the sale…. Good work Puma

    • +1

      No way its 95%.

      Maybe 30% at most from the shoes I was looking at

  • Thanks! Got the wife some $120 running shoes for $28.50 delivered.

  • +7

    Did you know Puma and Adidas are brothers.
    They split up and started their own businesses.

    One started Puma and the other Adidas. They were also Nazis. Fun fact for today.

    • I’m guessing in the split Adidas got German engineering creativity circa 1932-1940 and Puma 1941-1945?

      …. I’ll get my coat….

    • -1

      Funner fact: a similar thing happened with the founder of Aldi. He split with his brother, who then formed Lidl.

  • +2

    $160 shoes for $51 delivered (express post).

    In hindsight I should have just ordered shoes for wife and kids too to save on Postage.

    Would I normally buy Puma shoes? Nope these are my first but amazing how often I sort Low to High pricing then find something to buy

  • It's sort of amazing how almost none of the shoes in the shop have robust wet weather outsoles.

  • 50% off brings it down to a more realistic price

  • Missed out on the midseason sale that was 40% off with 10% cash rewards.
    Get this email this morning (y)

  • Awesome! Stocked up on kids shoes!

  • would partial cashback be paid, if Puma cancels one of the items from the total order?

    • Also curious as one item was refunded for OOS

  • +3

    @tightarse order total is $101 including $9GST but cashback tracked for AUD 82.84. any reason for this? Shipping was free

    • +4

      Hi pyramid.
      TA is OOO, but we're looking into this as we speak with the store as it appears a number of members may be affected.
      Feel free to PM me directly, but I'll report back once we have an update.
      Thank you.

      • +2

        Same here for me, $120 order total, $98.18 tracked. Would be great to have an update here once you have info, rather than everyone sending PMs.

        • Hi,
          Please send your order confirmation to [email protected] and then PM me the ticket number and I'll get them sorted out asap.

          • +1

            @minita: Can you recalculate and correct the cashback amount for everyone without us having to send in order confirmations individually?

            • +1

              @purple1: Hi. This is what PUMA and the affiliate agency is working on as we speak. They are fully aware of the issue and we're hoping an auto-adjustment takes place sooner rather than later for everyone. Thanks.

      • I have the same issue. I spent $121.25 including GST but only got tracked for $99.2

        • Hi RichardF89.
          Thanks, We are aware of the issue.
          Please see my comment above https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12026329/redir

          • @minita: I have the similar issue, total price is $102.50 with free shipping, only $20.96 shown in my account !

            • @rjb: Hi,
              Please send your order confirmation to [email protected] and then PM me the ticket number and I'll get them sorted out asap.

          • @minita: Same issue here. $120 order total, $98.18 tracked. Watching this thread for updates.

            • +1

              @S2200: Hi,
              Please send your order confirmation to [email protected] and then PM me the ticket number and I'll get them sorted out asap.

      • Thanks for looking into this. I also got it tracked lower.

        • Hi,
          Please send your order confirmation to [email protected] and then PM me the ticket number and I'll get them sorted out asap.

          • +1

            @minita: Hi, I had the same issue and have send you the ticket number.

          • @minita: @minta I also had the same issue, too. PMed you the ticket number

    • lol.

      I didn't even noticed that but yeah mine is similar. exactly $10 difference between the actual and the tracked one. :)

      • Hi,
        Please send your order confirmation to [email protected] and then PM me the ticket number and I'll get them sorted out asap.

        • Where do we see ticket number …I forwarded order confirmation to email you mentioned [email protected]

          • @pyramid: the ticket number is in the automated response from Cashrewards

  • +1

    Ok. here is what I bought

    For kicking about the house / walking around


    For going to the gym (2 pairs)


    Also for the gym


    Grand Total $142.50

    Cash rewards has already shown as tracked

    AUD 29.15

    So just over $110 for 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, not bad

  • Lots of exclusions unfortunately

  • Got some great deals!

  • +1

    spend $121.25 includes GST only tracked $24.80 cashback with $99.2 spent. It should be $27.5 cashback with $110 spent (exclude gst)

  • Anyone else getting an AC Milan shirt? They might win serie a this year…😅

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