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Free 12 Months Subscription (New and Existing Subscribers) @ Binge


Similar to the Kayo offer - free 12 months Binge subscription!

Works on Basic, Standard and Premium plan.

Update: Still working as of 10:31pm AEST (voucher is being accepted) - it may be a bit slow and occasionally error out due to server overload. Keep trying and it will eventually get there

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    No credit card required for new subdcribers

    • +1

      I’m a happy new subdcriber

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        I’m not happy anymore as my account got cancelled.

        • -2

          yes same here, got a mail saying that payment has been declined. Looks like this was just a way to attract traffic and free publicity.

  • Omg yes!

  • Awesome!!

  • Expires in less than 2hrs

  • Thanks!!

  • +1

    Anything for apple TV plus and/or paramount lol

    • +1

      new hardware device might give you something… I found out installing apple tv app on ps5 gave me 6 months atv+ 🙃. Previously had 1 year free, 3 months added with apple tv 4k device, 6 months during covid sympathies, 3 months for ipad / m1 mac …

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    Any other platforms?

  • +2

    Is this a scam

    • +3

      Haha it’s the legit binge website

  • Thank you

  • 100 likes for you as well

  • Kayo, Binge and Flash News are under the same umbrella. Just tried and it worked for Flash News as well

  • Great.. Kayo + Binge… 1 year… :)

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    "There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later."

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    Anyone getting an error "Error communicating with auth0 private." when they click "start subscription now" after verifying their mobile and email?

    • I got it

    • Yep. Server seems to be getting hammered.

      • Or maybe they realise it's a mistake and shut down the sign up process?

    • +3

      Yep, but I got through after refreshing and trying again.

      • Thanks!

        I'll keep trying lol

      • This +1

  • same cant go checkout :(

  • +6

    Error communicating with Auth0 private

  • +7

    Someone getting fired on Monday lol

  • AWESOME!!!

  • That's awesome cheers!

  • not working

  • +11

    Stuck on 'Verify phone number' screen.

    • +2


    • +1

      Are you typing in the code straight away, and it says it’s invalid or expired? That’s what’s happening for me. Did it work for you in the end?

      • Exactly what's happening to me too

        • I logged out, clicked start 12 month subscription and then verify phone worked.

          Got the auth0 message. Now stuck on spinning wheel…

    • same, stuck at the same place

    • same problem.
      I got the email to verify, but then it also stuck there.

  • Kept trying and it worked just now

  • +1

    Server getting smashed

  • +1

    Worked and even got confirmation email.

    Congratulations, you’re all set to start your Binge subscription.
    Premium $18 Monthly

    Your first payment for Binge will be on and will automatically renew Monthly.
    To make updates or change anything on your Binge subscription, just visit My Account.

    We can’t wait for you to enjoy everything we have to offer. Oh, and keep an eye out for great ways to get more from your subscription - it’ll be with you shortly.

    • Same for me. I received the same email.

      I can't seem to access 'My account' though, i get the error communicating with auth0 private.
      But I'm sure the voucher was accepted, just wanted to see the confirmation in my account. Might have to wait for that since the server's getting absolutely smashed right now lol

      • Update:

        I can now access 'My account' and can confirm the voucher was succesfully applied.
        Under My account > Subscription & billing :
        Premium (4 screens) : FREE
        Binge access 12 months of BINGE: Starts2022/04/30 - Ends 2023/04/30

      • ive had kayo vouchers before, if the next bill date is good, you're good

  • I'm getting invalid code message

  • +1

    "Error communicating with auth0 private." when trying to access "my account" to add the code…

    • +1

      Just keep refreshing that page, eventually got in and applied the code.

    • Same here

  • +1

    I love that the thumbnail for this is "Access denied"

  • +2

    Website Currently getting ozbargained

  • Code not working

  • Signed up to easy.

  • Anyone else get this error message: There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later.

    • +2

      Works after trying it a few times - but then get stuck at the next step which is the mobile verification part.

  • "auth0" error

  • -2

    "Error communicating with auth0 private." whilst trying to sign up. Tried twice on different browsers.

    • +1

      Tried twice? you need to have 20 tabs and all be refreshing at the sametime

      • At the time of my comment above there were only a dozen posts in this thread, no indication of the issues to come. I have since tried hundreds of times and still it doesn't work.

        This is a bullshit offer if its unobtainable without all of these hoops.

  • +1

    Glad I managed to get through for Kayo cos this one keeps freezing at the mobile number verification stage for me

    • Oh good, it’s not just me. Sounds like we all bombed it

  • +2

    Error communicating with auth0 private.

  • Cannot go further than Agree and Continue

  • +5

    getting stuck at the verify phone #

  • Keep trying, eventually you will get there.

  • Mine is stuck. Kayo worked well!

  • Kayo Sports
    Oops!, something went wrong …

  • Worked for me, keep trying, their servers are getting smashed.

  • +1

    There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later.

    Code works if I'm not logged in, but then it asks me to log in with my account cos I did the same trick for kayo (which worked). As soon as I'm signed in, I get that error inputting the code. If I use a different email address, it gets stuck at verifying phone number.

  • Watch out. Got an email saying I’m on a paid plan now…

    • +2

      They don't have my CC, so whatever..

    • i had this for Kayo but if you go into billing it says $0. Plus yeah no credit card so its all g

  • gimme f1 D:

  • +2

    I'm able to press 'Start Subscription Now' but then it just gets stuck on a spinning wheel :(

    • +1


    • I had the same… but just kept refreshing and clicking the button, and suddenly just worked

  • +1

    party is over it seems

    • Yep it’s over now lol

  • +2

    Getting stuck on verify mobile screen now

  • +10

    What a Saturday night orgy this is.

    • 🍿 watching the stampede in the comments

  • When I log in it’s asking me to choose subscription and has a cost amount

    • -2

      What is the voucher code?

  • -3

    Why is this getting up voted it's Murdoch murder

  • +3

    I still have the free Paramont plus and I barely watched it more than twice… Only for iCarly

    • A fair bit more watchable content on Binge though…

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