Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock 2 for $6.99 (Was $11.99 Each) Delivered @ Qicklock


Great price for these popular locks.

Free shipping Australia wide..
Buy 1 Door Lock and Get the Second one Free… That's 2 locks for $6.99 !!! While stocks last.
Be ready to travel and stay in some amazing places again by looking out for your safety and security in your holiday accommodation.

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  • +1

    these helped me heaps in airbnbs.

    • Absolutely brilliant little device, well worth it.

      Don't trust that horseshoe latch on hotel doors (see youtube for how quick you can disable it), nor even the electronic lock - we were robbed in Kuching a few years ago in what we're sure was an inside job at the hotel. This would have stopped it.

      • +14

        No it wouldn't as you have to be in the room to use it.

        • +6

          Maybe they robbed them while they slept in the hotel room

        • +1

          We were… ;) and they were Ninja thieves…

    • As in you don't feel save when you are in the room because someone could come in?

  • That's a really cool device!

  • Seems suss to have 3 overly positive comments within 10 minutes of posting.

    • +4

      This type of lock has been posted on ozbargain for near 10 years. It's not surprising that there would be comments.

      • +3

        …and they have a large bias on positive comments.
        well earned too IMO.

  • +4

    I'll balance out the comments.
    Got one and it's 50-50 useful. A lot of hotel doors will not work. It's too small.
    When it works, it's great. But not a foolproff solution for many doors. I've got a wedge and use a beer can alarm.

    • What's beer can alarm? You leave an empty in front of the door so you hear it getting knocked over?

      • You need a few to get a better sound. It helps if the floor is tiled or wood. Carpet sucks. Hence the need for a solid door wedge.

  • +1

    Got one… pointless

  • +1

    Who the (profanity) is after you lmao

  • +7

    I have to say, looking at the images, and then watching the video. Of still images. Maybe they missed the point of a video?

    • there's a second video

  • +1

    The lock serves the purpose it is made for. The only design flaw that I noticed is that the small stud that locks the plate isn't chained up and is allowed to be lost anywhere. May be a business model that you loose it and hence buy another one. Else, lock serves the purpose as advertised.

  • Will this work to lock people in?

    • +2

      Depends on door opening direction

      • +1

        bought two thanks

  • Added 2 to cart, shows as $13.98
    Is there a discount code of sorts?

    Update: 1 cart item already contains two quicklocks. Thanks OP

  • +2

    I don't get it. If someone turns the door handle then the latch is retracted and this lock falls of doesn't it?

    • Following

    • It doesn't utilize the latch on the door side, it has a protrusion that slots into the latch cut out in the door frame.

      You stick it in place and close the door on it, this locks the main body in place between the door frame and door, then you put in the removable pin so that when the door is opened, it hits the pin and and stops it going any further.

      At least that's my understanding of it, never owned one.

      • +1

        Thanks. Sounds a bit hit and miss as to whether the door will still close with the latch cut out partly blocked.

        • Don't have one, however you are correct. The lock is relying on there being enough clearance for the lock to fit between the door and the jamb.

          Same as anything though, if someone is specifically targeting you, not much will stop them.

          I would purchase for traveling.

  • I put 2 in the order and it ends up to $13.98 is there a promo code I’m missing?

    • Read above

    • Hi,
      When you order 1 and add to cart you actually get 2. So if you were to add 2 to cart you would receive 4 locks.Hope this helps. :)

  • ordered 2 to give them a go as i travel a lot
    will see how these go

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