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BWS 40% Cashback (Capped at $30 per Member) @ Cashrewards


A great offer to start the final day of our 8th birthday. Begins 8am and runs until midnight AEST. Normally champagne and non-alcoholic are excluded from cashback for BWS, but will be eligible for this promo. Penfolds continues to be excluded. Please see the terms in bold re using gift cards & rewards dollars for payment (ineligible). Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Stacks with $10 off $50 spend for new BWS customers with signup.

Offer Terms:

During the 16 hour promo, cashback for BWS is capped at $30 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 8am to 11:59pm AEST 12/05/2022. Penfolds is excluded from cashback. Online only offer.

Store Terms:

  • Cashback is ineligible on Penfolds.
  • BWS online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards or Everyday Rewards dollars will be ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchases made through the BWS app.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards, unless associated with a particular offer specifically advertised on Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is ineligible for members located in the Northern Territory.
  • If items are not viewable when searching, ensure you first set your store location within the BWS website.


For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. Try our updated mobile app for great tracking results. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter for great offers. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4195)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Umm what do I do if I want to change click & collect location?

    • On the product page there is a link for check stock at nearby stores. You can find the store you want in there and click "Set store".

      • Sorry I meant I already placed an order and it tracked..

        • Unless it's going to cost you more than $30 to go to that location I wouldn't try changing it. Could end up spending more than $30 of your time trying to chase it up if moving stores stuffs up the Cashback.

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  • @TA: Can you confirm if the cashback is on the basket amount e.g. $82 OR total paid $72 (if one used the $10 BWS off)?.
    In turn if based on total paid, one could increase spend by $10 to get the max $30 CR.

    • I asked this above too… Can anyone confirm? Should be able to tell from the tracked amount.

      I'd assume it's the amount before the $10 off, as that was the case with the last SB 40% at BWS (so I'd assume CR would be the same).

  • my local BWS is doing clearance for 12 yo triple casks . paid $105 per bottle so $75 a bottle after CR not bad

  • 24 pack of Asahi (500ml) selling for $83.
    $53 after cashback.

    • Not sure why the neg… becomes an excellent price after the $10 off code that should bring it down to $43, just waiting on confirmation of this.

  • -2

    Simple guide to have Cashback track everytime.

    Use a clean browser.(If you have to, download a different one to your standard browser)

    - no extensions, no add-ons, no adblock.
    - always make sure carts empty
    - don't open any other windows
    - no gift cards, rewards credit or codes(unless allowed)
    - try make effort to read the t&c(some tips are mentioned)
    - pre login into BWS

    Log into Cashrewards
    Go through to BWS
    Search for product
    Add to cart
    Check out

    It'll track always.

    Weather phone or laptop, follow this and you'll never have an issue.

    • +1

      'Follow this and you'll never have an issue.' Nope. I've followed this method and sometimes tracking does not occur. No method in my experience is guaranteed to work everytime with cashrewards.

  • Tracked within 10 minutes. Thanks TA!

  • Load up boys!

  • Mine tracked within 10 minutes too. Great deal.

    Also got a notification of 10% First Choice from Shopback. Yeah, I'm good thanks.

  • any good Japan whisky on sale?

    • Not in my neck of the woods, sadly. BWS are terrible for Japanese Whisky

  • +1

    A quick browse of my favourite tipples suggests BWS have gone full RRP to co-incide with this promotion.

    • My favourite Australian sparkling wine was still on sale at $20/bottle when I purchased it 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Good to be you!

      • Which sparkling wine do you recommend?

        • OzBargain actually recommended it ages ago. Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay

  • if you can find any stock of this add 2 bottles for $6ish after cashback

  • +2

    Still hasn't tracked since 3hrs 15 minutes so far.

    Used mobile, and clicked through CR website, knew what I wanted and added to cart.
    Paid with PayPal.

    I'm not sure it's going to track at all actually.

    Might let it get cancelled if CR doesn't through with the $30 cashback.

    Didn't use CR app as the issue above about it trying to open BWS app.

    • Same. I did use the CR app, and did everything right. I know this isn't CR's fault but keeping track of tracking ("tracking tracking"?!) is a major pain.

      Mine was ready to pick up within an hour or so but I'll probably just cancel if I don't get tracked before I would collect tonight.

    • Same. Ordered at 10am using CR app and PayPal, still no tracking till now. I don't have BWS app on my phone. It's odd because the tracking usually come up very quickly if pay by PayPal….

      • +1

        @MattyD @albanyson @Emojii

        Please see here :)

        • Yep your notice was spot on TA. I don't know how they've done it but it would appear BWS has been able to withhold tracking when a person claims a signup $10 more than once using multiple accounts.

          Thanks for tagging me in. My second order (minus the $10 code) tracked fast and correct.

          • @MattyD: Thanks so much for confirming Matty. We'll know more once BWS conducts their investigation, but my gut says they could be onto something.

          • @MattyD: Mmmm, that makes no sense. What about new signups and never used nor shopped at BWS. No tracking received.

            • @Borg: Heh heh yep, don't get me wrong: I'd love to be wrong about BWS pulling the pin on sneaky users. I just wasn't willing to risk losing 40% discount 🤣

              Watching closely to see how this pans out for others.

  • +2

    We have received a decline message from the bank for your payment, please try again or contact your bank.

    Tried different cards. anyone having payment issues?

    • Same here with 3 different cards.
      With PayPal i get a charge and then immediately a refund, with the same messae as you.

      Called my bank, they say no issue on their end. Tried to call BWS, but was on hold forever, so gave up.

      • +1

        Exact same thing for me

    • Update - I've spoken to BWS Customer Support (1300 138 297).

      My payments with them were somehow blocked on their end.

      Just tried again now an hour after the call and it has been resolved - payment went through without a problem.

      • Did they do something on their end? I just tried again and same issue

        • Hi @cyrax83, yes, they unblocked me on their side.
          I then had to wait for an hour before I tried again - success!

          • @568905213: Ok thanks I'll give them a call

          • +1

            @568905213: Thanks for the tip BWS managed to remove the security hold on my CC. Order placed

  • Tracking: I suspect systems will be busy. I usually wait a good 8 hrs+ after ordering for tracking email to arrive (and they usually do). Worst case, one can just submit a claim via Click History so not a big deal if no tracking email arrives. CR as very good at dealing with untracked claims.

  • dammit i just realise i stuffed up. because i had to reset my password, it opened another window, which without thinking i used to checkout. im assuming that wont track. bloody hell

    • Cancel the order and redo it if worried.

      • ready to pickup already :(

        • Call and cancel regardless which will be fine.

          • @Borg: thanks. might do. given the dollar amount its probably worth being a PITA
            edit: cashback tracked. woo!

  • Thanks OP. Bought a bottle of Aberlour 12 YO. Great deal!

    • How much did you end up paying? $92? Or $82?
      I can't seem to stack the $10 code on this bottle.

      • Did you end up being able to apply the code to anything? It's not applying to anything for me it seems.

        Edit: The $10 off shows after clicking Confirm (forgot about that), all good.

        • I only want this Aberlour 12 YO which shows already as having a $10 discount, so from $102 to $92.
          When I add this code, it doesn't really do anything. Price stays at $92.

  • Not tracking

  • just bought some beer and signed up to bws; i can see the 40% on my account but not the $10 for signup
    does that come through differently?

    • The $10 is a discount code emailed to you (and posted by someone above). It reduces the price you pay to BWS.

      • bugger, guess its too late now that the beer is in my fridge

        • If you haven't maxed out the cashback, you could do another order…

  • Stacks with $10 off $50 spend for new BWS customers with signup.
    My [email protected] isn't receiving any email from this. 😥

    • +1

      Might take a few mins (also check spam), I received it earlier for another +gmail address (title of the email is "Welcome to BWS!").

      Also, you ticked the boxes to receive emails from them, right? It does say to do that to get the $10 off code.

      • Yep, just received it, took it's own dam sweet time (over 15 mins). Cheers!

  • running out of space to put these bottles.

  • Mine tracked in 5 mins.

  • +1

    Mine still hasn't tracked. Placed order at 9am and went through the BWS website. I did use the $10 off $50 spend new signup voucher code though.

    • +1

      Same. Also used new sign up code. Wonder if that's issue with non tracking.
      Since others have had tracking rather quickly and I've never had non tracking with BWS/CashRewards previously

    • +1

      Same here. It's been 2.5 hours no tracking.

    • Same here. I'll be patient. And then file a claim if it's still not tracked in a couple of days…

  • when trying to open BWS web through the CR app, it keeps giving error "retailer's app trying to open" blah blah… I dont even have the BWS app. Been doing that for couple of hours now. :(

  • +1

    Mine still not tracked. Happened to me before with shopback.
    Shopback refrese to pay me back.

    If it doesn't check by the end of the day. I will cancel the order.

  • Store rep. Can you please help. I've sent the referral, and the other person has signed up and bought the $20, but I'm not seeing any indicator that the $40 has been added to my account, nor the $20 to his. How long does it usually take? I can see I've put him down as a referral but I can't see anything else as a confirmation. I'm concerned we've managed to stuff this up somehow, although he did use my referral link in the email to create the account.

  • Sorry a silly question here.. So if I sign up a new account I will receive a discount code. If I use that $10 discount code, will I still be eligible for this cashback?

    • -1

      Stacks with $10 off $50 spend for new BWS customers with signup.

  • PC - Edge browser. Tracked within 10 minutes and ready to pickup as well.
    Spent $80 - $30 cashback.

    Didn't use $10 new user discount.

  • +3

    Used $10 code.. ready for pickup, CB hasn't tracked… yet.
    @tightarse … is there something in the back end that's stopping the ones who used the $10 new user code from tracking?

    • +1

      Seems that $10 code has screwed us. I haven't tracked…. 5 hours now. Ready to collect (Which I won't be until it tracks).

  • +1

    is pick up ok for cashback to be honoured?

  • +4

    Used $10 voucher and this also has not yet tracked for me (~4hrs). Ready to pickup.

    I use CashRewards all the time, I know how to play by the rules to ensure it works (click order, ensuring things are not already in the cart , disabling extensions etc) Bit concerned about this one!

  • Edited…my mistake.

  • Great deal, thanks. Tracked like in 5 min. Amazing. We should get this kind of a deal monthy :D

    • Did you use the $10 discount code?

      • Nop. I'm not a new user, unfortunately.

  • Mine tracked within literally a few minutes. Make sure to have your adblocker off.

  • +1

    used 10$ voucher and still not tracked, anyone used the code and got tracked?

  • +1

    look's like using the discount codes will not track.

    • +1

      This seems to be the common decider to whether it tracks or not.

      Seems those that used the $10 code don't have their purchases tracked

    • +2

      @ tightarse , could you please confirm this? Many thanks

      • @boozler @albanyson @sydozbargain0000 @NotaSpender

        Hi guys, please respond to my comment here if you can. It will help greatly. Thanks!

        • Hi TA, I didn't use any discount code and it tracked just fine. cheers

  • +4

    Looking like most pp who used the discount code (10 off) are still waiting, myself included :(

  • +3

    Guys, I've been trying to get answers from BWS re this possible code use issue with little success so far. Please refrain from PM'ing me as I simply can't keep up. I will update here when I know more. In the meantime, please don't use any sign-up codes until further notice. Can a few of you please respond to this comment with the code name you received from BWS - I need to know if they are unique or generic. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    • S8n3-T4p-e7u

      • The code is not unique. I got two and both the same as above.

    • I used: S8n3-T4p-e7u. This was sent to me after signing up for a BWS account. I believe that the code is generic, although the email did say 'Your unique discount code:'

    • Thanks for the update TA - The code I was issued (and used) was: S8n3-T4p-e7u

    • S8n3-T4p-e7u

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