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15% off Gift Cards ($20 Max Discount) @ Special.com.au


Just received an email from Apple for Mothers Day Apple Pay perks advertising Special.com.au. Save 15% (up to $20) with promo code APPLEPAY.

Looks to be once per customer.

Special cards are digital gift cards locked to a category and you can send to someone via email or sms. Then they can add to their mobile wallet Apple or Google Pay.

Mod: The OP did not declare their association. The account and store is banned, but the deal has been republished (with association added by mods), as it appears to be of interest to the community.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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    • Tried as well.
      IP isn't the problem because I was able to apply the discount for 2 accounts on the same device with 2 legit numbers. They might have just blacklisted those numbers.

  • -1

    Dam I sent a gc using my partner's account to the same email I'm using to buy for myself. I didn't screenshot the number from my partner account just after activating .what to do?

    • If you sent it to your email and you have an account, you should be able to see it in your 'my card' section. You can then reset the pin there.


  • Worked perfect for 2 accounts, redeemed for amazon giftcards instantly (through shopback)

  • +1

    The digital card also worked on 4Cyte Pathology website - payment for Travel PCR test!

  • Works great for using on another 3rd party discount site for staples e-gift cards! Always check your junk folder for the card details…

  • +1

    I was able to use this card in 7 11 for fuel

    Fuel lock and 15% off

  • I got a family member to purchase one for me, is there a way to combine two $135 Super Shopper gift cards onto one card? So that I can buy something that's around $200 on Brosa.

    • +1

      Buy one Brosa gift card and then use the second MasterCard to pay the rest (or just two gift cards)

  • Great cards and customer service (I managed somehow to gift wrong number but then managed to get it back, phew).

  • They seem to be sold out.

    • +1

      Something going on, will not accept code from family member. Different phone number and email to the one I purchased, they did use my computer though. EDIT: Glitch, worked on third attempt

  • Unrelated? Woolies Gift Card site broken at payment.

    • Not unrelated. My other card ( CDC ) works. So Woolworths have shut down the site to these special cards

      • Really? They not accepting these cards?

        • There's an error that wasn't happening yesterday when using these special cards ( I did it yesterday )

          • @powerinnumbers: If it matters to anyone. Today the Super Gift Card did work on the Woolies GC site,. So 3 days, 3 different results.

  • Worked on my computer too.

  • is this website new? i haven't heard it before. apple pay is a must?or just apply the code?

    • You can use it like a credit card as well.

      • i mean do i have to use apply pay to buy the gift card?

  • +3

    Worked! #freeDisabledUser429825

  • I intend to buy around 500$ of Amazon cards. What would be the best way to save with this deal?

    • +1

      Create 4 accounts and buy $134 with each, then use that to buy Amazon gift card with further discount by checking the discounted egift card page to see if you are eligible with any of them. I got mine with Australian unity 5% further off.

  • Just purchased $134 GC. Thanks.

  • Do you need apple pay to get this deal?

    • +1

      No, I paid with Google Pay

  • Entering the APPLEPAY code does not reduce the price. Is this dead?

    • +1

      Look at bottom where you hit submit payment that shows the discount.

      Source: i just did it

      • Worked it out now. Had to tab into the card details field for the discount to apply.

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    Anyone having issues paying for the gift card with the gift card? Purchased mine and trying to get missus to purchase but says "try another payment method"

    • Looked through comments looks like applepay works for it

      • Can use Googlepay to stack cards for all Android users

        • Did you see the Google Pay option (assuming you are on an Android device) on the last screen?
          Some folks have commented that the Google Pay option does not show up for them.

          • @DoctorCalculon: I never had google pay before but installed and logged it in and it did come up on my s9. Thing is my wife could not get it to show on her s21 so seems finicky

            • @Kamppinator: A fair few parts of the app are broken. They rushed to the market early.
              I am curious does "inception" style stacking work with Google Pay as well?

              • +1

                @DoctorCalculon: Have got stacking working again with Google Pay. Now I just need more numbers for more accounts. Are there still any $2 SIMs you can activate without loading a credit?

              • @DoctorCalculon: Yes if you can get google pay payment to appear you can buy gift card on gift card. I only did 2 my original purchase and my missus account. I'm not greedy and not going to make a bunch of fake accounts

  • +1

    Got a $134 GC.

  • OP got banned lmao. Why so harsh? Looks like just a guy who received an email about the promo. I got it as well.

  • Which one do you buy for a mastercard or are they all the same?

  • +1

    I paid with my Visa card? apparently it charged my bank, but the card never went through?

    • Same for me.

      • took like 5 mins, and it went through

  • +1

    Thanks. I bought a $134 Super Shopper card for $114 and then used it to purchase a $139 Woolworth's gift card using my RACQ membership (4% discount).

    • Did same using Woolworths Mobile discount (4% :) ) thanks

  • Bought it online using my phone and received the card immediately in my email.

    Now i'm trying to buy some gift cards - I bought a 134 special card, but realised most of the Shopback giftcards come in denominations of 5 - how do you guys purchase an odd value?

    • +3

      Next time when you withdraw cashback, purposefully leave $1 (or $6, $11, etc) on the account and buy a giftcard using the left amount with Special GC right after.

  • Has anyone got the message invalid data? Can it be paid with master card?

  • After I have spent most of the balance and say, only $2 left which is not enough for shopping, should I top up the card? I am just wondering what happens when there is insufficient amount of balance left.

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      Use it up at a Coles/WW self checkout with split payments.

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      Buy a $2 Amazon gift card.

    • +1

      You cannot top up these gift cards, probably due to the fact that reloadability would increase the gift card issuer's risk to cardholders using it for nefarious purposes (e.g. money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud).

      • The terms and conditions (clause 4) state Special gift cards cannot be reloaded.
      • I cannot see a way for you to add additional funds to these gift cards on the website or app.

      You could "top up" a Special gift card by having a refund from a merchant processed to that gift card, but that doesn't seem like a very efficient idea.

      Honestly, it would be just easier if you redeem the remaining balance in-person at a merchant that allows split payments, including:

      • Coles - the only exception is purchases of any gift cards at a self-service checkout, where the only split payment possible is cash + one prepaid/debit/credit card (or if you're lucky and the self-service checkout is programmed in a particular way, cash + one gift card).
      • Woolworths
      • Kmart - the only except is purchases of any gift cards
      • Target
      • BIG W
      • JB Hi-Fi - the OzBargain record is 81 EFTPOS/Visa cards
      • Liquorland
      • First Choice Liquor
      • Bunnings
      • Dan Murphy’s
      • EG Caltex / EG Ampol / Caltex Woolworths
      • Ampol / Caltex
      • Coles Express
      • BWS
      • IKEA
      • The Good Guys
      • ALDI - the last time I asked an ALDI cashier about this, they said if I wanted to do split payment, I could only use a maximum of two payment methods: one payment method would be EFT (i.e. prepaid/debit/credit card or gift card) and the other payment method would have to be cash. Also, don't forget ALDI levies a 0.5% surcharge for all payments routed through the Mastercard network, so ALDI probably isn't the best choice.
      • +1

        Many thanks for the detailed answer.

  • Can't thumbs up this deal due to difficulties using the specials card.

    Tried the following without success.

    Shopback super swap declined. May work with other Shopback gift cards as reports by others.
    Rewards Shopper trying to buy Coles gift cards - Declined
    Vic Greater western water - Declined do not honour
    Vic Taxes - Declined do not honour

    In the end I had to settle for Woolies gift card using my Woolies mobile 4% offer. Now I'm stuck waiting for Woolies to send out their gift cards like others have reported.

    • Vic Greater western water - Declined do not honour
      Vic Taxes - Declined do not honour

      The Super Shopper CDC cards are for shopping, not for paying your bills. Hence, they put in those "Do Not Honour" restrictions.

  • So just go get this straight, I just need a second mobile number to do this gift card inception?

    Does it still work?

    • +3

      Yes, each discounted purchase requires a unique phone number. Inception payments require payment via Google Pay or Apple Pay.

      • +1

        LOL! You must have really pissed off someone who is going around negging all your comments even when you are correct.

        • +2

          There's someone negging every post that mentions using multiple phones/sims.

        • +1

          Maybe that girl I briefly dated found my Ozbargain account. Who knows? Doesn't matter, got a deal.

      • I would say don't do it now, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and potential headaches. Just pay with a credit card and you still gain the $20.

  • This is my first time purchasing a special gift card. I randomly picked a spa category card. If spend online, can I use it at Amazon or any online store? Anyone kind to tell me? Thank you.

    • +2

      Why would you pick the spa card? The super shopper includes Amazon already.

      • I read some comments from another post. Someone said all categories are the same, so I randomly picked one. When I check the gc, I just find out can only be used at spa retailers? Is that true?

        • Very first comment on this thread says super shopper works with amazon lol

          You'll need to try and purchase something with the card outside of spa retailers to know if it will work. I recommend trying to buy shopback gift card that will work with amazon. I used the super shopper card to buy eBay gift card from shopback and that worked perfectly.

          • @CodeXD: Thank you. I already tried shopback gift card. Cannot even add the special gc as a payment method. I will try use directly at Amazon.

            • @Jayleen: Are you using the app and adding it using card number? That worked for me

              • @CodeXD: Yep. My friend chose a tech category and it works to buy a shopback gc. Mine didn't work. Maybe has something to do with the category chosen?

                • @Jayleen: I would say so. Maybe you can contact them about purchasing the wrong gift card.

                  • @CodeXD: Already sent an email. Hope they can help out.

  • +1

    After adding the Special mastercard to my Apple Pay, it requires verification code to verify the Special mastercard in order to use. Did not receive any verification code whether to my Special email or mobile number. Anyone face the same situation? How do I get this verification code?

    • Verification code is needed when the name of the person in Apple Pay is different to the account name in Specials.com.au app.

      • Oh…any idea how do I get the verification code from Special?

        • Didn't work for me so I gave up. Luckily I was able to switch phones and match the names

          • @I Smell Pennies: When you say the name of the person in Apple Pay, this is the same as the name of the person for your Apple ID account right?

            • +1

              @ilovefullprice: I believe so. Not sure how it works exactly, but when the name didn't match it would ask for a verification code linked to details given from Specials.com.au

              • @I Smell Pennies: Thanks.

                So @F1ngolf could just change his/her Apple ID account name to match his/her Specials.com.au account name (or vice versa) to fix this right?

                • +1

                  @ilovefullprice: Maybe? It's worth a try! No harm in trying

                • +1

                  @ilovefullprice: Did not bother to change the email id. Emailed Special to ask for the verification code. Yet to get their reply. Will post here once I hear from them.

                  • @F1ngolf: Thanks! Would be great to know.

                    • +1

                      @ilovefullprice: Special's reply: I’ll send your information to our tech team to have this investigated for you. They will have a resolution within 24 hours.

                      • @F1ngolf: Any update? I didn't end up bothering to email them myself.

    • same problem, changed matching name but still no luck. hope they may do some fix tomorrow.

  • I tried to make an enquiry and filled in the contact form but I cannot submit it.
    The subject section is red in colour. I tried to type the order number still cannot submit it.
    Is there any can help?

  • Is this really just a prepaid master card? Doesn't matter which category you choose? I tried to use it to buy a gift card online at shopback, cashrewards, prezzee and woolworths gift card. None of them accepted the card.

    • Works for me at SB, WW and Prezzee with Special shopping card.

      • Good for you. Don't get how this works. Just getting frustrating for me.

    • +20

      tl;dr I don't think they're just prepaid Mastercards, and I think the type of Special gift card you have does matter.

      I originally thought the Super Shopper gift card was just an unrestricted prepaid Mastercard, but others correctly pointed out to me that it does not work at all merchants.

      My current theory is that all Special gift cards are prepaid Mastercards that can only be used at specific Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) (or as I prefer to call them, category-restricted gift cards). The reasons I think this is the case are:

      • Each Special gift card appears to be set up for a specific MCC (or a specific group of MCCs). For example, according to Special, the Pub Crawler gift card can be redeemed at pubs, clubs & bars (which I assume is in reference to MCC 5813), but it also lists major alcohol retailers (which I assume is in reference to MCC 5921). MCCs are the only efficient way of determining whether the retailer you're at is an "eligible" retailer, as other methods (e.g. tracking EFTPOS terminal IDs) would be too complicated for Special to track, especially when new retailers are popping up and EFTPOS terminals are being replaced every week.

      • There is no definitive list of retailers accepting each Special gift card. Instead, you can only see "featured retailers" on the Special website. It's difficult to know all retailers in Australia at any one time that have a specific MCC (or fall within a specific group of MCCs), as a retailer's financial institution can change the MCC associated with the retailer at any time, which likely explains why the Special website is so vague.

      • The Special terms and conditions states that Special gift cards can be used for purchasing goods and services at participating retailers, but it also states that some retailers may not accept the Special gift card. The only way this makes sense is if Special never asked a retailer to participate in this gift card scheme in the first place, but is instead reliant on other methods to see whether the retailer falls within a particular category.

      You can get a hint of the eligible MCCs when you look at the "featured retailers" section of each Special gift card page, but again, there is nothing concrete on the Special website (which annoys me).

      When a retailer requests payment from a category-restricted gift card and the card is declined, there are two general reasons:

      • The retailer has opted to not accept that card: this is usually done by checking the bank identification number (BIN) of the card against a blacklist, or checking whether the card supports 3D Secure. The latter only really happens for card-not-present transactions (e.g. online transactions), as 3D Secure enables a retailer to request additional verification (e.g. a 2FA code sent to your mobile number) to verify you are the cardholder of the card being used in that transaction.

      • The card issuer has declined payment: this can happen, because of a number of factors, including insufficient balance available to pay for the transaction, incorrect PIN or the retailer having the wrong MCC.

      In terms of where you tried to redeem your Special gift card (and I have no idea which one you have):

      • Shopback: a lot of people have reported it working there before today, so I'm not sure why it doesn't work now. Maybe Shopback have blacklisted Special gift cards today, or Special have blacklisted Shopback today?

      • Cashrewards: prepaid Mastercard or Visa gift cards are not officially accepted on True Rewards, but I managed to use a prepaid Visa gift card a couple of months ago without any issues. I'm not sure whether they've started actually blocking prepaid gift cards, or whether True Rewards' MCC is an ineligible MCC for the Special gift card you are trying to redeem.

      • Prezzee: Prezzee only accept cards with 3D Secure support, although the exception is Coles Gift Mastercards (and I had to call Prezzee to get someone to unblock Coles Gift Mastercards for my Prezzee account). The usual workaround is to link the prepaid gift card to your PayPal account, but considering that Special gift cards seem to be restricted based on MCCs, I doubt this workaround works (but there's no harm in trying).

      • Woolworths Group gift card portal: Woolworths Group officially does not accept any prepaid cards on their online gift card portal, but they seem to only be blocking prepaid gift cards based on BINs. Considering the Super Shopper gift card is a relatively new prepaid Mastercard gift card, it probably was not on Woolworths Group's BIN blacklist. However, Woolworths Group's gift card portal has an MCC of 5411 (Grocery Stores, Supermarket), so from Special's perspective, Woolworths Group's gift card portal is a supermarket (unless Special have recently blacklisted the Woolworths Group gift card portal).

      • +2

        Thank you for your information. Why did I choose a useless spa card, so sad :(

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