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US$4 off US$45, US$5 off US$55, US$10 off US$100, US$11 off US$100, US$20 off US$200 Spend @ AliExpress


After being absolutely spoiled with coupons last month, AliExpress finally have some new coupons that'll go live on April 25th at 5pm AEST. These coupons are part of the "Outdoor Fun Bestsellers" promotion, so they'll likely only apply on items included in this promotion. Closer to the sale selected products will start to display a banner.

Update 25/04: Coupons appear to apply on everything and not just products included in the sale.

Currency in USD. Coupons might be 1 per order, minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$4 $45 OF18
$5 $55 OD5
$10 $100 OF19
$11 $120 OD11
$18 $180 OD18 Expired
$20 $200 OF20
$25 $250 OD25

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • The minimum spend is a bit higher this time. None the less, thanks for sharing.

    • Just added more coupons. Sadly no lower min. spend.

    • +6

      I just posted a Hack that might be helpful that I worked out last round of coupons.


      • Would applying this hack work, say a $10 item?

  • i just used the OD5 code on an item that wasnt part of the outdoor sale - thanks

    • Yep I just noticed this myself.

  • Thanks, @Clear. Searched for Aliexpress codes here on OB, saw this, and used OD25 for a Mi Pad 5 that was about US$10 lesser with the Outdoor Fun Thingy. With $4 seller coupons, I'd say I saved about US$24. Neat!

    • +1

      Can you send me a link for the one you bought please? I'm always adding different sellers to my lists to keep an eye on when they go on sale.

      • This was from KH Goldway: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003333586744.html I got the 256GB Black.
        Surely not as much as the ANNI deals, but I needed one about now.

        • +1

          Ah I thought it would have been that one. Not as low as it's been but still a really good price I think.

  • US5 says "This coupon/code is not currently applicable in your country."

    • Turns out they were US-only codes.

  • Haven't used AliExpress but are they like you buy and then wait like 2 months for things to come?

    • AliExpress is a marketplace so it'll depend on the seller. Some stores yes, while others could be a couple of weeks.

    • More expensive items usually arrive within 2-3 weeks.

    • +2

      It's like a Chinese ebay.

      I wouldn't use it for big ticket items but common electronics like chargers, cables, wires etc it's great.

      Then when your cheap items arrive 2 months later it's like Christmas Day because you can't remember what you ordered.

  • This is based on the pre-GST price. After the discount, it becomes the same as the price without GST. ie. the advertised price because they don't include the GST in their prices until you get to the checkout.

  • OD5 - all used up :(

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