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Damascus Steel Handmade Folding Knife, Exotic Wood Handle, Genuine Leather Case $59 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE


Damascus Steel Handmade Folding Knife, Exotic Wood Handle, Genuine Leather Case $59 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE.

Delivered Australia-wide from Brisbane.

Please checkout the video on our YouTube channel here

More details, dimensions, weight etc. on our website.

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    Time to move older stock that didn't move from last deal?

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    Knives made in Pakistan, as a general rule, is a red flag.
    So much so that it's a common meme in the knife world.
    Proceed with caution.

    • Our knives are definitely decent quality in both materials and workship inline withe decent prices. We have our team present on the ground to ensure the quality of our products. The products we sell are also covered by AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAWS. We are a small family owned business located in Brisbane and all the products are shipped from BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA. All of our stock in located in Brisbane and we do not do any droppshipping from overseas.

      Note: Yes I agree with you that many people who directly buy stuff from the sellers from overseas via Alibaba etc. may end up receiving bad quality product.

  • Made from jam jar lids I bet… Gotta be a winner

    • Definitely not. Please don't slandour our business without an evidence. Have you tested our products personally?

  • Why are they using purple lighting?

  • Why is this seller still here?

    • Not enough negs

    • Because those who have bgoubht our knives REALLY LIKE IT !

      Your negative comments on our EVERY POST won't discourage us :)

      • Huh?

        • This reply was meant for @Supercool

  • Do you have any damascus cleavers in stock?

    These knives look great but would like to know what grade whet stone I should be using to sharpen these.

  • Sorry cleavers are not in stock at the moment but are on order. It is taking a long for stocks to clear the customs (not AU but overseas ones) and shipping issues too. Plus the shipping rates have gone very expensive in the past few months so trying to look for some economical ways. At the moment the ETA for cleavers and cheft knives looks like 2 to 3 weeks from now.

    For this folding knife's damascus blade a 2000/5000 dual grit whetshote will be good if you just want to sharpening only. But if you chipped the blade you should start with something below 1000 to repair the edge and then sharpen it as usual. 2000 grit will give you decent sharpened edge but if you want to sharpen it razer sharp to shave hair or something and then let the blade spend some time on 5000 grit. But this is just my view. Every knife keen person has his/her own mind about grits. For a $59 kinfe you should't spend too much on grits.

    We will be listing some chef knives sets soon. If you end up having one of these then it will be worthwhile to spend some $$ for an expensive whestone set too.

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