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Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse (Direct Import) $112 + Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Pretty good price for an MX Master 3 at Dick Smith. I was about to get one at officeworks and did a quick check online. Dick Smith is way cheaper than anyone else and Officeworks matched/beat it at $106.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Still 169 at Officeworks for me? I didn’t think they priced matched Dick Smith either? Nice find though.

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      In my experience they've never price matched with Dick Smith and Kogan. They usually say it's because they stock grey imports. Could be just the stores near me though.

    • They had a good look through the listing when I showed it to them, but no issues adjusting the price.

  • Officeworks won't price match as no sku or product number on dicksmith site..

    • Weird! I just took it to the counter and showed them the price on my phone. No issues

      • Tried it with a tablet moths back and they were anal abt the product number and pretty much showed me the door.. maybe this a lower priced item and they a bit more lax.. shrug..

  • There are genuinely the best all-around mouse you can buy. I used an MX Master 2 for several years before I switched to a trackball, and never once had a single issue with it; the Master 3 is by all accounts even better than the 2.

    • Mind sharing your thoughts as to why the 3 is better than the 2? Currently using the 2 and only reason I can see is that it's usb-c.

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        The scroll wheel uses some sort of magnet thing and feels pretty amazing.

        I had a 2 for ages, but the rubber was wearing away so upgraded to a 3 when it came out.
        If yours is still rocking along with no issues I wouldn't spend the cash to upgrade though

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        I mean, USB- C is pretty nice, but when I say it's "better" I mean it's a worthy sequel that meets and exceeds the expectations set by the 2. If you already have a 2, it's probably not worth the upgrade, but if you're looking for a mouse this is a very good option.

      • I find 3 a bit more comfortable and rubbery coating seems more resistant to peeling - which was annoying on 2.

  • Officeworks price matched the $128 Umart price for me last week. Brought it down to $121ish

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    I recently got this mouse (About $110 on ebay) and it's a joy.

    • 100% Worth every cent. I've got a 2s and would gladly get this if it ever failed.

  • Been waiting for this for a long time.
    Will Amazon price match this?

    • Called OfficeWorks, and the guy took the order, I made the payment.
      He then told me, that the price difference is more than 5% so this will go for approval higher up and may or may not go through.

      • ….and order confirmed !!

  • Apparently the 3S is coming out soon, but at a price point much higher than what it's currently being sold for:


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      As cool as it is, I'm not sure practically anyone who isn't gaming needs an 8000 dpi sensor.

  • FYI MX Master 3S to be released soon. Apparently just a new 8k sensor, and "quiet click" buttons. That's pretty much it.

    edit: ^ oh beat me to it!

  • no wonder best mouse you would ever use. bought from Kogan last year $109

  • If you're looking for a good deal and don't mind buying slightly used, keep watching out on the CeX website for mx master 3's as they usually go for below 80 every once in a while. Doesn't come with the box but still had the charger and dongle so worth it imo.

    Got mine for 75 with free shipping and couldn't be happier.

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  • I have this issue with the scroll wheel. Really annoying. When you fast scroll on a browser window, you switch to another browser or a document, it will still keep scrolling

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      What if you put your finger on the wheel and stop it scrolling? If it's still spinning and you change window then obviously it'll keep scrolling.

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      That's pretty normal, try stopping the wheel before you switch windows?

  • Anyone tried using the mouse to mute Microsoft Teams while the Window is not in focus?

    • Naah, doesn't work that way.
      works only when that window is highlighted

    • Yes, I put a fair bit of effort into that very problem (on a Mac).
      The mouse-only solution I ended up with was a simple AppleScript executable which sent the keyboard shortcut to the Teams application (and play a sound for audio confirmation).
      Then using Logi Options to configure the mouse to run that executable on a particular mouse event.

      That worked fairly well, but I've since moved to a Karabiner shortcut for the dedicated mute button on my Keychron K120 keyboard.

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    Tried to price beat at Officeworks Blacktown and it was denied :(
    Even sadder is that this is a repurchase because i left mine in the office last week

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