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$2 for 2 Months nbn Home Internet Plans 50/20, 100/20 or 250/25 (New Customers Only, From $95/Month Thereafter) @ Telstra


One day promo: $2 for 2 months on selected home internet plans. Shows up for NBN 50/20, 100/20, 250/25. Future connection date can be set between 10/05/2022 and 04/06/2022.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Also included:

  • 50,000 Telstra Plus points
  • 3 months BINGE

Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with plan.

For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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      • According to tracking there is proof of delivery - which I'm sure just means a photo. So either a case of a stolen parcel on my door step or they delivered it to the wrong unit. Wouldn't be the first time. Though surprised there is apparently Authority to Leave on there.

        • Mine says signature on delivery yet they left mine infront of the door.

          • @pandadude: Yes, the driver signs for it, then dumps it at your door. They don't even knock. Signature on delivery has been a waste of time and money for years. AP marks it as delivered while StarTrack still hasn't updated it.

  • Does anyone know if I can change the date of the connection? Originally set it for the weekend but won't be home now. Trying to bring it forward and on chat with Telstra who can't give me a straight answer. Basically, if I plug in the Telstra modem now, will it still not connect to Telstra until the set date?

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      There's a "link" to change your connection date, but when I click it, nothing happens. The URL is in the email they send. It's https://www.ordertracker.telstra.com.au/orderdetails/XXX where XXX is your order number.

      • Thanks - seeing the same thing as you - just loops around.

        • +2

          The modem will work in 4G backup mode right out of the box. I am using it now. I'm downloading as much as I can (for science) to see how much I can download before it speed caps.

          • @Skylex: I might try this in a few days. Problem is that 4G is patchy here (never use to be).

  • Set up start date for the 10th, order still not showing on my account and I have no reference as I did it in store. Lucky the 4g speed is about 50mbps anyway. Will be pretty pissed if they cap me

    • 25/5 for me with 4/5 bars and "Good" as my reception: https://www.speedtest.net/result/13134290415 I downloaded 40GB today which is much higher than the previous 20 and 30 that used to cause previous speed caps. So perhaps they have changed it? It could also be time based, so I will check again in a few days.

      • My signal says Weak but it's putting out consistent 52mbps, higher than the previous fttp nbn 50 plan lol. I dunno where to see downloaded amount but I'm pretty annoyed as I wanted to try out the 250mbps while I'm at my parents place.

  • +2

    I notice I only got 10 pts

    • Same for the $1 charge but my service isn't active yet.

    • Same and my service is active - I'll chase up eventually when I can be bothered.

  • Picked up my modem from the PO yesterday afternoon, plugged it in and within five minutes it had churned from Superloop without me needing to do anything. Pretty impressed. Wondering about the 50k points though, anyone know how long that usually takes to funnel through?

    • +1

      Did you choose a connection date or asap?

      • +2

        I picked ASAP.

    • online chat told me 14 days points should arrive

  • Anyone who has received their package from Startrack - does the con note show any sort of Authority to Leave (ATL) note on it? Spoke with Telstra support today about the package being marked as delivered, apparently they have to start an investigation / send out a new modem. I asked them not to bother sending a new one out to save the hassle of returning it eventually when I churn away, but I hold little hope they'll listen haha

    • Just checked, mine didn't - my tracking also has them as 'unable to leave' so they took it to the LPO.

      • HAHA! Complete opposite of mine. Some of the drivers employed by Startrack are absolutely incompetent. They think the new procedures brought on by COVID has given them free reign to do what they like, but even before that it was pretty bad. If the package was stolen from my door step that's not really their fault, but leaving it there when it shouldn't have been sure as shit is!

        • I threw the packaging away, but the tracking on ST said "ATL" while the AP tracking said "left in a safe place" so it very much depends on the driver. They did not knock, and just left it near my door.

        • My recent experiences with Star Track were mixed- good and bad. The Optus tablet deal- first delivery driver didn't even attempt to deliver parcel to my business address, made a note "could not access" so Star Track had to re-deliver second day. Second driver was much better and even insisted to cite ID before handing over package as that were the instructions.

          For this modem, no indication of ATL on connote or Star Track sms notification, but I also received an SMS from Telstra that said parcel will be left in safe place…

          • @Craze: I think you nailed the very problem - the inconsistencies in their drivers all doing whatever they want. Obviously COVID made things harder, but not as hard as the drivers have made things. Still waiting on any sort of response from Telstra as if it was a stolen package surely I need to file a police report.

            You'd think with MAC Addresses + the 4G backup sim they would be able to find it if someone starts using it too

            • @MBix: You don't have to file a police report. While they can definitely tell whether the SIM/unhacked router is being used or not, they're hardly going to waste time investigating it. They probably won't even block the SIM.

    • Startrack website shows ATL and item as delivered but nope, do they take a pic or anything as proof?

      contacted telstra who said contact startrack who then said they'll investigate but need telstra to contact them FFS

  • what time do they connect on the day? mine is supposed to connect today, i had my telstra modem connected to unid1 last night. i did eventually get a green light, although it didn't seem to play too well with my orbi, so just reconnected my unid1 to my orbi. do i actually have to have the telstra modem connected for the connection to switch over? How do i know whether i'm already connected to telstra?

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      Log in to the Telstra website or app, and see if your order is complete or not. If it says it is, then it should be working. If it says pending, then it's not complete yet. You don't need their modem.

      • Guess it must be connected then! Thanks.
        "STEP 2 OF 2
        Plug in Modem
        Connected:Wednesday, 11 May 2022"

        • turns out i'm actually still not even connected, i contacted their support and they said i'm still connected to my old isp. my services tab is still empty (says 1 order is still in progress) and they said they send an email once it's activated. means they missed my connection date and i'm glad my old isp isn't ending until end of next week. i dont' think i've ever had an isp miss the connection date before.

          • @spa: I requested my activation date for the 10th and it's not even on my Telstra page at all (did it instore), but I set up the modem and its working pretty well. Hope it's the 4g working not the existing ISP as I had set that cancellation date for tomorrow.

          • @spa: Actually, i think im in the same situation as you as when i did the speedtest, it was set on TPG, so the speedtest must have been showing the tpg nbn not the 4g as I thought as when i tried it at my own house it was pretty unstable and capped at 25mbps. f'n annoyed as i already preset TPG to cancel tomorrow.

            • @MeesusEff: Yep I contacted them last night through chat and they still haven't sorted out the connection. They said it's being worked on and to wait 24-48 hours. That's pretty hopeless. They've now missed it by 2 days.

              • @spa: Ah fk it I'll try to cancel. Do you know if the nbn if the previous ISP cancels the service, is it going to have issues when I get a new provider?

                • @MeesusEff: i'm on fttp, so it would be possibly they wouldn't cancel my old ISP and use another port. so i'm unsure what uni d port they'll be using. i asked them specifically and they just said, use either port 1 or 2. hmmmm ok.

                  i guess at least you can still use their 4G backup while they sort out their connection so it isn't all bad… just slow.

                  • @spa: My order wasn't submitted and online chat couldn't do it as it has to be done by the same person I set it up with… So I've been waiting for 2 days because someone forgot. I managed to cancel, wonder how long I can keep the modem for before they realise, I put this on a $24 card anyway 😂

                    • @MeesusEff: If you canceled using their 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you can keep the modem. That only works if this is the first time you've used Telstra NBN though. Can only do it once per person.

                      • @Skylex: Do i need to specify that im cancelling under that guarantee? Because I just said cancel and she did it. Never used Telstra nbn before. VERY UNSATISFIED seeing as they just forget to submit my freakin order and it's for my parents house as well. Superloop set me up within 3 minutes of confirming my order.

                        Will they send out reminder emails for me to return the modem if I can't get to it soon? Just had some family drama so won't be going there for a while 😂

                        • @MeesusEff: I went to a store in person to cancel. I told them about the guarantee, and he said, Oh, okay. Then, surprise surprise, they still sent me a bill. A quick email to the TIO, and they eventually waived all fees and let me keep it.

                          • @Skylex: Was your connection already set up? I didn't even get to the stage lol

                            "let us know within 30 days of connecting and we’ll refund your first monthly plan fee and any hardware repayment costs."

                            "You’re not eligible if you’re a customer of Belong, or if you move your services to another provider or disconnect without contacting us first to let us know you’re not happy,"

                            Pretty obvious I wasn't happy, not sure if I needed to state it. Ah well see how it goes

                            • @MeesusEff: Yes, I used them for 30 days, and on the 30th day found myself unsatisfied and wanted a refund and to keep the modem.

                              • @Skylex: Well they f'd up my cancellation and connected it 6 days after my requested date. Different order number than the one I cancelled so nfi what the live chat did. I'll try that satisfaction line on live chat today. Can the Telstra modem be used on other isps or is it just a fancy paperweight lol. Cbf even waiting for the 50k points as it's somehow messing up the internet at my parents having 2 lines

                                • @MeesusEff: Yes, Telstra are terrible for this kind of thing. Their support are useless. Fortunately the modem works with all ISPs, except the handful that use VLAN. PPPoE is supported, and the 4G backup works when any provider cuts out, or you just unplug the cable.

                                  • @Skylex: My parents order on my page is still pending 'waiting to plug in modem' which i took it back after i cancelled it. Wonder how i go about cancelling an order that hasn't 'started'. Besides I tried it with my connection and it just wouldnt play well with my Google Nest :(

                                    • @MeesusEff: I have two orders at different addresses. One says plug in modem, which I haven't done and am not doing. The other says using 4G backup, where I did plug it in, but not to the NTD, so I could test out the 4G.

                                      It shouldn't matter that the order is still pending, you should still be able to cancel. How did the return go? Did you just give it to them at a Telstra shop? Did they give you a return number, or what happens exactly?

                                      • @Skylex: Haven't returned yet, I went on live chat today to try cancelling, each time I connected to someone it read "please wait 3 minutes for me to read the context" and then transfers me to another person. After the 3rd time, I told the guy just bypass the modem requirement as I want to use my own modem and activate my service (so I can properly cancel it later lol)

                                        Enh, at this point I might as well wait for the 50k points. Bloody annoying that I already paid for superloop and now have 2 services. I better get Launtel ready for my own set-up..

                  • @spa: Did you end up getting yours sorted or cancelled? I cancelled my parents order on the 13th and set them up on Superloop, today they messaged me saying they had no internet. Went over n saw that Telstra connected the service, so f'n annoyed.

                    • @MeesusEff: Mine is still in pending, not connected yet. i was told it would take 7-10 business days to get connected. i put in a complaint and that will take up to 15 days to acknowledge and review. They are now 6 days late.

  • +1

    Has anyone received the 50000 Telstra bonus points?

    • Nope, just on with customer service to figure that out

    • +1

      "After 14 days from the day that the service got activated, it will reflect in your online account/app"

  • Signed up instore for the 10th, still no trace of the order anywhere except a generic email of the CIS. the only thing I have to show for the order is a pre auth charge and the modem. Yet I mysteriously have a cancelled order, which also has no details apart from the date. Guess free 4g internet forever if my order fell through the cracks.

  • Spoke with Chat last week to put in my order on the 17th May. Woke up this morning to no internet. Contacted Origin BB and Telstra had requested the churn today. Muppets. I haven't much confirmation that the order was succesful and certainly haven't received the modem. I think I'm gonna cancel.

    • Cancelled the order. It seems for me they were never gonna get the modem out to me in time and also didn't listen to me when I requested a certain activation date.

    • I had a call from a Telstra CSR again last night. The phone reception was terrible; I caught maybe 5% of what he said. Terrible service. Not worth the time.

  • Just wondering can HFC churn over the weekend? I set mine for this Sunday as Monday is last day for Origin BB (Just to be in safeside)

    • They will only churn you when you receive the Telstra router and plug it in, I don't know by what magic witch-craft it happens

      So I think the answer to your question is no churn over the weekend unless a delivery is done then.

      • I didn't plug mine in, on FTTP, and it worked just by using the cable from the NTD to my PC.

      • Already received the modem week ago

  • Got a text from Superloop at 00:24 this morning (great timing there) to say my account was closed (nominated today to be my last day with them). Interestingly still had internet and haven’t plugged the Telstra modem in yet - checked it and it’s on Telstra. Didn’t reboot my modem or anything. This is on FTTN.

  • I'm now told my connection will take 7-10 business days. THey are now 5 days late in getting me connected.

  • Connection date was today coming over from Superloop 100/40mbps. Dropped connection last night at 10:30 and rebooted and was connected with Telstra. First night gaming and already most games are 10-20ms more ping here in Perth (Rocket League generally 55-65 ping, now pushing 80) Might end up jumping ship as soon as the 50,000 points pop

  • Sorry for doubleup post - how long before the connection is showing as active in our account / MyTelstra app. Got connected night before last and then received a message yesterday saying "Hi MBix, your nbn connection is almost complete, however we're unable to see that you're modem is properly connected" blah blah blah. Upon contacting them regarding the Telstra Plus points they told me my account is not active, even though it's clearly connected. Was also told to wait a few more days for the modem that's been marked as delivered to show up. Flying start to my stint with Telstra!

    • +2

      Took a few days for the plan to show up as an active service on the app.

      The 50k Telstra Plus points should be added within 14 days of connection afaik.

      On that note atm there's a 10k points offer (Telstra Plus Market - join and link card via app) as well as the Telstra Plus gift promo.

      • +1

        Thank mate! Yeh I thought I'd ask the question of their live chat in the hope the points may pop earlier as I'm contemplating jumping ship sooner than the 2 months. Each time I spoke to someone knew they'd tell me the service isn't connected yet even though I'd have no internet if it wasn't connected. Good old Telstra!

        • No worries champ yeah should show up within 4-5 days from memory.

  • my telstra NBN is due to be connected on the 20th May. My current ISP dodo will be ending on 22nd May. After reading the last few post, I'm kinda getting nervous

    • Definitely worth getting a backup like Launtel set up.

    • Same here, I'm due to be connected on Fri 20/5, had asked for current Dodo NBN to be cancelled on Sat 21/5 but customer rep called me and say will have to cancel on 20/5 as my billing cycle starts 21st. A little nervous and hope all goes well, worst case will have to hotspot off my Optus data SIM.

      • on our accounts page, it says we can use the 4g until our services are connected.

        • Ah sweet, will have to plug in the Telstra modem then (I'm on HFC). I'll report back on Friday with hopefully good news!

          • @Craze: If you're in a 4G coverage area, you can use a 4G backup connection until you've successfully connected to your nbn service. You just need to plug in and set up your Telstra Smart Modem.

  • So was it worth the headache everyone? Lol
    Telstra will never change. Bunch of mongoloids that don’t know their ass from their elbow.

    • +1

      If the 50k points show up soon then not a bad deal. If I have to wait awhile for the points and thus can't churn away just yet then the heart will be broken :D

    • +5

      Dealing with Telstra is always a pain, but most of the time signup goes smoothly and you don't have to talk to them. If you chose the longest activation date, you get a month on 4G, then two months for $2, and 50k points, which is ~$150 retail value.

      That's not the only thing though, if you've been using all the freebies, you'd have had years of free internet. Even if you'd only be paying $50/mo, that soon becomes over $1k saved. Not to mention many of these freebies are gigabit or 250. Perfect if you're on the fence, and want to try those speeds out.

      So, is it worth it? Yes.

      • I have absolutely no problem with Telstra NBN as a service, it’s the price and customer service that annoys me.

  • +2

    Spent a couple hours on live chat the last couple days and various calls. Thankfully I was able to go about my day and not totally waste my time but Telstra have zero idea what’s happening, not at all surprised.

    First issue was missing modem. A new order was made over a week ago apparently, but instantly cancelled. New order placed today, delivery tomorrow. We will see.

    Second issue: 4 different people from Telstra support have flat out told me my service isn’t connected. It most definitely is however as I’m connected with my own modem, Superloop have confirmed my disconnection and my speeds now reflect the Telstra plan I’m on. One agent spent 20 minutes telling me I’m connecting to 4G backup, even though it was the same agent I’d explained I’ve not received the Telstra modem.

    They have told me there’s no active service or billing account on their end so will be interesting when my first real billing date comes around. Half interested to stick around and see if they’ve sorted it by then or I’m on free internet

  • +1

    It seems like the problem is with people who don't do exactly what Telstra would expect of your average normal non technical customer.

    You do have to receive their modem, if you somehow talked your way out it being sent, that might cause your first problem,
    Secondly you do have to plug in the modem on connection date, maybe even a day or 2 before.
    If you do anything different to what they expect their automation doesn't work and people's connections aren't activated on the day expected.

    I got their modem but had no intention of ever using it, but after reading I will plug it in the day before Telstra churn date

    • Unsure if you're referring to my comment but just in case, talking strictly my scenario with FTTN here

      • Didn't talk my way out of receiving their modem, this was marked as delivered a couple days post sign up, it was either incorrectly marked as delivered or stolen from my door step.

      • My Superloop connection went dead at 10:30pm AWST on the 15th, the night before my Telstra connection date, rebooted said modem and was connected to Telstra NBN and have been since. They sent out texts telling me the connection is almost complete but they couldn't see me (because I wasn't using their smart modem)

      So the churn will happen regardless, the service should work even with your own modem. It's just that final step to let them know it's active and show in your list of Telstra services seemingly needs to see that Smart Modem Plugged in.

      Just to further muddy their waters, after speaking with them today to confirm the connection was active, I've tonight received an email with the below lol (the last person today was able to confirm they can see me connected with my own modem):

      Hi MBix,

      We have identified you may be eligible for an interim service due to a delay connecting you to the nbn network.

      We will be in contact shortly to discuss the available options for you.

      • Since we paid a dollar for the month, you might be eligible for 3c per day. Score!

        • Wait what? I'm not looking for compensation lol, I read it like they're gonna offer to explain how to use the 4G backup or provide a mobile broadband service. Though I'd be a terrible OzBargainer if I didn't take the 3c per day for a service that's actually up and running :D

          • @MBix: It's no 3c, but I guess that could work too. When I've had extended outages in the past, I'd always ask for a pro rata refund.

  • Transition from Superloop to Telstra today was seemless. Activation date I selected was for 20/05/2022. Impressive!!!

    • Plugged in my Telstra Smart Modem last night to power only, to which 4G connection was established and active. Logged into the 'Modem' and updated the SSID and password to reflect the same as the one from my existing router
    • Turned off the existing router (which I'll move back to after Telstra connection happens)
    • All existing devices connected to the Telstra Smart Modem effortlessly
    • Plugged the LAN from NTD to Telstra Smart Modem WAN port

    This morning around 7am, got a text from Superloop informing they noticed I moved to another NBN provider. Then checked Telstra portal and see the connection status is active. Just got an email from Telstra to say I'm successfully connected with them.

    Too easy!

    • +1

      Don't forget to take up free 12 months Disneyplus too.

      • That was for people who singed up before March, only 3 months for 5000 is current

        • Not really. I just signed up yesterday when my nbn is connected and a confirmed service in my Telstra app

        • +4

          Incorrect. I claimed the 12 months disney + last week.
          Try if you can login and find yours here.

          • @kazer: Wow, nice didn't know.
            Too bad I already have disney+ via Appstore so have no use at the moment.

          • @kazer: My only offer there was a free movie rental. Not worth the effort of redeeming. I prefer to download movies anyway. I also got my 10k points for "T+ Market Bonus Pts: Join and card link" so that bodes well for me getting the 50k for signing up.

            • @Skylex: I just activated my connection today but signed up during the offer. should I be getting my 50k points?

              • @s0805: Yes, you still get the points if you signed up before the offer expired.

                • @Skylex: Nothing has appeared yet….given it was activated today, does it take some time to have these 50k points?

                  • @s0805: Yes, it's supposed to be done within the first 14 days.

                    • @Skylex: Sorry just to confirm…is it 14 days of activation or since sign up?

                      • +1

                        @s0805: 14 days after activation.

          • +1

            @kazer: Confirming can cancel straight away but retain membership for 12 months? My service should be activated some stage today.

            • @Craze: I too am wondering this. The wording on the sign up page sounded like it was only valid while you had Telstra.

            • @Craze: Actually it went through as $1 transaction for 12 month Disney+.

      • +1

        THANK YOU!!!


        Edit: Looks like the 12mth Disney offer ends at the end of this month.

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