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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 Digital $599.95 (OOS), Disc $850 (with Horizon Forbidden West or GT7) @ EB Games ($200 Deposit Req.)


Digital version available or disc bundles with GT7 or Horizon West.

Preorder - Wed 27 Apr 2022.

Digital for $599.95 SOLD OUT
Disc only comes in bundle $850

EDIT: Thanks for clearing up title. I was in a rush to get it listed

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    • -2

      May want to refund that GT7… game has terrible user reviews.

      • And use that money to buy HFW lol

  • +1

    finally got one, still available at top ryde

  • +1

    At this point I might just wait for the PS5 Pro, lol.

    • I feel like with it being constantly sold out for a year and a half, and no exclusives that'll be quite awhile off.

  • You can always eBay the game later anyway

  • +1

    the only reason id buy a ps5 is if there is a must have game that only exists on ps5. think along the lines of a naughty dog release or a rockstar games release, as of right now there is not game that is a must play in my opinion

    • This is true - I bought a PS5 in 2020 and sold it because nothing to play.

      I now have migrated to GT7 as they've fixed a few things, and that runs well on my ps4 pro.

      Bought the GT7 bundle, I think really, to sctatch an itch and rarity.

      • +1

        facts, nothing worth playing imo, to me what's worth playing is like the last of us or uncharted or GTA. idk why you got negged..

    • Thanks for your opinion. I've decided not to get one based on this alone.

    • I bought my PS5 pretty soon after launch with the expectation that Horizon Forbidden West would be coming out "soon"…

  • Thanks finally got one! now to find a 'good value' wheel.. Logitech? any suggestions?

    • +1

      Logitech G923. Keep your eye out for any sales. I personally use the G29. Does the job!

  • +1

    I got the Digital Edition of PS5 and I'm happy. I don't intend on trading games back in or selling them. PSN store does have higher prices, but regular sales. No swapping discs to change games. Quiet console without any optical drive spinning up. All media including 4K i stream to my Nvidia Shield Pro or the PS5, so I don't need the optical disc for 4k blurays etc…

    • +3

      Fair enough if that works for you but I personally cannot justify paying $125 for a launch game that I know I will want to play close to launch - God of War Ragnarok for example, when I could have walked into JB on launch day and picked it up for $20-30 less. That only has to happen a few times this entire generation and I am already ahead.

      • All new games usually go on sale in the PSN store about 1-2 months after release and I don't have to leave my home office to buy it. Most of the games I have on Digital PS5 I got during the Easter sale at 30,50 or even 60% off RRP. The only time that didn't work was WWE 2K22, which I got a day before it went on sale lol.

        Each to their own, but I appreciate the convenience factor of Digital PS5. I don't have to visit a shopping centre to purchase a game. I have about 50 phsyical PS4 games that do nothing but take up space. In my 30s I've gained a higher appreciation for cleanliness and decluttering lol

        • You do know you can buy digital games with a console with a disc drive right? and shouldn't make noise with no discs in if you are indeed a digital only console user, it allows you to have the best of both worlds, why limit yourself.

        • But you could have sold (or returned to EB within 7 days, traded in to EB/JB/Cashies, let a friend borrow) those PS4 50 games you own after you finished them.
          If you really want to play them again or keep them for ever (as long as the digital license is) you can keep an eye out for a digital sale.

        • I mean sure but you do know you can still buy digital games with a disc version right? Generally I buy physical at launch, sell it or trade it in after I am finished with it and then will pick it up digitally on a steep sale ~12 months later or simply wait for it to go in PS+/Game Pass.

          I would also disagree with your assessment about launch titles going on sale 1 month out from launch. Some do - especially third parties like Ubisoft titles but first party games can take 3-4 months before they even start to get discounted and more than likely it would have still been cheaper at launch physically somewhere.

    • +3

      You keep convincing yourself you don't need the disc version :p

      Seriously though, disc games will always be cheaper much quicker. Even the digital sales are still more expensive than buying a used game, unless EOL.

      Though I do admit I loved not having to change disc on my series x with game pass and no clutter with games lying around.

      • +1

        Given your username I don't really trust your advice to have any kind of longevity :p

        • +2

          My 25 Dreamcast consoles take offence to your comment.

    • +1

      And the upgraded PSN is coming in June, I guess it would make the digital version even more attractive

  • +3

    Can use GC from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/695152 Swap entertainment supports EB Games.

    • in store yes but wish we could use a lot more online hah

    • do they have a limit of how many can be used?

      Also assume the balance is paid instore on pick up and not on the card that paid the deposit.

  • +1

    Finally got them.. lets hope order will indeed be confirmed and fulfilled?

  • What is the retail price for both digital and physical PS5 by itself? Seeing a lot of scalper prices have skewed how i see the normal prices for them.

  • Damn looks like it’s only the car game that’s left, no more girl game :(

  • +2

    Wow still going.. looks like the end of console shortage pretty much

    • +4

      Scalping f#cks in shambles. You love to see it.

    • +1

      supply is still pretty scarce compared to GPUs

      but i guess consoles are much cheaper compared to a decent gaming PC.

  • Not sure if this is a real deal but bought one still.


    • +1

      Why wouldn't it be…?

  • -1

    Why is the disc version an additional $250? That seems somewhat ridiculous when you consider the cost of disc drives.

    • I guess they account for people being able to resell games

    • It's an additional $150, not $250. (749-599, talking about the power of price markings, it does look like over $200 of difference, isn't it XD)

      There's rumours that digital version is selling at a loss but disc version is at profit.

    • It's an additional $150, not $250.

  • -1

    There are 2 versions of this games console - digital and disc? Which one is better

    • Which one is better

      Depends if you want digital or disk. That's the only difference.

      • What does it mean, you choose if the storage is a hard drive or a DVD?

        • +1

          No. Storage is on hard drive for both.

          Digital version means the whole game saves on the hard drive to play.

          The disc version usually saves a portion of the game to hard drive and the rest is in the disk.

          The digital version will fill up storage much quicker and of course you can't play physical games.

  • OOS!

  • OOS now

  • Sold out as I was trying to pay with it in my cart lol

    • -1

      I lasted for hours. Looks like scalping era is over almost I know most of my mates have almost stopped.

  • Deal lasted 2 hours, surely this is a record?

  • About time HFW drops to $49 I reckon

  • +3

    The console itself for $749.95 (RRP) is available now.

    • Yes, can confirm disc console only is available.

      I'd much prefer this over the bundle.

      Ordered console obly and will try cancel bundle order

      • lol seems like a lot of people are doing this, I'm calling em now but currently 13th in the queue apparently..

        • Truth be told, I order both bundles and the stand alone unit! I'm on hold with EB to cancel the bundles.

          In my excitement in seeing the bundles, I clicked the GT7 one when I already have it on PS4. I then re-ordered with the Horizon bundle.. And just ordered the console.

          Don't feel the need to scalp anything so hopefully bundles will be sold to those that missed out.

        • Were you able to cancel?

    • what a trick they played, soled bundles and now once OOS, they listed console by it self.

  • Just got disc ver by itself. Sometime being a bit late is better.

  • disc only is out hahaha, lucky I waited

  • Has anyone been charged yet?

    • +1

      yes for the deposit.

      • Strange they haven't charged me yet. Wonder if it's my bank

  • +2

    Was on the fence about buying bundle then eventually sold out. Just grabbed the console only version!

    • Nevermind, console only order was cancelled with no notification… Back to the hunt

  • +1

    Can PS5 play all PS4 games and provide better framerate?

    • First result when googling "ps4 games on ps5" answers both of these questions.

  • Unfortunately these are the nasty people that are profiting from this shortage:
    Very sad indeed.

  • Got the horizon bundle. Pretty happy since I mainly wanted it for Horizon.

  • I purchased both the Horizon Dawn bundle and then the console only version. I emailed them to cancel the bundle and it was accepted.

    • Presumably a lot of people did this - I did. I wonder if they'll list the cancelled consoles for sale any time soon.

    • I did the same and i try to call them yesterday to cancel, but it just took too long, so I thought to just call them today, but when I checked my orders around 5pm, apparently they already cancel my first order without notify/ask me about it.
      So, I assume, although you can order as much as you can online, they will enforce the 1 per customer rule manually from their end.

      • Yes they do have a list of multiple orders, though I am surprised they canceled the first order and not the second.

  • so i can trade in my PS4 500gb and only ay $649, $200 for the trade in seems quite good. DO you get any extra for trade in if you are on a higher level, my wife always buys from Zing and i believe is on a higher level but not sure what.

    • +1

      I was literally just looking into the EB games Carrot Levels to see if there's additional trade in value. I got an SMS notification that my order will be delivered to my store soon.

      As for trade in, I recently sold my PS4 slim 500gb for $250 on FB Marketplace (I bought it on sale for $220 some 5 years earlier!?). I sold it with box though and bought a second hand PS4 Pro for $300. That is, you might get more for sale outside of trade in, but trade in offers hassle free transaction.

      EDIT: just got info

      Level 1 - no bonus
      Level 2 - 10% bonus
      Level 3 - 15% bonus
      Level 4 - 20% bonus
      Level 5 - 25% bonus

      • thanks for that so maybe 10 or 15% extra, will check it out. will prob just trade in as i think the $20-$50 extra is prob not worth my time.

    • how did you know you'd get $150 for it?

      • received an email saying it was being shipped to the store and had a link which took me to a page advising of the price after trade in. the horizon disc bundle was $649 if trading in a PS4 500gb

        • Ah I see the link you are talking about, interesting that ps4 slim is not part of the deal!

          • @tajid: isn't the slim the same as the PS4 500gb?

            • @n0mad: What do you mean by the same?

              My understanding is there’s ps4 original then ps4 slim then ps4 pro.

              • @tajid: don't know about the original but my slim is 500gb, the offer only mentioned pro and 500gb.

                i'll clarify with the staff when i pick up my ps5 they give you a week anyway so you can transfer your data.

              • @tajid: called my local EB, trade in's are accepted for all consoles however the 2 listed were the most common. She said the slim 500gb would be $220 odd for trade in.

                • @n0mad: Thanks for the update, so essentially a bit more than normal ps4.

                  • @tajid: Yes, at my local EB (Top Ryde) anyway.

  • What? Phone call from EBGames today, pre-order canceled because I have purchased one a year ago! What rubbish?! anyone got a similar call?

    • No, because I haven't purchased one a year ago.
      I guess they are still maintaining one per customer.

    • Ouch! At what point is history, history…

      At least this is info we can use if needing another and lucky to get one next time, ie. use a different name and number.

    • Did you use same name & ph number?

  • I did. No where was it written I can not pre order anymore. One per person, one per preorder, that was my understanding. How many people got more than 1 or even five from them using different names/numbers?

  • +1

    I didn't get a call, but order cancelled straight away

  • Just to let everyone know, you are allowed to return the game and get the console only

  • Anyone picked theirs up yet? Still waiting to get my call from ebgames

    • I just called my store and they said that they're expecting them today and will call everyone.

      Just wiping my ps4 pro now for trade in

    • I got mine yesterday afternoon.
      Castle Plaza (SA).

    • I got mine today. Burleigh QLD

    • Also got mine today
      Hornsby (NSW)

  • Anyone know what their trade in for Nintendo switch lite is these days?
    My ps5 is ready and I’m undecided whether to let it go (I upgraded to oled) or keep as one of those show-the-grandkids-in-30-years items.

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