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Lanplus 12V LiFePO4 Battery 100Ah $399.30 Delivered @ The Boating Emporium


Guessing this is a price error considering the incorrect copy/paste job they did in the weblink.

Have only ordered 18650 batteries from the 'maker' Lanplus which were genuine, so not sure how their big batteries are. Worth noting there's a bit of discrepancy in the discharge rates claimed in the images vs the specs.

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  • Back in early 2021, eBay was running 20% of select sellers. One of the items was a 100ah lifepo4 12v battery listed as $399. Became $319 delivered after coupon - that's become my reference for generic 100v lifepo4 12v batteries.

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      I am not saying it is or isn't the case for these, but I was also in the market "back then" (I now have two LiFePO4 batteries - 100ah and 135ah) and the majority of the cheap ebay ones would never rate to their claimed capacity.

      Not all, but the majority.

      If current isn't a concern (the BMS in mine is pretty limited) then price-per-ah is what matters most and saving 20% in price but having 30% less capacity was not uncommon.

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        This bloke has done a couple of reviews on the cheaper batteries sold in the Australian market
        At the time I bought my battery about 12 months ago these batteries were all over ebay for (Voltx and RapidX) for cheap.
        As you can see from the reviews at least in the case of his batteries there has not been a capacity issue.
        Personally I wanted more trustworthy warranty than a random ebay seller so I bought a solar king battery with 5 year warranty.

        • Mine just so happen to be VoltX and have been going well for a year. Capacity tested over their rating, and the only limiting factor seems to be the BMS current limit. Which for my purposes, is not an issue.

          They survived a week long trip to North West island, which is why I had two of them (camped in shade, solar on beach with a battery swap every day or two). Definitely rate them, for the price I paid.

        • Mine is also VoltX. Has held its charge based on the readings from my victron charger. Use is for trolling motor on boat so its pulling down high amps (I go full speed often).

          • @anthman: One of my two is also now for a trolling motor. The other lives in my Landcruiser for fridge-n-accessories. Still going great.

        • I've watched this Youtube channel "Explorewithkidsaustralia" it's a great source of info.
          BTW I bought the VoltX 135aH LiFePO4 over a year ago and have been very happy with it. When it's not in the XTrail camping and keeping the Waeco cold I plug it in at home connected to an old 120W panel on the roof and I charge everything from laptops, phones,18650 or AA batteries, powerbanks etc, this is a fantastic battery and cost about $430 off eBay on one of those 20% off sale, for the first year this battery has performed perfectly, and has been used every single day.

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    TBH not sure this is a deal without knowing more about the brand.

    I recently bought this 120ah lifepo4 battery with higher 100a continuous discharge for $343.20, currently available for $364.65

    Yes ebay battery, yes cells unknown, but still 2 year warranty and on the face of it more usable specs with the higher continuous discharge amperage and overall amp hours.

  • I bought a 120AH LIFEPO4 via ebay for $339 delivered a few weeks ago, It is currently listed at $429 from that same seller but I see it can be bought for about $340 from another seller with delivery from the same location that the one I bought came from which is Regents Park.

    First use after initial full charge I got 122AH out it.

    • Got a link? What's the discharge rating?

      • The link in the comment by the juiceman is the one I bought. 100A is the discharge rating although I won't be using anywhere near that.

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          Thanks, I can get one from another seller for 347 that looks to be identical. Nice to buy one that someone has confirmed the capacity of.

          You don't need 100A? How do you go camping without a microwave?

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    well have have lanplus 100ah battery for 3 year now. still running strong although i brought battery when the price was like $700.

  • Bought this battery in February on ebay for $277.16 delivered.

    Only bought it because I've bought gear from LanPlus for the past 15 years or so.

    My Victron put in 72AH at first charge, everything (including battery life with a 12V fridge while camping) suggests it's 100AH.

  • I paid $316 each delivered for 2 x 120ah batteries

    Charged them for [email protected] so I know they are a legit capacity

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    Amazon has cheaper, with a positive review from someone who did a load test.

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