expired Samsung Blackjack i600 Mobile / $19 cap contract - Crazy Johns


Just thought I'd share a bargain I found with you all…

Samsung i600 Blackjack (Smartphone) with Wifi, Bluetooth, Microsoft Windows Mobile

On a $19 cap with Crazy Johns (Vodafone Network) which included $55 of credit (can be used for pretty much anything including surfing the net/downloads) and an extra $55 credit for calling other Crazy Johns users.

Its a 24 month committment, and only $9.50 x remaining months if you cancel early.
By comparison, its avaliable in Vodafone's October lineup on a $49 plan.

Can be purchased instore or online (for some reason they only offered me the deal instore when I mentioned it)

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    Monthly Plan           $1     $5      $15     $25

    Included data usage 1MB 10MB 30MB 100MB

    Yeah.. ;) On Three it is $12 for 200MB. $8 for 100MB.


    crap, thats a damn good deal.

    I wish i hadnt signed up to the 3 cap (nokia 6288)


    Fantastic deal considering the great phone included. If I didn't have an iPhone I'd consider this. Hold on, no I wouldn't, I'd get N96.


    Specs on the crazy john website doesn't mention wifi

    If your buying one it would be wise to check


      Has WIFI, HSDPA, Bluetooth.

      Certainly the best phone you'll get in this price range, by a long way.


      Yep its got Wifi… although the website doesnt state it, its on the specs on the box

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