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50% off Most Musashi Products (e.g. 100% Whey Powder $43.99) + $8.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $50 Order) @ Chemist Warehouse


Chemist Warehouse is running a 50% off Musashi products promotion.

I just bought the 2kg 100% Whey Vanilla protein powder for $43.99.

Think this was the highest percentage protein concentration I could find in the Musashi range at 76% protein.

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    Might stock up on this, Bulk Nutrients has been getting too expensive recently.

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      I always alternate between this and aminoz when they have deals.

      • Aminoz have stopped posting deals lately

        • MyProtein also worth a crack when on sale (which seems to be literally always)

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            @DaddysBelt: VPA used to be my other Bulk Nutrients alternative, but even they have raised their prices / haven't seen any good deals recently.

            Grabbed 2kg of the 100% Vanilla and a handful of protein bars from this deal - always grab a couple of the deluxe bars when these sales are on.

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            @DaddysBelt: MyProtein price increase has been huge that they are only worth buying when 50% off. 35%-45% is very common. I'd wait for 50% which they seem to do a couple of time a year. If it is 50% off and if you are buying 5kg+ at a time brings it a little cheaper than Musashi half price sales, but you only have to buy 2kg of Musashi at a time, vs 5kg of MyProtein. I also prefer the Musashi tub rather than the foil bag. Musashi has better taste and mixability but lower protein (and higher carb) content as a WPC than MyProtein WPI, which is fine if you want to gain weight.

            Used to use Optimum Nutrition for years but their infrequent sales over the past couple of years has made me look elsewhere.

            Creatine seems to be getting more expensive and in short supply, so don't expect Musashi Creatine to be half price in the foreseeable future.

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              @spiff: Cash rewards just got a 45% promo code + 15% cash back offer for just today. Managed to get 5kg protein at cheaper price than this deal, just posted a deal for this offer

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            @DaddysBelt: At end of Oct 21, I got 20kg for $227 - $24 shop back from my protein..

            That is $20.30 per 2kg

            Waiting for next deal

      • Thanks, will have a look!

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      Man I buy in 10kg lots which last me a while. Came back recently to pretty much a $10/kg increase after a year or so. Need to find a cheaper alternative for sure

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      Can't believe how much the prices have gone up! Just did an order for the first time in a few months and it's about 30% jump. Anyone know the reason? Dairy seems the same price in the supermarkets

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        Aminoz rep had posted that their costs have increased significantly, and harder to source good quality isolate or something like that on a previous deal

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      My protein gone up significantly in price too. Might have to get this one

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        Yup agreed. Protein prices and other supplements (creatine, beta alanine etc.) have all sky rocketed within the past few months. Hoping it comes down after stabilising

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      Expensive, but their quality is the best imo. I'd rather pay a bit more for good stuff than not, cheap protein bloats me.

  • Time to stock up their protein sticks.

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    Give pureproducts WPI on eBay a try. Even higher % protein as it's WPI instead of WPC at about $23 per kg too

    • Can't see any with that pricing any more. Have they raised the prices up? Any Links?

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      I tried once and returned it without using (via Amazon). Their labelled protein % is questionable and has been proven to be incorrect. Their actual protein content is lower then what they advertised. BN does protein test at NMI if you are happy to send them sample.

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      Extremely low quality stuff. Not worth saving a couple of $$.

      • Now I'm worried about the quality of the creatine I've bought from them :/

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      Need to be careful. Years ago, quite a few companies on ebay etc were lab tested and found to less than 50% and some not even whey but made up of BCAA's which are often used as a filler as they were cheaper.

      Bulk Nutrients then started send out testing kits and that's when BN really took off.

      • Wow, that is a brilliant ploy to get customers. Well done to them!

      • There was a company around called No Bull Supplements that I had this issue with ages ago, tested using a free kit from Bulk Nutrients.

    • Have used PP for years, went to restock this week and prices have gone way up along with reduced availability so this deal came in good time..

  • Buying bars in-store get you future discounts?

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      It's usually buy 5, additional 5% off. Buy 10, 10% off so yes, better to buy them in store

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    Their Creatine isn't 50% off

    • +1

      RIP, that's all I was hoping for.

      • Yep first thing I looked for, bloody expensive nower days!

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          amino z for cheap creatine

    • Dude for no reason at all the availability of creatine has been terrible.

      I got sick of waiting and forked out for the expensive German made stuff but it wasn't even that much more expensive than local because of supply gouging and inflation.

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    FINALLY! 100% whey 2kg chocolate

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      The description of the 2kg protein powder says its a mixture of WPC and WPI. Isn't just straight WPI better?

      • +1

        Yes it would be better in terms of protein concentration. It is usually more expensive though near the $30/kg range nowadays unless there's a good deal

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        Only time WPI better is if you're on a really strict cut and really want to avoid any unnecessary carbs, otherwise WPC is fine

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      Hi, may I ask how do you like their cocolate flavor? does it taste weird? coz I find lots of prorein powder with chocolate flavor taste weird, mostly like plastic or chemicals, not like chocolate at all… lol…..I tried INC and Vitalstrength…both of their chocolate flavor protein powders are so …. weird…

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    I've been trying out the Chemist warehouse protein powders when they go on sale. All of them taste okay for me (chocolate flavour).

    Musashi - Mixes well but messy as the powder is too fine
    Vital Strength - Doesn't mix well
    INC - My preferred for now, good enough

    But like a true ozbargainer if I need more and INC isn't on special then I get the cheapest per serving.

    If you have CommBank rewards you might have a spend $15 get $5 back deal to go with this.

    • The CommBank rewards deal ended yesterday.

    • ON?

    • Hi, is your INC good? coz I bought INC chocolate flavour last time.. its hard to mix with water/milk, and taste so weird… like flour, not like chocolate at all… hahah. and if I drink it slow, the protein shake will become very sticky and mushy….I suspect what they add in it… my friend met this as well, so both of us stop drinking INC anymore …

  • Thanks OP - I am stocked up but used the chance to grab some alternative flavours and a half price pre workout 👌

    • Check the caffeine on that pre-workout - I think it’s a bit over 3 cans of redbull (250mg).

      It says 4 weeks expiry but even ignoring that I couldn’t get through it all (half size serves) before it clumped so much it was gross. But maybe you can handle that much caffeine.

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        250mg caffeine is not really even that high for a stim preworkout. Just finished a tub of Helios which is 400mg caffeine and 3200mg beta alanine. Some good early morning sessions over the last month.

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            @spillmill: 400mg a day in a healthy person has been deemed to be safe. Although you do start to develop a tolerance. Good to have a week off all caffeine here and there.

      • Without looking I think the Musashi Pre has 600mg of beta alanine which is barely enough to give you tingle.

      • +1

        I'm a "⅔ - ¾" per serve kind of pre workout guy, so that's how I manage the sensations of ODing / pants-pooping. At the price, hard to argue. For those interested, I usually go for the cheapest available on iHerb - the Sierra Fit Mango flavour is actually pretty good and about $27 per tub.

  • Just bought 2 tubs, this protein tastes awesome and its cheap as heck

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    I'm about to get downvoted no doubt, but I find Musashi to be pretty rubbish in general. I feel like protein is one of those things where you're better off paying for higher quality.

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      I've tried about 6 different powders in the last 2 years and I'm happy with it's taste and mixing. These 50% deals give you about a good a price as I've seen for protein without having to buy in bulk to save more.

    • I bought only their bars before and found them as you described them (the wafers are OK). Just bought the 100% whey vanilla protein powder so fingers crossed.

    • I agree with you . Musashi are junk, they have been junk for decades ever since they sold out. They used to be decent a long time ago. Musashi is where I put the lowest of the lows when it comes to supplements. Barely above no frills. Still surprised how many people jump on it just for the price without Understanding what they are actually getting. And yes why buy health supplements and then buy crap quality. Not saying you should buy the super high priced stuff either. But there is alot of decent stuff at a decent price. Time and time again I am always surprised at how bad the ingredients Musashi uses . Shame as I used to buy them back in the day.

      • What do you recommend?

        • Lots of options out there depending on what you were after really. MRPs, WPIs etc. Also it depends on how important texture and flavous is as well as If you wanted to mix it with water or milk etc.

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    Alot of different types. Can someone please suggest whats best for muscle gain?

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      From what I've read, the 100% Whey range is considered the best pick for general muscle gain.

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      I suggest regular resistance training.

      • +4

        With progressive overload :)

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      Regular exercise with a proper diet. None of these products will provide miraculous muscle growth and you're unlikely to notice any significant difference between the lowest protein % and highest protein % product.

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      This will work fine. They will all work. Use as a supplement rather than rely on it for all your protein needs.

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      Stay away from the ones that are high in carbs unless you are a very skinny person.

      • Disagree, if you want to build muscle you need both carbs and protein, but obviously not mass gainer

        • +1

          True, I just choose to get carbs through other means.
          I don't want to have reduced portion size because i chose the alternative protein powder.

  • Bought the 2kg Vanilla. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, bought the chocolate. New to supplements…

  • Musashi are soooo sweet, any recs for a cheaper one that isnt so sweet? or if they have any in the musashi line that arent sweet? thx

    • +1

      Have you tried their plant protein ones? I can’t have whey. Prob more expensive but in like the taste.

      Plant: chocolate is better than vanilla I reckon

      • Hey, wondering have you tried any other plant based ones and if so, would you recommend Musashi over any others?
        I just had my first ever protein shake which was a sample of the Bondi Protein (Salted Caramel) and it was pretty good, a little powdery and sweet but I was happy with it. This one is cheaper though if buying the 2kg.

        • +1

          Musashi plant is the best I’ve found for taste. I can’t remember any others specifically but some are a bit gross.

      • allergic?

    • +1

      Musashi are too sweet for me too.

      I usually get the 3kg Vital strength powder. $23/kg at the normal price, a little more than the Musashi now:

      Large protein shaker: Half milk, half water, 1.5 scoops powder + teaspoon of cacao powder to make it a darker chocolate taste.

  • +1

    Musashi Best protein bars in market at the moment, I see Coles and Wow and picked up on this recently also.

    If you want cheap creatine go to Amino Z house brand version, cheapest in market as made locally.

    • +1

      Much better bars around.

      • What's your bar of choice?

        • Basically it depends what you are after and what the intent of the bar is for? I found over decades that if I really want just pure health supplementation / quality then bars will never be anywhere near as good as powders etc. But if its to help swap over eating a normal chocolate bar or normal snack food which will be way unhealthier. Then generally you want a protein bar that has decent texture and flavour that you will always "want" to reach for the bar over the chocolate bar or snack item. Generally i find American brand bars (One Bars, Optimum Nutrition bars) have far better texture and flavour and variety of that combination to suit whatever style and type you want due to the sheer no.s they produce as well as technology of manufacturing and experience.

          The other option is if you are ok with a chocolate bar but want higher protein but still have a sweet tooth and are fine with chocolate bars. You can these days get a higher protein version of some chocolate bars which still has some of the chocolate bar in it. Not ideal for health options but higher protein content and still giving you that chocolate bar hit. Now if you have a chocolate addiction / sweet tooth addiction / cocoa addiction, then i find instead of reaching for a bar, just try a hit of chocolate flavoured pure protein powder. Much better quality and better for you.

  • Don't they sell a WPI only product? No wonder this is cheap.

  • Is there any real difference between the Musashi 100% Whey and the High Protein in chocolate?

    • I always go the normal Musashi 100% whey. Even though the other one claims to be high protein it actually has less protein per 100g and requires you to take an extra 1/2 scoop per serve, which is probably how they call it high protein.

  • -3

    I got lucky with Creatine, I bought off eBay with some Shopback $10 cashback bonus and the tub arrived damaged.

    Basically 100g was out everywhere and top open, I sent photo and they sent me another.

    So it cost me 2kg $35 or whatever 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anyone know which one is best for weight loss? Just returning to exercise too. Need to shed about 10kg. Thanks.

    • +7

      Calorie deficit…

      • This 100%. You could eat maccas every day and as long as you were in a deficit you'd probably lose weight.

        • With the low nutritional value of maccas food, you will end up severely malnourished and probably gain weight in the long term. There is more to loosing weight that just eating less.

          • +3

            @SolidlyIrresponsible: I didn't say it would be good for you lol if you keep in a calorie deficit you won't put on weight.

            • @subywagon: My point is that it's not easy to determine when you are in a caloric deficit and that the quality of food is more important than the quantity. This is something I have personally learned from loosing 15+ kg a couple of times now without counting a single calorie.

              Eating low quality food like maccas will cause you to get hungry, tired and ill. Your body will adjust its caloric output (hence the tiredness) which will reduce the caloric deficit or even cancel it completely and the nagging hunger will cause you to break after a week or two, sending you to a food binge.

              But yes, if you keep someone in a dungeon and feed it water and celery it will loose weight. :-)

              • +1

                @SolidlyIrresponsible: I agree. I also have experience gaining and losing funnily enough around 15 kg a few times through 10 years + of bodybuilding. I've never counted either. Just watched my serving size and considered how calorie dense the food I'm eating is.

                My point was it is just calories in, calories out. Of course there are more variables, but you can lose weight eating rubbish if you put your mind to it and stay in a deficit. Not that I would.

                Also the numbers are on the meals, so you could count calories easily if you wanted to lol

              • +1

                @SolidlyIrresponsible: It's pretty easy to tell if you monitor your weight and intake. When weight trends down = deficit

    • I have lost just over 13kg since 1 Jan this year. Main reason for the loss was:
      1. Kilojoule watching apps like MyFitnessPal. My doctor said I needed to hit 5,000 kilojoules per day. This app helped understand what crap I was eating
      2. Lots of walking (I over did it for a few months with 100km per week. Just do enough to help track your kilojoule per day to start.)
      3. Keep an eye out on your nutrition. Learning from apps like MyFitnessPal will help you understand what to eat and also learn what NOT to eat
      4. I’m only taking some supplements as I’m now more focusing on my macros and I need more protein in my diet.

      Doing point 1 alone will help a lot.

  • For the users out there who can't consume whey, has anyone tried the vegan proteins? Thoughts?

    • +1

      I've tried some before. Taste was bad and it hardly dissolved. But it is still protein so you might be able to put up with that?

      Bulk prices seem to be cheaper than whey too

  • No Whey! I just bought a bunch not that long ago… Ah well, it should last me until the next sale.

  • is this good for weight gain? body hardly absorb anything, want to gain weight badly

    • If this is the case, you're actually better off adding Sustagen or similar to your protein shakes. You basically want to create a calorie dense drink (aka a calorie bomb), so best bet is a standard, cheap whey protein, then add in a calorie dense additive. Weight gainer protein powders tend to be expensive and basically just add a TON of sugar to whey protein.

  • Anyone know of a protein powder that still uses sunflower lecithin instead of soy? I used to be able to get this but it seems to have fallen off the radar. Allergies prevent using soy, sadly.

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