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EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING 8GB LHR Video Card $899 Delivered & More @ BPC Tech


Good evening guys,

We bought some refreshing EVGA GPU deals to kick off your day :)

Start with RTX 3070 Series:

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 BLACK 8GB LHR Video Card $849 Delivered

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING 8GB LHR Video Card $899 Delivered

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING 8GB LHR Video Card $969 Delivered

RTX 3070 Ti & 3060:

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti XC3 ULTRA 8GB ARGB Gaming Video Card $1099 Delivered

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC GAMING 12GB Video Card $599 Delivered

For any sales/warranty enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us :)

Have a fantastic night.

BPC Team

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  • Nice

    • +20

      Paid on a weekend, yesterday was a public holiday so they've had 1 business day. Not terrible.

  • +2

    Loving the deals recently from you guys. Any hints on when we can expect some sweet RTX 3080 deals ;)

    • +2

      Thanks :)The problem with 3080 & 3060 Ti GPU is the stock shortage, but we will try our best to find some.

      • No problem, hopefully shortage issues are resolved within the next few months as it's expected before end of the year product releases.

  • +3

    Still waiting on the $1249 3080 12G specials to come back. EVGA at that price would be nice.
    This deal has been posted for the 3070 already, and I have linked it in a few posts too.

  • +3

    Hi rep, the 3060 is showing up on the website as $599, is this a mistake on the website, the deal, or on my end? Thanks

    • +1

      Hi sorry my bad, it is $599, just updated.

      • No worries, thank you

  • +1

    Opinions on the 3060?

    I kinda want a mid range card that will last a while. I'm not a heavy PC gamer, and only have 1080p monitors, but I'm also in the position where I don't meet minimum specs for the newest games.
    All the "reasonably priced" cards seem like they might be replaced too quickly, but the jump from 3060 to 3070 is huge for something I'm not sure I can even perceive.

    • +2

      If you are on the fence, wait for a $700 3060 ti. It's much closer to a 3070 than a 3060 in performance.

      Expect none of these cards to last a while, with Intel joining the market (only weeks away), and graphics cards now having a new use as CPUs essentially, performance jumps each generation will be more significant than they have been in the past.

      The smart play is to get something cheap that serves your needs now. Your PC is old, you could try sell the whole thing in a year or so and upgrade when DDR5 is cheap, and AMD 7000 series is on the market.

      At least wait until Intel launches their new cards and see what deals are put out by Nvidia in response

      • Actually, upgraded my PC last year. Getting a new graphics card was not looking like a good decision last year, and I wasn't in any need of one, so I held off. (Though I was surprised by the noticeable improvement a better CPU provides.) My 1050ti is currently still functional, and I don't "need" to go higher, I just started running into a few games that I'm minspec or below.

        If I can expect even deeper cuts in the near future, I'll hold off and keep my ear down for now.

        • +1

          The discounts would appear to have occurred already. Inventory run out of the 3000 series though it will exist in parallel. The 4000 series speculation is the 4090 for the second half, then then lower models to follow. Scalpers predictably will clean the inventory out with the pre-orders, so a realistic outcome is from Jan 2023 is when the masses have a better chance. The logistics issues out of china at present and not resolving anytime soon won't help.

        • +1

          Now's the time. There's always something around the corner.

          A guy has been posting a table for the cost per frame in a game for all the graphics cards deals. These cheaper cards are cheapest per frame as they're the bang for buck and if you're gaming at 1080p (presumably 60fps) should last you a good while.

    • It's a solid card, though not much of an upgrade if your previous card was either 1080ti or 2080. You can probably run most games in ultra graphics at 1080 depending on your CPU.

      • No, 1050ti. As you say, if I had a 1080, I wouldn't bother upgrading. I'm below minimum requirement on Elden Ring, it's been something like 5 years since I got this card, I might as well look before making a decision.

    • +1

      Look at a rx 6600 for about 400

  • +1

    3080 12gb for $1250 or we riot

  • -3

    Great! Now how about RX 6800 at < $900, RX 6800 XT at < $1000, RX 6900 XT at < $1200. EVGA, Asus (edit), or Powercolor only. Please & thank you!

    • That’s less than rrp prices lol.

      • Impossiblé! No consumer deserves that.

        • You have to wait then for few months.

  • +1

    Are graphics cards on the way back up in price? I got a 3070 ti for $934.15 from this deal over a month ago- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/689362

    • -2

      Gigabyte lol … good luck

      • +1

        My 3080 Vision has been fine, you just need to replace the thermal pads if you got one of the earlier production models (as I think they have improved them now?).

      • What’s wrong with Gigabyte cards?

        • +1

          Mautau may be confused with the PSU problem? Which seems to be fixed.

          • +1

            @wetwork: Yeah that’s the only thing I could think of as well. I haven’t read anything bad about their cards, and my 3070ti is going great.

            • @NedStark102: Prob just means they have slipped from lower end of high qual to medium part maker in recent years.

            • -1

              @NedStark102: You obviously didn’t look at all, forums are filled with how bad the thermal issue are with Gigabyte cards, not to mention the absolute worst software to go with it

              • -1

                @thesainter: Happy to share a few links on the 3070ti gaming OC then, if the forums ‘are filled with how bad’ they are? Appreciate the smug reply.

                • -1

                  @NedStark102: It’s not hard to type Gigabyte Graphics card issues into google mate, just got mine back from RMA and can not wait to sell the piece of shit

                  • -1

                    @thesainter: The burden of proof is on you when making claims about how I ‘obviously didn’t look at all’ and how the ‘forums are full of them’. If you can’t provide anything to the contrary then I’m not going to waste anymore time on some knobhead on ozbargain.

                    • @NedStark102: Not at my PC, which has an entire bookmarked folder dedicated to it

                      While your at it look at how bad their RMA process is, they were hacked and offline for a significant amount of time.

                      Honestly please just buy one your ‘smugness’ will be wiped from your face as soon as you have to use the RGB fusion software for 5mins.

        • +5
          • Cheap electrical components, they have the worst overclock in my cards BY FAR. Should be good out of the box only
          • Oily/greasy cheap thermal pads which need replacement from day 1.
          • Faulty power connectors in some models which can cause fire easily.
            That is all I can remember. I would stay away unless I have no other choice
          • @Seraph2052: Any idea if these issues are things that affect all of their cards, or just a specific model/batch?

            I have a Gigabyte gaming OC which from what I read was a good bang for buck 3070ti, so hopefully it won’t be catching on fire anytime soon!

            • @NedStark102: 3070Ti does not have any of those problems, or at least I have not noticed anything yet. Seems an OK card for the price

      • I have an abused gigabyte 1080 working fine. Just needed fan replacement.

        • Thinking this might be 30 series specific, as they've had decent reviews prior to that. My 1080 G1 has had a hard life but is still going strong with no real maintenance apart from the occasional compressed air. Two mates with non-Gigabyte 1080's didn't fare so well and that during the GPU Pric-sis so I can't complain.

          • @Abaddon: Ya, probably. But I never had a gigabyte card before! But the gigabyte MB i had worked fine for many years till we stopped using it.

    • +1


      It is the same price as a month ago, you just used the Afterpay 15% like most of us.

    • they will be if aud keeps crashing lol

  • 3060 showing up as $599 for me

    • +1

      Hi chartparker,

      The price is $599, got it wrong when doing the post last night. Already updated.

      BPC Team

  • Any deals for the 3080ti or better coming up? :)

  • Looks like lots of GPU stocks keep flushing in

  • +1

    Make us some better deals for 3080 or 3080Ti please!

    • Will keep posting every weekend :)

  • +2

    Hi Dear BPC Team,
    I am waiting for your EVGA 3080 deal. It's very close now just need your guys to kick in a bit more.

    • Hi zihengg,

      The EVGA 3080 model is indeed very popular, I will let the purchasing team know and hope we can get the stock soon :)

  • +1

    No 3060 Ti deals?

    • +1

      Hi Firerunner,

      We do have a few RTX3060 TI instock, but we are not likely to do any sales or promotions over it due to the stock shortage

  • Still hold?

    • I am, as soon as I compromise the 3080 12gb $1250 deal will return, happens everytime

  • +1

    Looks like 3070Ti 16GB is also coming soon https://www.bpctech.com.au/category/graphics-cards/geforce-r… ??!!

    • wonder how that stacks up against a 3080

      • +1

        It won't be cost effective, Nvidia just want to beat 6750xt at the benchmarks

  • +1

    Nothing beats the afterpay deals previously very. Happy with my vision 3070 ti for 930

  • +1

    It seems price has increase before out of stock, that was pretty quick sale O.O

  • If you buy from BPC, pickup only. If you can not pick up, do not order from them.

    I ordered "Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with HeatSink" from them on 17th April 2022, and order ship on 20th April 2022, and then no update at all from both BPC and Aramex, where about was my parcel been, until 5th May 2022. Emailing, and calling them no result. Now, on 5th May 2022, Aramex Tracking said, "Return to Sender", so they unable to complete the delivery, and return to BPC, but BPC still don't want to refund it to me until they receive the parcel back, even though clearly in the tracking Aramex said they return it to Sender, I'm not stealing it.

    This is very bad service, very disappointed with both BPC and Aramex, and will not likely shop at BPC anymore.

    • Hi Eka,

      After talking to our sales team, I found your order based on your description.

      My colleague Jacky told me that he already discussed this with you yesterday, and as a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to refund you while the item is still on the way back to our warehouse.

      We are sorry to hear about your difficulty with the Aramex service. If you could reply to me with your order number in the last conversation under the SSD post, we may be able to arrange the van delivery on the same day since the address is so close.

      As a general procedure, you should receive an email with the Aramex tracking number once we ship the order. Our software team is working on further integration to allow step-by-step tracking. I suggest you can check your spam box to see if you receive an email from us with the tracking number.

      The management team had a quick meeting last night and decided that for the freeshipping item, we will start to remove Aramex from our courier service list to avoid similar issues.

      If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      BPC Team

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