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CommBank Rewards: $30 Cashback with $50 Spend @ More Telecom


New offer available today in the CommBank app. Basically a free $30 off your bill for those who took up the previous deals.

30% off offer is still available until the end of December for those who are not aware.

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  • Targeted offer.

    • Yes, but I didn't originally get this. I signed up to 40% deal the other day & the next day this popped up!

      I do not think it's a coincidence

  • +2

    40**% off offer is still available until the end of May for those who are not aware.
    30% is till december

    • Can't see 40% off only see 30%.

      Can you please share a link or way to get 40%off.

      • Can't see 40% off

        This deal is targeted. See OP description.

  • Is that one off or every month and if so for how long?

  • Wondering if this will work via Direct Debit? Does anyone know?

    I'm thinking no, based on the wording…

  • can you post pone connection date for more telecom nbn and pay your account by topping up it in advance?

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      Don't know about postponing, but you can go into your account and make a payment in advance. I did it yesterday.

      • did you get your cba credits by paying in advance? i plan to do this on last day june 29th since 4 family members has offer on their cba rewards.

        • I haven't got the cashback yet.

          Not overly worried at this stage, payment came out of my CC (28/5) & the transaction to More is plainly there. So I fulfilled the req's.

          Will dispute it with CBA if there's any issues.

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            payment came out of my CC (28/5)

            In the reward T&Cs, they mention it can take up to 14 days for the cashback to be credited.
            So, shouldn't your account be credited by now?

          • @nismo: thanks nismo, you should have received the credit by now i usually get cba reward credits within 7 days. follow up with cba and keep us posted.

            • +1

              @coolsteps: 32 minutes of my life gone.

              Spoke to cba, took forever. They have lodged a complaint about the missing Cashback claim.

              Said I 'should' hear from them within 10 business days 🤦‍♂️ but that it can sometimes take up to 45 days lol RIP.

              They confirmed that I did all the right things… Which I already know..

              Pretty sure I either got a trainee or someone on their first day.

  • used boost super for cash back but chat help agent asked me to enter their agent code hope it doesnt void it? also www.coupert.com/offer cash back

  • it tracked
    More Telecom
    $ 69.30
    $ 5.20

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