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Boost $300 SIM 260GB $222, Telstra SIM 200GB $225 Delivered @ Auditech


Boost and Telstra 12 month plan sale with bonus data if activate by 4 July 2022. Unlimited calls + text to standard numbers.

Boost $200 SIM with 40GB bonus data (total 140GB) + unlimited international calls to 20 selected destinations $148, expiry 31/8/2023

Boost $300 SIM with 20GB bonus data (total 260GB) + unlimited international calls to 20 selected destinations $222, expiry 5/5/2023

Telstra $300 SIM with 50GB bonus data (total 200GB) $225, expiry 17/2/2024

These are the SIM starter kits which cannot be used as recharge. Add a bridging SIM for as low as $4 ($2.96 after discount) and you get 1 month extra value.

Volume discount also available - buy more save more.

Delivered by Australia Post with tracking and signature. Why delivery with signature is essential? The AusPost green/yellow(express) envelop with tracking has a high LIT(lost in transit) rate, in our experience it's between 5-10%. There could be 1000 reasons a delivered green/yellow envelop may never end up in your hand. If you are one of the unlucky customers and the tracking is marked as delivered, you are in risk of losing your item and money. Auditech do not make profit by passing the risk to customers, and all of our delivery is signature required.

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  • I'm on boost for 1 month. Can I still purchase this?

    • You can add a bridging SIM if you are going to stay on Boost.

  • Hi Auditech, can I use this if I was previously on Boost with the same phone number, ported my number to Belong for 4-5 months, and want to port back to Boost with the same number now?

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      You can port from Belong to Boost directly.

    • +2

      I just submitted my port from belong to boost
      I'm sure (I hope) I'm an exceptional circumstance, but I submitted the port on Tuesday and my number is in limbo. It's been pending port since then, luckily I can receive calls and some sms… But that's it. No outgoing calls, sms or internet. Escalation to telstra and boost has felt a bit useless.

      First time this has taken so long. All my previous ports with carriers have generally taken 15 to 20 mins

      • +1

        Same here! Wow, I thought I was the only one… I would not advise going from Belong to Boost!

  • My telstra mobile plan will finish this month , is that gonna be a issue if I transfer to this boost plan?

  • Shouldn't be an issue porting from Telstra to Boost. Wait for plan finishes if it's a post-paid.

    • How about porting from boost to Telstra?

      • Same, they simplified the process.

  • Can I use it as a recharge credit?

    If not, what's the best way to stay with Boost?

    • Not for recharge. Add a bridge SIM is the best way to stay with Boost.

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        Could you please tell me more about how to do this bridge SIM?

        • +2

          You can port your number to a different carrier for a month using the bridge SIM and port back as a new customer.

          • -3

            @Auditech: "Bridge SIM", LOL. Have you invented the term? It's stpd.

    • +2

      Some people report by contacting customer support, they could use these to recharge, but haven't tried myself and not sure how accurate reports of it working are :/

      • +2

        Can confirm I did this last month.

        They activate the new sim and then port your existing number over. Super easy to organize on the chat. Port took less than 1 hour.

      • I did this last night. Contacted Boost support, told them I was happy to port out and back but would rather they just credit the account. They HAPPILY recharged using the new SIM as per the above offer.

    • Yes, you can use this as recharge, but you have to do it via chat. Whole process (see below) took under 30 minutes (during business hours).
      * Explained what I wanted to the Boost support person via chat
      * New SIM was activated with new number
      * Old SIM was cancelled
      * Old number was moved to new SIM (email confirmation)

  • +1

    Is there ever any sales for a boost recharge data?

    • Recharges never got discounted…good question though.

    • Just buy this and contact boost support chat and you can use this like a recharge, see my comment above.

      • I presume no data rollover.

  • Bought the $148 SIM. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Thank you.

      • Hey mate,

        Do you know if and when 200$ sim pack be available again?

  • Can i port from telstra to telstra?

    • No, you need a bridge SIM.

  • Any issues "porting" from Boost to Tesltra? Given its an mvno and technically still Telstra underneath?

    • Before you need a blank SIM between Telstra and Boost, now I think they have fixed it since last year

      • Hi, do you mean I can simply port from Boost to Telstra without the need for a bridging sim?

        • Yes you can. Ported over my mum’s number a few weeks ago.

          • @bunnybash: Confirmed. just ported wife's and my numbers from Boost to Telstra yesterday. took less than 30 mins

  • Thanks OP, got the $148 one. My current boost is about to expire in June

    • Thank you. Don't forget adding a bridge SIM as you are already with Boost.

      • yup, got the 2 other sims for $4 each, thanks 😊

        • As in 2 Sims with a different carrier? So that you can port to that carrier and port back to boost? Can you please clarify? Thanks.

          • +1

            @Nickelback: Oh I got the vodafone and lebera one. You only need 1 additional sim to port out but I bought the 2nd one just in case. It's only $2.96 so why not have a spare.

              • @Herbse: I could wrong, but those $2 sims doesn't come with any prepaid amount and from memory when I tried to activate those, they asked you to pick a plan before allowing you to continue on the activation. You're better off paying $2.96 for $30 sim just in case.

                • @Homr: Thanks. Sorry I'm new to this bridging process. Do you have a link for the $2.96 Sim?

                  Edit: oh it's part of the site on the deal.. haha. Thanks

                • @Homr: Or get the Optus daily 4G e-sim plan on a free 7-day trial for 0 cost port in

      • +1

        Last year I was able to go through Boost chat to activate my aim, rather than port out, and back in again.

        Hopefully I can do that again this year.

        • +1

          I wouldn't recommend doing it that way.

          What actually happens is they activate your new sim that you just bought and give you a temporary number. Then they port your old number to that new sim. If that fails you may lose your existing number which has happened before as mentioned in previous post in Ozbargain.

        • Yeah my 12 month expires in 3 weeks. Had a similar deal from Auditech last year. I'll have to give the chat a go near the expiry date.

        • did this a few ago- no problems!

  • Any idea how long will this deal be on?

  • +2

    What's the benefit of the Telstra over the boost?

    • 5G over 4G?

      • That is what I am trying to establish. It is also rare for Telstra to offer International calls on prepaid, so this seems like a good deal

        • And also does it offer roaming over Boost?

      • Most Telstra prepaid plans don’t include 5g access (the more expensive ones do)

      • I’m on boost and the other day I did a speed test and got 367mbps down speeds (only 16 up lol). Which is close enough to 5G that it doesn’t matter to me.

        Plus apparently nose is getting 5g soon.

  • Thank you OP. Does the Telstra Prepaid SIM offer data on 5G please

    • +4

      All Telstra pre paid plans except for the $60 monthly recharge are 3G/4G only.

  • Does Boost and Tesltra both have MMS? I have heard some people not getting MMS with Boost?

    • +1

      MMS works with Boost, I am on Boost

  • Did Boost kill off the $150r 80GB per year starter kit?

    • Yes, now nearest is $200 plan.

  • No add to cart/checkout button found

  • Boost SIM 140GB Data $148 - Out of stock…

  • I'm going from normal Telstra to boost..do I need a bridging Sim?

    • You can port form Telstra to boost. You may need to port to a Optus/voda company before switching as far as I know.

    • No

  • +1

    Bah out of stock of the 140gb
    Any chance of more OP?

    • Same. Looking for the 140gb

      • Deal is back

  • Is the difference between Boost and Telstra the 4G/5G?

    • They are both on 4G

  • Hi is it for 365 days or monthly?


  • Does Boost offer roaming? Like Telstra?

  • +1

    OP any idea when you'd get more stock of the $200 sim. I missed out.

    • Same here.

      • +2

        Mate just look up ebay. I bought one after missing out on this deal. Paid $149 after discount code SAVEMAY. Seller i bought from is based in Adelaide

        • Good one, thanks.

        • Good one, thanks

    • Deal is back on

  • These are the SIM starter kits which cannot be used as recharge

    Are Telstra $300 recharges ever on sale? Last one I had was about 2 years ago, haven't ever seen one since…

    • Recharges never got discounted.

      • Recharges never got discounted.

        Yeah they used to at Coles a couple of years ago, I know because I bought a bunch of them…

        • I remember that one, loved by ozb

  • Can I get a $300 Telstra recharge any cheaper anywhere?

    • Recharges never got discounted.

      • Thanks, so should swap carriers?

        • Yes, you can add a bridge SIM

  • On Boost$300 package is it 260GB data or 200 only? Also does 13,1800 number free or not? Thanks

    • You get 260GB data if activate by 4/7/2022, 13 and 1800 are free.

  • My last 12 months sim is expiring, can I buy a new sim, activate it and them transfer my existing number to it? How does this deal work for me?

    • Add a bridge SIM, port your number to the bridge SIM then port back

  • OP, can you pls share more boost deals pls, thank you

  • What's the process/time frame for remediating loss of package? Mine's showing as stuck in the same place for 6 days now, and my current sim is about to expire.

    I've never had Australia post lose a package before but this looks like it might be the first time.

    • Please send us an email with your order number, we can lodge an enquiry with AusPost. If it's confirmed lost in transit, we will provide a full refund or replacement.

  • Ordered today, picked up today.
    Happy days.

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