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[eBay Plus] MSI MAG B550M MORTAR AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard $144.99 Delivered @ HT eBay


One of the top-performing B550 boards according to Hardware Unboxed review. This has been on sale before at a similar price but right now still going for $160-$190 across other retailers.

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    If can you buy from someone else for only a little bit more. do so..

    These group are basically a bunch of muppets..

    I've had issues getting receipts for many of my orders..
    and three of my orders or of 8 or so, have had major major issues, requiring multiple phone calls to eventually sort out..
    Its simply not worth the effort to save $5 and $10..

    I've learnt my lesson and stopped buying anything from them, unless it is signficantly cheaper… with the proviso, that I am prepared to make multiple phones calls and may not get the good ordered…

    if time is worth more than money.. then don't bother..

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      Also noticed the same when I ordered from HT ebay store - no receipts sent with my orders (BPC, Scorptec etc all sent them) which was a bit concerning. No issues with anything I ordered, but i'm hoping nothing craps itself because I get the feeling it might be a headache getting anything resolved.

      • Had no issues with mine, when I asked for it via eBay message, they replied with the tax invoice.

      • You need to ask for the tax invoice on ebay message.. it takes them a day or two.. i found that annoying but got it sent to my email address in the end and used it to claim my $40 USD MSI Steam credit .. for both the MSI B550 tomahawk and Mortor orders

        worked out to reduce the boards prices to around $100 :) and $85 .. After selling the B450 tomahawk and Mortor i already had i pretty much ended up with two FREE motherboard upgrades that i upgraded to Ryzen 5700X and 5600 with

        i placed here>
        and here>

    • I got my invoice from them on Amazon for this exact motherboard from HT.

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    Great board.. I'm using it now.. got it from HT Ebay on the last sale. Shipping was within 3 days from order.. 5 orders from HT ebay in the past 6 months zero issues.

  • Haven’t had any issues with them either. Had to return a MB twice first doa and then replacement just died. Got a refund at the end, wasn’t much of a hassle.

  • I've had no issues with orders from them either. Had a PSU which arrived DOA and they were very efficient with the returns process. Would definitely recommend.

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    Looking to upgrade from my Taichi x370 and 1700 processor - what mb and cpu would represent the best bang for the buck? Plan is to use for gaming and eventual programming. Already have the 1080ti, planning to keep it for now and eventually pass the whole rig down to my 8 year old, who will play only in 1080p - so thinking maybe 5600g and sell 1080ti at that point , maybe

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