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Luv-a-Duck, Frozen Duck (2.1kg) $14 (Was $25) @ Coles


Currently out shopping and spotted this - a whole frozen duck for $14. Offer ends 17 May.

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    I can never figure this out in which section of Coles. Obviously not near Deli I guess

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      its frozen…

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        thank you !

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      They’ll be in the freezers.

      • thank you !

  • Been a while!

  • Used to be discounted to 50%. Anyway, the "fressh" (not frozen) is about $9-10/kg. I like these because I can freeze some of them.

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      I dont understand why fresh beans are a lot more expensive than frozen ones.

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        I'd assume it's logistics related. Frozen beans keep for much longer than fresh beans.

        Fresh beans higher cost probably factors in loss of sales from deteriorating stock.. I don't know just an assumption.

        • Frozen needs to be transported in fridges and stored in fridges. Also canned tomatoes are cheaper than fresher ones, like way cheaper most of the times. Weird.

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            @John Doh: nrodg11 nailed it, while it may cost more to store and package, you can sell more of the product as a lower percent ends up as wastage. Some fresh produce also needs to transported and stored in fridges for most of the journey so the gap is less than you think. add to that other factors like packaging and space (a kilo of fresh spinach needs a lot less space than a kilo of frozen).

            • @BadAtNames: Thanks.

            • @BadAtNames: Most canned tomatoes come from Italy and are picked by hardworking slaves. Much cheaper in the end. Fresh tomatoes are picked by locals getting at least minimum wage in Australia.

              • @Dentshop: Getting picked by locals is the key, a lot of our fresh produce is picked by pacific islanders or backpackers being paid peanuts. Part of the reason we had (and still have) a shortage when they closed borders.

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            @John Doh: Yes that is true, I work in the produce department at woolies and our pallets that come in the morning are unloaded off a chilled truck and our stock areas are climate controlled as well as have a fridge inside.

            So both fresh beans and frozen beans utilise climate controlled environments and fresh beans tend to get brown spots within a day of sitting on the shop floor so probably the cost of deteriorating stock comes into play. Though I'd assume using freezers would still cost more than fridges but that's my theory anyway of why fresh still costs more. The amount of fruit and veg I throw out each day is nuts though it's good because produce that's not too bad I can donate to ozharvest.

        • Frozen beans generally of lesser quality? Or is it the freezing process that makes them subpar to fresh ones?

          • @ltwo: Depends, even crap quality beans are more expensive than frozrn ones. Atleast here in brisbane farmers markets.

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    Can any suggest recipes for this? Thanks.

    • I either roast it or stew/braise it. For roasting I usually season it with a lot more salt than I would use when cooking chicken, or for braising you need to do it low and slow until the meat is tender. There are plenty of recipes on YouTube if you look.

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      I roast the whole duck in the oven. Eat half with French orange sauce and vegetables and use the rest in a Thai red curry.

    • Break it down to breast and thighs. Pan fry breast yum yum. Vacuum seal thighs and sous vide for 20hrs or so and serve with a plum sauce and veggies mash or cauliflower puree.
      If you buy a few you can make a duck stock with bones.

    • We marinate it and do our own Peking duck in the oven. We eat it 2 ways, one with wrap and sweet bean paste, cucumber and spring onion like in the restaurants, leftover bones and bits goes into a soup base for noodle soup.

  • Has anyone tried cooking this in an air dryer (cut up and marinated)? Or would it be better to use an oven?

    • It cooks great in an air fryer. Try using this cha siu seasoning. Even though it is for pork, it is delicious on duck.https://www.amazon.com.au/LOBO-Roast-Pork-Seasoning-100g/dp/B002D2ZLES

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    My wife is currently cooking up crispy Peking duck. Been basting it in vinegar the whole day so u get the crispy skin in the oven. So yummy.

    • Same…. my in-laws bought 6x… have to eat them somehow

  • Can someone give an update if these ducks actually get to paddle in water? I do not intend on purchasing the product but if you do please…

    • Very doubtful. They are not advertised as free range. Would be commercially farmed Pekin duck. They are bred to grow quick and reach slaughter weight in six to seven weeks.

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        Thats sad

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      Single-issue poster.

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    What starts with ‘F’ and ends ‘uck’?
    Frozen Duck.

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    Animal cruelty! Stamp it out!

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          Tell me about it

    • I suggest you educate people to be aware of any particular issue so they can make up their own mind. Bossing people around will get you nowhere.

  • It's a shame this won't fit in my air fryer :(

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