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2 for 1 LUXE Burgers @ Betty's Burgers


Betty's Biggest Day of The Year Is Coming!

Thursday 5th May

2 For 1
Luxe Burgers

Drop Everything, Set Your Alarm and Grab Your Bestie!


In restaurant only - dine in or takeaway

Terms & Conditions:
Only available on Thursday 5th May, 2022. Luxe Burgers available Betty's Deluxe, Crispy Chicken Supreme & Betty's Classic Vegan. Not available via third party apps. No modifications allowed. Betty’s Burgers reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any point

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  • All restaurants?

    • It appears to be. No T&C suggest otherwise.

  • +34

    Very basic and over priced burgers imo.

    • +1

      Yeah for what you are paying for, wasn't particular impressed.

      • +44

        Since Covid I started avoiding eating food prepared by others. It really opened my eyes to how easy it is to make food myself I use to waste money on from takeaway places.

        • +9

          Me too, I invested in some nice frypans and knives and really love cooking and making own stuff.

          • @mrsinistah: checkout Chebo on Tik Tok, his sauces for burger recipes are devine!

        • +1

          Where do you reckon one should start with if want to learn to cook?

          Just curious also does it end up cheaper cooking yourself instead of takeaway?

          • @ATTS: Depends on what you're cooking, and how good you are at doing it. But generally cooking your own food is healthier and nicer for the price.

            Only exception would be if you get snag big discounts, fork bookings, restaurant promos etc. Just need to be mindful of what you're actually eating, cooking at home you know what went in (mostly…).

            If you're lazy, cheap, and/or a terrible cook, cooking at home can also be less healthy and more expensive.

          • @ATTS: YouTube! I home cook almost everything and mostly just search youtube for what i want to eat and there will be a decent recipe on it.

            If you are cooking for more than 1 it will work out cheaper per person. If you are just cooking for yourself what you will find is that you can't buy the ingredients in small enough qtys to just cook 1 meal for yourself. So just buy enough to make 2-3 of that meal, eat one, seal and fridge/freeze the other 2 and it will work out much cheaper over the 3 meals.

            As an example, I have a well established pantry and I cook 5-6 dinners for 4 people per week and my weekly grocery shop is about $150. So that's about $7.50 per meal. And I don't do boring meals either, this week we've already had steak and bean burritoes and thai green curry. All made from scratch mostly, no jar sauces etc.

            • @Nos 4r2: I see, cheers

              any good youtube chanel recommendations?

              • @ATTS: Depends on what type of cuisine you are after. I mostly love TexMex/American BBQ as well as Asian cuisine. I myself have an Asian background so Asian cooking was bred into me! Thai, Japanese and Chinese would be my favs when it comes to Asian cuisine.

                On YouTube take a look at:
                TexMex/American - Sam the Cooking Guy
                American BBQ - The Dawgfathas BBQ
                Modern Cuisine / Making some meals better/cheaper / Restaurant at Home - Joshua Weissmann
                Asian / Restaurant at Home - Woo Can Cook

                It will cost more when you start out, because if you are green to it all then chances are you won't have some of the spices, sauces, utensils, etc. needed in the beginning. But as you go on you will accumulate these these and it becomes much less of a burden. That's what I meant when I said I had an 'established pantry', over years of cooking I now have all the spices, flours, sugars, crumbs, sauces, oils on hand to make just about everything. When I go out I just get the meats, veges and breads needed and replace pantry items as they run out.

                Just start out with easy stuff you like to eat and requires the least amount to stuff you need to buy. Then move onto things that may only need 1 or 2 extra ingredients you don't have. Before you know it you'll have enough stuff to make things on the fly.

        • Just trying to help here but it's *used, not use. A common mistake. Oh, and I agree that cooking at home beats the hell out of most restaurants, especially cooking burgers at home!

          • @gyrex: you mean your cooking tastes better than restauraunts?

            also Any good burger recipes? i would love to learn how to cook angus burgers

        • I'm on the opposite side of it. I tried to cook myself and realised how much effort it takes.

          • +1

            @Intoxicoligist: Yeah usually the prep, cooking and clean up takes a good chunk out of my night. After visiting Malaysia for exchange where it was cheaper to eat out each night than make my own food I realised just how much time/effort it was taking.

            It felt so bizzare to fit so much into 1 day, uni, gym, something random, swim, social dinner with friends, movie and still get to sleep at like 10.

        • Great you guys are cooking at home. Lines will be shorter

    • +2

      Yep I was not impressed with the burger I had either.

      • +2

        Tried it first in Noosa on holidays, was delicious. Then tried it again a few years later when they expanded into nsw and just wasn't half as good.

    • +1

      Betty's Burgers joints here in Brisbane have super high ratings and glowing reviews on Google. I was disappointed when I found out it's American style burger with sweet bun. The fact that it's so small doesn't help the case.

      • -1

        Errr, it's an EXACT COPY of Shake Shack.

        • +2

          I've had shake shack plenty of times, and no it is not.

          • @jaygee: 100% agree, it is not even close to being a bad copy of Shake Shack

            • +2

              @champlooo: Agree, for me it’s between in and out and shake shake.

              Tried my best to compare after my last visit to the states, obviously noting you can’t sit down and eat all 3 in one place.

              Ss1, bb2, i&o3

      • -2

        That's because there aren't many options in Brisbane in the first place.

    • +1

      I really like their burgers tbh. The only issue I have is their buns are a bit too buttery/oily, but otherwise they are good. Overpriced yes, but tasty.

      • agree with everything you have said

  • Went to the cbd one 2 months after they opened. Queued for 15 minutes then when i went to the office the burger patty was still frozen cold in the inside. As in icy cold. Never went back

    • +10

      you shouldve went back to get refund

      • +1

        Can't be bothered. It was already a 40 minutes return trip from my building.

  • +13

    I've never been disappointed by a burger from Betty's. I only get the classic though.

  • +3

    Same here…. Betty's burgers (the classic anyway) are always delicious.

    But not something I'd have, more than once or twice a year.

  • -1

    Deluxe burger? Beef only.

  • +6

    Visited the Chadstone branch last Sunday. There was a huge line outside while not all tables were full. We waited 20 minutes in line and then 20 on the table. Is Betty's burger sure they can manage any "deals" right now?

    • Visited the Chadstone branch

      I mean.. that's why?

      • -1

        This branch won't have the deal then I guess? That was the point.

  • -3

    Never heard of them, but eating Betty's burger sounds delicious.

    • -2

      Watch out for the mayo dripping out though.

  • Simple but good quality and pretty tasty, not many places can do simple and tasty. BL burgers wins hands down though, best burgers overall so far in my opinion.

  • -1

    All hype but not backed up by any form of quality or taste.

  • +2

    Good burgers but small. Need 2 to fill yourself up.
    So does this deal mean you're getting regular value?…

    • +1

      I can't argue with that. I always get fries and then I'm shocked at the final price. It's expensive for a burger, drink and chips. Even like $2 for sauces for the fries. I guess kinda Grill'd pricing.

      • i wonder how they cook their beef. i know that grilld just uses frozen burgers and steaks

        • +1

          grilld get the meat frozen, thaw it, make patties……they don’t cook frozen pattie’s like at maccas or HJ …….

          for a chain to deal with fresh meat daily deliveries would be a challenge, small places can manage it.

          kebab places get their meet frozen and already on the giant skewer …..they don’t try and put 20kg of fresh meat on the grill.

  • +4

    good day to try if you havent already. id give the beef a perfect 5/7

    • 2 for 1 i’d give it a go, have never tried them buy walked last often …..

  • Quality has really gone downhill in recent years as they've expanded. Wouldn't recommend even at half price. The burgers are greasy and flavorless.

  • +1

    Tried them less than 2 weeks ago. They were nice burgers but definitely overpriced. 2 for 1 is worth it.

  • I read $16 and slow service from Darling Harbour branch.

    When I can eat eye fillet steak cooked perfectly at home for $8,

    I'm not tempted to spend $16 on a less than double-perfect hamburger (or even two)

    • +9

      You must be fun at parties, wait it's cheaper to drink at home :)

  • +3

    "Your widget needs to be updated"

    Someone needs to poke their web developer ;)

  • +1

    might be a dumb question, but is it possible to get buy 2 get 2 free in the same order? anyone have experience from when they have run similar promos previously? thanks!

    • +2

      Bettys sent through today some additional T&C.

      Offer valid Thursday 5/5/22. Available in restaurant only. Not valid with orders via Betty's app or delivery partners. 2 for 1 extends to same burger only, no mix and match option available. Available on Betty's Deluxe, Crispy Chicken Supreme or Betty's Classic Vegan only. No alterations permitted.

      So im assuming this is order at the counter only, and it maybe the case that it depends on the staff member as to them allowing 2, 2 for 1 orders at the same time.

    • Yes.

  • +2

    Lol can't do it through the app, what a joke

    • Not sure its worth the trouble anymore. Staff shortages have caused a poor experience with them.

  • +4

    I had Betty's in Melb CBD one day and I had a fantastic experience and. I agree that they are basic and on the smaller-side but mine was fantastic on the day. It was legit a 9/10 burger for me.

  • +1

    Ques are quite long.

    But looking forward to it. Grilld HFC was disappointing, or maybe lost my taste when trying it.

  • What are the luxe burgers? The deluxe burger?

    • Betty's Deluxe, Crispy Chicken Supreme & Betty's Classic Vegan

  • Loved the Vegan one. Got 2 more for dinner.
    Burgers seemed bigger than my memory serves haha

  • Can only get two of the same burger 👎. Can’t mix them, so I just found out at dinner.

  • Hopeless … 1 hr wait at my local

  • No ability to order 1 of each was a bit disappointing.

    Respect to the guy beside me devouring 2 burgers and a shake by himself.

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