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Free 12 Months Subscription (New and Existing Subscribers) @ Kayo


If you have an existing Kayo account or set up a new one there is a promo for today only for free kayo for a year. Go to 'my account' and under subscription and billing there is a voucher section, the code is 'WATCHKAYOF1' and it will update your details for free for a year


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  • error seems to have changed to

    This offer isn't available or may have expired. Check out the options available for you below:

  • I think it's expired

  • Its dead now

  • +1

    This offer isn't available or may have expired. Check out the options available for you below:

    • Saw that message on a new tab when I tried Binge. Damn too hard! The wheel keeps spinning 😵‍💫

  • I gave up…can't take it anymore…

  • +1

    This offer isn't available or may have expired. Check out the options available for you below


  • Could be dead now. Saying 35 bucks and code seems to go nowhere

  • +8

    Fkn waste of time.

  • +1

    I have smelled they're not going to honor it.

    • They would lose too much money by honouring it. Especially for existing customers who were already paying.

  • Lol

  • I can't access the site at all anymore unless I go incognito

    • +1

      That's been happening the last few days for me. Have a feeling it's to do with uBlock or Privacy Badger that is blocking some kind of element on their site.

  • +3

    Stupid waste of time lol

  • It seems offer has expired and showed as 18/month even if refreshing the old offer page…?

  • +4

    Waste of my 50 mins :(

  • -1

    Still working. Got Binge 5 minutes ago

  • I guess that's it… . Time to cancel my "trial account" tomrrow?

  • +2

    I presume could be a API performance testing gimmick by throwing few free subscriptions!

    • +3

      They can simulate that without real people's emotions.

  • +24

    that was the most action i have had late on a Saturday night for a while

  • RAGE!

    There goes 80 minutes.

  • +8

    Hilarious thing is 1000 votes but how many actually got it.

  • +1

    It's dead. RIP

  • +1

    Well thats a shame - I got close but no cigar

  • +15

    I felt a great disturbance in the Kayo, as if millions of Ozbargainers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

  • So I spammed almost 300 tabs

    Eventually got phone verified
    Then kept spamming untill I saw thats a wrap
    Had about 8 tabs spinning the wheel
    Clicked on spinning wheel eventuality got through

    • -1

      same here - Eventually got phone verified but causght up on spinning wheel
      felt selling my details for free - I know its all leads to one thing - more calls from Indian accent ppl during tax time

  • If I’m a betting man, I would guess that Streamotion won’t honour claimed codes. At best, they might provide 1 month free access as an ‘extended trial’. However, there would be way too much lost revenue (especially from the Kayo side) to allow so many free 1 year subscriptions to stand.

    • +2

      they will get tons of hate but

      • But what's the other option - you wanna watch that game, you gotta pay.

  • +10

    The price of the "Kayo Share" in OzB Classifieds is going to collapse overnight!

  • I'm gonna let my "It's a wrap!' load until everyone jumps off. Something might happen.

  • so the people that got it have it free all year?

  • +3

    Like many others, eventually got Kayo to work but not the others. Would have preferred Binge.

    • +2

      wish i could swap. i got binge but wanted kayo

      • I got kayo and want binge. Is it possible to swap/share accounts? They come with 4 screens anyway.

        • that's true. I'm happy to share a binge account if i get a kayo in return

    • Wanna share your Kayo account? 😁

    • Got binge and need kayo if they didn’t cancel it. Happy to share login.

  • Got Binge, Don't even know what Flash is. Missed out on Kayo.

    • +3

      Flash is sky news

    • +1

      Nice. I was trying for binge but just kept getting the error, also don’t know what flash is

      • +2

        Flash is no loss

    • any chance of sharing ? sharing is caring

  • +1

    Let's say only 25% of the clicks actually got it. Holy shit, that's still over a million in revenue buhahahaha

    • This went nuts on reddit also. Plus mine and a few thousand other WhatsApp groups it seems.

  • My Account page now not loading…

  • -2

    Spent an hour clicking with 8 tabs. All failed 😁

    • +2

      Dont cry if you couldnt get the deal. I couldnt either but whoever got it well done. It is probably the deal of the year provided the accounts are not revoked.
      You also need to read the Fox and The grapes story.

    • +2

      A neg vote because you didn’t get a great deal!

  • I got Kayo voucher to work unlike Binge, but now my account has reverted back to free.
    Sucks to spend an hour trying to get them both to work, for nada.

    • sign out and back in again

  • +1

    My voucher went through but showing as 'Pending'.

    • +1

      Mine too, but I have a current offer from Telstra which was to expire March 2023. Now it shows the Telstra offer will end next week and free Kayo offer will begin immediately after that. I suppose you can only have one applied voucher to your account at any time.

      • I have the Telstra deal also I see how it works. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Got 1 year free through the Samsung TV promo last year, and another through this. Geez, it took a while though. The working strategy ended up being signing out and clicking on 'got a voucher' had to refresh twice on verifying the number. Hopefully, they honour this.

  • Anyone that got lucky with access to either willing to share? Can msg me privately :)

  • +3

    Spent an hour and didn't make it. So frustrating

    • +4

      1 deal posted in 15 years on OzBargain…no give and all take?

  • Does anyone checked your account after successfully registered? Mine said current access expired 01/05/2022.

    • my 'my account' wont even load

    • Was already subscriped, check my account it says ends on 23/05/2023. So looks like it applied

    • Yes it looks like they may have actually deactivated the ones that went thru.

  • Site just doesn’t work. UI constantly has errors, my account screen doesn’t load, etc

  • +2

    Waste of time… back to the high seas for me

    • +1

      High seas? What good is that for live sport.

      • Was only going to stream F1 anyways, and there’s an abundance of places to watch it online

      • Plenty. Lots of places to stream for free, albeit quality depending on where you stream can be iffy (along with pop ups).

        • I remember when Kayo came out. It was so shit, I was still pirating F1 as they were better streams and higher quality.

          • +1

            @he11bent: Yeah, i agree. Quality via other free platforms could beat Kayo when they first started. I took advantage when they kept offering the deal with tab or the other betting agency. got a year or a year and a half free with multiple sim cards used. Good times that.

            • @bullettime: depending on what pirate platform you find. It still beats Kayo sometimes, even to this day.

    • I'm with you. Didn't have much luck with League pass and their thanksgiving sale late last year as well with cc issues on their side. Continuing to raise that black flag…

  • Was worth a try

  • This offer isn't available or may have expired. Check out the options available for you below:

  • -3

    We all GOT DUPED!

    Imagine all the phone numbers/emails/personal details this company got!

    They will now sell it to telemarketers!

    They are revoking the accounts back to free!

    Dodgy as FK!

  • +2

    Oh well time to go blow $1000 on that samsung fridge

  • Mates got it to work at about 10pm, my account would never load and now obviously missed
    Suspect this will be pulled

  • I wouldn't mind a share too if anyone can as i couldnt get it through unfortunately.
    Hopefully, people were smart enough to sign up to premium.

  • This offer isn't available or may have expired. Check out the options available for you below:

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