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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING X 12GB Graphics Card $569 Delivered + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Found an upcoming GPU deal which might possibly be the cheapest this model has been for awhile. 1% surcharge for select payment methods.

It's an Epic Hour deal, so limited stock (20 available) between 10pm-11pm on Sunday 15th.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express


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    "RRP $1199.00". What.

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      Yeah all the companies “totally real retail price” are absolutely scuffed, a memory from back when they were

      • Local retailers probably had to pay close to the MSRP for their stock. It's Nvidia and AMD that are reporting record profits and selling crate loads of gpus to miners.

    • It might have actually sold at that price at one stage unlike a lot of other products’ inflated “RRP” on Shopping Express

    • what was the lowest price for this card before every got so expensive?

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      meme aside, people gonna hold regardless if they want to or not, as those 20 units will be flash brought in 1 second.

      • +5

        Where will they be brought?

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      Deals not active yet

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    What's warranty like with Shopping Express?

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      If you have issues, its a nightmare, their support is literally via emails ONLY.

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        And last time I had an issue they just ignored all emails too.

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      Depends on the nature of your return. If it's something clear cut (like a PSU failure) the turnaround will be fairly quick. They took a few hours to send me a return label for my broken power supply and a couple days after that to issue a refund. I've never bought a GPU from them so I can't speak on that front, but most GPU returns will take weeks to months.

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      no issues with warranty .. 30k+ of purchases over 10 years

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      I had purchased ram through them a few years ago. RAM was Faulty, they were easy to deal with

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    20 available, R.I.P.

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      as far as I remember, there was a deal once at SE that was like this one, XX units at ZZpm, but the stock was gone in under 1 second since going live

      • 20 fairly well priced GPUs…these will also be sold instantly lol

        • It's priced like absolute shit but it's the first ok model I've seen. Retailers have only been selling their e-waste at this price (colorful/dual/asrock/ventus/eagle).

          • @Jimmy77: Obviously you don't own Colorful. They're my best 3060s by a far margin. Can easily handle +1500 on memory and their heataink/fan is nothing but fantastic. No other brand comes close.

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              Can easily handle +1500 on memory

              I see you're mining :P

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    Assuming 2nd hand cards are going to start flooding ebay now that crypto is tanking along with the stock market and retail prices will hopefully drop further too.

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      Isn't it just gonna go back up again? Seems to always happen

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      Which is better in terms of build quality and noise, MSI gaming X or EVGA XC?

      • +1

        Well the XC is pretty quiet, and it’s less chunky than the msi, don’t know about direct comparison simply know the XC is good

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        The EVGA is slightly better in terms of performing and quality and the manufacturer has the best warranty support in the industry.

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        EVGA XC is better. Only requires one 8pin, lower temp, quiter, slimmer. Also, SE is tricky to deal with.

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        Hi, was researching the 3060 line recently due to wanting one myself, found this breakdown of most of the models, depending on the quality and price u want, u should check it out.


        The doc above is the same link in the reviewers utube video:


        I might hold off for the aorus elite even though i dont like gigabyte.

        • Thank you very much, some good info there.
          I think I will wait a bit for a triple fan to come up at around $550 or if a good 2 fan pops up for under $500 I will bite.

  • Do you really need 12gb for a 3060?

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      Not like there is an option, ie other 3060 skus with different configs

    • It'll be good for any machine learning tasks at least.

  • Seems expensive for a dual fan model.

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    I have a 2060S and am relatively happy with it (2042 and dota 2 mostly). Do you think it's worth me selling it now and getting one of these as the prices start dropping?

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      You already have a 2060s not a 750ti. Unless you're one of those people who upgrade every 2 days the answer is no.

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      I don't think the performance difference would be worth it if you already own a 2060 Super. It might be worth waiting until the prices drop even lower so you can get something like a 3070 or 3080

      • Thanks - just needed a sense check

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          comes back to the games you actually play or want to play …
          if it still runs goods then what's the point of upgrading..

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    I was on the fence on buying a new rtx 3k card
    Might wait for the rtx4 to come out. It'll mean cheaper rtx3 and potentially cheaper rtx4 as well with the crypto fall and recession

    • except you might not have any spare cash if recession occurs + inflation is occurring right now

  • Not a deal at all, from Shopping Express.

    • Well if you find it cheaper, let me know.

      • Was less than $550 delivered without surcharge. At that time ETH was still >3000usd, now it's <2000usd. Wait for the US taper and further rate increases. Personally I have this card in my rig, it performs worse than Gainward Ghost 3060 12g v2 (with higher temp lower MH/s). Also, this card takes more space, requires 8+6pins but not necessary for 120 W. For gaming, 3060 v2 is not recommended in general.

        • Does this require 8+6pins for power? Why?

          The Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 EAGLE only needs 8pin


          • @SamR: Yes 8+6. I have this MSI Gaming X 3060 v2. Marketing reasons. Not necessary for 3060.

  • How does cod run on this card

    • What’s a cod?

      • +5

        Cod is popular as a food with a mild flavour and a dense, flaky, white flesh. Cod livers are processed to make cod liver oil, a common source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

        • I usually take that instead of fish oil, much better for your wallet.
          smashed 2 birds with one stone.

        • "this started like any other day on Rust

          I connected straight after duct taping two cod to either sides of my 3060

          dinner ready by the time I finish raiding the scientists on the other side of the island"

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