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30% off Domestic Economy Classic Rewards (Fly 1 June - 30 November 2022) @ Qantas (Selected Routes)


Unable to find this on Qantas’s website, however the deal is now active. E.g. Sydney to Ballina/Byron is normally 8,000 Qantas Points one-way – with the 30% discount, that falls to 5,600 Qantas Points. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/102945/95697/c69fb8b8-...

Fly between June 1 and November 30 2022. Book before midnight 15 May 2022. Full list of eligible routes listed in the Executive Traveller article here: https://www.executivetraveller.com/qantas-points-planes

More than 17,000 flights across some 30 domestic routes throughout August will be declared as Points Planes and can also be booked with this deal.

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  • Son of a b!tch. I just booked yesterday…

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    For the last 3 days, Qantas page continues to give me error when I try to pay for a rewards ticket (taxes) using either credit card ("unable to determine card fee") or paypal ("unable to direct external site"). Qantas call centre was of no help. Anyone went through similar trouble and fixed it? Thanks.

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      That's because the Qantas website is s**t since covid, they've clearly reduced the heck out of the IT team or whoever manages it. International reward books don't even load if you try to play around.

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    Only economy FYI

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    also there's flexible cancellations before Jun 22

  • Add on taxes which somehow are the same as a jetstar flight.

    • True, but at least you get food and tv

  • Thanks just cancelled my classic rewards flights, booked it last week and rebooked it. Happy days

    • Are points returned immediately?

      • Also would like to know. Although I'm still waiting on QFF points to be returned from a flight Qantas cancelled last July so my guess is no.

        • I charged back on my credit card and got back within a week

            • @muncan: Both points and the taxes I paid (using the credit card). Mine was an international flight if that makes a difference.

              I waited for 2 months before that but when I didn't get back, I opened a dispute through my amex card. I guess the amex team reached out to Qantas and that's why it was quickly resolved.

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        Nervermind… my flights (ADL-SYD) aren't on the list.
        Oh well, I'll book more flights to avoid FOMO.

      • usually returned in about a week

    • Have you got your points back yet?

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    Domestic no deal

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    Yeah.. Nah!

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    These routes are available under the promotion and vice versa. And every seat on the aircraft is available.
    Adelaide-Mt Gambier
    Brisbane-Coffs Harbour
    Brisbane-Port Macquarie
    Brisbane-Wagga Wagga
    Canberra-Sunshine Coast
    Melbourne-Coffs Harbour
    Melbourne-Mt Gambier
    Melbourne-Wagga Wagga
    Perth-Gold Coast
    Sydney-Broken Hill
    Sydney-Byron Bay

    • What do you mean by every seat is available?
      Can I fly shotgun? (next to the pilot)

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    qantas call centre is the worst - 5 hrs wait time!

    • At least you can book it online and avoid the call centre.

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      I emailed QFF and they replied after 3 weeks lol

      • Pre-COVID it typically took them 2-3 weeks to reply to emails, sometimes longer.

        I emailed in November and it took 45 days for them to reply (with inaccurate information).

  • This would be good when the pandmemic is over. the other thing is there is no business class deals.

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    If anyone is curious, I cancelled a domestic flight and got the points back a few hours later. Taxes will take 6-8 weeks.

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