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Bonus $900 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 200GB+100GB $89/Month Plan over 24 Months (min cost $2136) @ JB Hi-Fi


Normally the $89 per month plan is actually $99, so there's a $10 discount on that plan as well.

There's also a phone trade-in deal where you get 30% off via JB coupon, in addition to the trade-in credit you'd normally get. But this is only good for buying Samsung S22 phones. Here's a screenshot of the trade-in deal https://imgur.com/a/bioWsUi

Maybe worth combining the two?

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    24 is too long… give me 12

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      Yep, $900 GC is enticing but 24 months contract isn't.

  • Can these plans do data sharing to an ipad? I would be looking to use the $900 towards an ipad mini cellular. Does Telstra have an option where I can add on say $5/$10 per month to just get a sim for the ipad and use the 300gb from this phone plan?

    • No data sharing with JB Plans.

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        Cant you hotspot

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          You can hotspot but you can’t have 2 sims use the same data pool

        • Can't hotspot if you're not in the house. Data sharing could allow you to replace the home nbn. If you live on your own I guess hotspot can suffice.

          • @Mr Haj: what?

            you can hotspot anywhere, lol.

            • @Hugh G Rection: Yes but your family members won't be able to connect to your hot-spot if you're at work, 20 km away.

              • @Mr Haj: do you just make up scenarios in your head? no one even mentioned anything like that, lol. he wanted to share data between his phone and iPad. he didn't mention anything about his 20 kids at home, roflmao.

                • @Hugh G Rection: His point is valid. You can only replace NBN with phone data if you live alone. (Unless you have a separate phone just for tethering and a seperate plan for when you're out).

    • Cheapest data SIM is $15/month (for 5GB towards the pool), but as mentioned by others, no data sharing on the JB HiFi plans.
      Data sharing is only available on the 'Upfront' plans from Telstra

    • Cheapest data plan with Telstra is $15 per month but didn't you couldn't data share on a Jbhifi Telstra plan but ask Telstra if you can use the $5 One number adding to your plan on the Samsung tablet device you'll purchase, certainly can with a Samsung Watch

      Edit: I'd try out Optus $15 data plan instead first (see how you go with it in your location), currently half price for 12 months, no contracts, as when ones allocated 5gb data is used up it slows down to 1.5 Mbps and honestly I find it workable, currently watching the last election debate on YouTube through my Fetch TV box and its fine so has browsing etc been fine also, it's my backup internet were I try too use first over my fast 5G mobile allocated 100gb data and it's my main internet for home, even downloading/updating stuff on my PC, for $7.5 a month, and deal is long running order another one before 12 months is up on first one 😀 👍

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    "Bonus data ends 30/06/22" o_O

    • I think it means, like with the gift cards date. If you go for that plan after that date you only get 200gb instead of 300gb. if you sign up now it's 300gb for the whole contract.

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    The public: we want year round $59 , $500 gc offer.

    Head office: does anything except above

    • +1

      12 month contract, most importantly

      • +2

        Yep forgot to add but u got my drift

        Also it’s technically 69 with $10 pm credit

    • Probably because they don’t make money off it anymore. $900 gift card on $2100 of phone bills is a lot easier than $500 gift card on $708.

      I imagine Telstra gutted whatever the incentives were when they realised everyone just switched after 12 months.

  • poss still can claim a 20 bucks port in bonus then down to 69 per mth.

    • How do I get this port in bonus

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        keep talking (or bothering) Telstra rep online after sign up the contract (try your luck to get $20 off). $10 is not hard to obtain tho.

        • What do we say though? Gimmie money off?

          • @Mdaddy: Simply just ask for $10/20 port in discount. That’s it.

  • What is this 30% off trade in deal you speak of??

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      Go to JB Hifi's home page, and flip through that banner at the top.

      Though it does seem to move fast. I've uploaded a screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/bioWsUi

  • Too long 🥱

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      That's what she (never) said

  • yeah I saw $900 for 12 months unsure if it was this year or late last year but was too late to snatch up

  • 24 Months …. no thanks 🙅🏻‍♂️

  • +1

    Ok how about $900 GC + 24mo contract BUT $59 pm

    • I'm waiting for Telstra to pay ME $59 pm to join their contract… :P

  • Does this work if I'm an existing Telsta internet user, but my mobile is through optus?

  • I wonder if the fast unlimited Starlink is effecting the other providers

    • Affecting.

  • Do they still have the 12months port out restriction on these deals? Need to get the misses a new phone and she’s on an old Telstra plan.

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    Hand in your Ozbargin badge if you sign a 24m+ plan

  • -1

    I don't understand how this is a deal - you can pay $219.45 for 260GB over 12mths x 2 = $438.9 for 24 months + a new phone for let's say $1,300 = $1,738.9 vs this deal which will end up costing you $2,136 and you still need to put in extra if you want a newer phone assuming you use the $900 to upgrade.

    Do you really need 300GB a month? Unless you have no internet at home and use this as a mobile hotspot, I don't really see the appeal of this deal + the fact that you are locked in for 24 months…

    • +1

      Or you could use this as a 5G home internet plan for effectively $51.50 per month which is cheaper than a lot of internet plans.

    • depends how much data you need.. this is 300gb a month, that's 260gb total for 12 months

  • Almost got excited

  • It's a trap.

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