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[eBay Plus] TP-Link Archer AX90 AX6600 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router $379.05 Shipped ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bing Lee eBay


Have been waiting for a decent Wifi 6 Router to go on sale, saw this today on Bing Lee's website so went and got one :)

Can also be purchased for $399 via Bing Lee site

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  • Im waiting on a Gl.Inet Flint. As soon as the new OpenWRT is released, im set.

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      What is a GI Inet Flint

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    $379 on Bing Lee ebay with code PLUSMAY1

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    It could do with a few more antennas.

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    Contains Broadcom BCM6755 SoC which means it is unlikely to be supported by OpenWrt due to a lack of open source drivers.

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    this or an asus ax86s?

  • This or Xiaomi AX6000/9000?

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      Xiaomi just launched their 2022 range. Love it

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    jesus that's a one ugly router

  • Can you use these for NBN FTTH ?

    • Yep plug it into the nbn NTD.

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    finally i can become rank 1 in mobile legends!

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    Looks like a birthday cake lol

    • It's also CashRewards 8th birthday… buy one of these for the cake ;)

  • I have this router, no openWRT support. This is a great router but needs to have link to phone app to access all features. There is also a subscription model to unlock all features. QOS not great because of this.

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      subscription to use the features of your router…
      What kind of world do we live in?

  • Anyone recommend a good router for non with 4g backup?

    Planning to ditch my google nest for single big ass router.

    • If you're willing to use a 3/4/5G dongle, then any of the Asus routers running asuswrt. Bonus if it supports the modified 'merlin' version.

    • Unless you live an apartment i wouldn't ditch nest.
      These devices with a ton of antennas cannot beat spread out nest/mesh networks.

      • Unfortunately my nest is playing up and Google doesn’t seem to be able to help.

        It was having some problems so they’ve got me to do a factory reset which seems to be the solution to almost everything. But now even though the base is connected it shows is not connected so I can’t add any of the satellites and it’s totally useless as a mesh. They haven’t come up with a solution not sure what to do apart from get something else.

        • hrmmm thats some pickle your in.
          Im using the ASUS Mesh environment and to date its worked rather flawlessly.

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    Damn, how many antenna do you need?

    • You'd need a pair for each mimo stream; so this should have 4 stream mu-mimo.

  • Stuck on NBN FTTN/VDSL2 its so annoying to see the tech in routers go up and up and Modems just do nothing.
    I think its about time i gave up and just bridge a Modem and connect to a good router and just 4G backup off the Router itself.

  • price fixed? no longer a deal

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