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SanDisk Flash Drive 64GB $9.30 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Model SDCZ48-064G-U46.

At $9.13 it was the cheapest price according to the camels. Not too bad a price for a 64GB drive delivered.

A few complaints about counterfeits but you should be OK buying directly from Amazon AU. Also some complaints about the drive being very slow at in a previous deal here:

Previous Deal

Edit: Price has gone up to $10.99 $9.30 (Was $9.13)

Edit 2: Back in stock at $9.30.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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          5.2 will be/was bad. 6.0 is/was much better.

  • Got 2 for free via SanDisk academy.

    • Have you used them? Are they as slow as some were saying in that previous deal?

      • They are ok for this price, but you get what you pay for. If you want faster you have to spend more.

        • All you can ask for really. : )

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          They're great for purpose, depending upon your purpose. I use them as 'mailers'… load them up with music (FLAC and mp3) and video (BDRip, x264) and post to my godson who is on deployment on a submarine somewhere. No elaborate files to keep them compatible with most devices for playback… keeps his spirits up as there isn't any internet out there unless they tap into the sub-marine fibre optic cables on the sea floor ;)

          Been using them for years… always reliable, and I've never had any failures compared to other brands. These are cheap enough to keep a few lying around in a draw because I know they always work (to date).

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            @et tu brute: Very interesting! May I mail a box of empty ones to you? I don’t need it.

  • I got the 256GB one the other day. Crystaldiskmark says about 148mb/s read 50mb/s write. Better than all my older USB 3.0 flash drives so pretty happy with it.

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      Not sure about this specific USB, but most of the time the bigger the capacity, the faster the speeds. Your 256GB drive might be a lot quicker than the 64GB is.

  • Just my luck… I bought 3 of these from Amazon last week @ $11 each.

    • There's no second guessing… I checked on my past purcvhases… bought them at $12 when they were cheap, six months later bought more at $10… if they keep going at this rate they will eventually be free :)

  • I have this one (bought a a couple years ago for about $10), expect the write speed to top out at 25 MB/s after a few minutes. The controllers on these types of drives are 'cheap as chips'.

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    Shows $10.99 to me

  • This drive is slow. Only really good for using as a bootable USB or storing some documents on

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      What else would you use for a USB?

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    Ozbargain made me buy the badminton usb for $10 the other day…

    • I got a couple of them too. I gave one to my Dad as he used to play badminton back in the day. The other one? I didn't really want to rock up to the store just for one USB stick. I don't know what I'll do with it.

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    Here's CrystalDiskMark7 on a USB3.2 Gen2 result for a Sandisk Ultra 32GB vs Sandisk Extreme CZ80 64GB (this drive cost A LOT more)

    IMHO it's a good performance drive without the Extreme price.
    If you want super fast speed writes for big files, look for a MLC or SLC drive. The Extreme series or Corsair Voyager GTX are super fast in this form factor.

    I have 5 of these of Sandisk Ultras one of them got crippled suddenly during use. It went into limp mode would not let me write anything on to it regardless how I diskpart. Sandisk sent a replacement after I posted them the broken drive. 5yr warranty.

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